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By October 23, 2017

Real Madrid and Portugal forward, Cristiano Ronaldo, has been named the world’s best player, beating Barcelona’s Lionel Messi and Paris St-Germain’s Neymar to the honour.

“Thanks a lot for voting for me. I mention Leo and Neymar, great to be here. Real Madrid supporters, my team-mates, my coach, they all support me all year…I am really glad, this is a great moment for me. I have fans all over the world” said Ronaldo who helped Real to a Champions League-La Liga double in 2016-17.

The Portuguese superstar defended the accolade which he won last year. This year’s award marks it the fourth time he has been crowned best male footballer in five years to match Messi’ who won it four times in a row between 2009 and 2012.


  1. which award is that?

  2. If You Get To Know Cr7 Then You Will Get To Know Real Couse He Is The One Who Is Keeping The Record Of That Big Team Hala Cr7 Hala Real

  3. Both Messi and Ronaldo are good players, this time Ronaldo was in amazing form.Go on Ronaldo, go on Messi keep on entertaining the world, this the world of competition. All fans be sober it’s only a game don’t fight over the two.

  4. Better than Messi

  5. Fake Messi

  6. Ronado is the best

  7. Atengera performance ya club

  8. Cr 7 Deserves It

  9. Stancy Mw says:

    kathumbidwa kaja kasamadelere ronald ndi akatundu

  10. Omelhor do tempo o crakCR7 parabens

  11. Messi is the best for ever, 2016,2017, wachita izi, 45 Goes, 12 asist, 96 chance cl,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and pelenado 35 goes, 6 asist, and 47 chance cl, hhhhhhhj, a fifa apenga

  12. Chaka chammawa azakhala ali Gaba

  13. CR7 umatiimirira umatha kucheza

  14. Wodya Ndalama Nd Ronaldo Inu Mlipa Umphawi Nde MkusangalalaMapazi Anu

  15. CONGRATS CR 3.5+3.5=7 means a Complete number!

  16. Mr Ronaldo

  17. He can win the ballon d’or every year but , we all know who is the best. Messi

  18. CR7 for sure ndi atate

  19. Cr7 deserves it. Congrats

  20. CR 7,u deserve it

  21. mmm CR 7 king of futbal

  22. Ronaldo should retire now, what else does he expect to win. Congrants though!!

  23. congrats CR7 . You deserve it. Wawina zambiri. Kulibenso wina Messi ndi Neymar azawina akalimbikira

    Zidane- Wins the best coach award.

    Giroud’s goal- Best goal of the year.

    Buffon- Best goakeeper

    Celtic fan- Best supporter

    Buffon, Marcelo, Alves, Ramos, Andy, Inesta, Modric, Kroos, Neymar, Messi & Ronaldo- FIFA’s first eleven.

  25. Messidiots be like ” Why akamuna CR7″ haahhahahahahahaahha

  26. tht worndful go up malawi

  27. tht worndful go up

  28. Guess who is CR7’s son number one idol in football. Clue, not his Dad. The daddy had to escot the kid to greet his Idol. I ges the son of CR7 was the better Judge.

  29. Messi always th best to me

  30. Cr 7 Akamunaa Muzito!!! More Fire Keep De Fire Burning.

  31. Cr 7 Akamunaa Muzito!!! More Fire Keep De Fire Burning.

  32. Respect Cr7 Congrants.Keep ur position to move forward.

  33. 4 i,Messi is my warrior n i gv much respect to messi! any way congrats to afanawo bt muwauze kt asiye phuma dat makes 2 b given zibalo!!!!

  34. am very happy and am shedding tears i love this boy Ronaldo

  35. ndmadzwa ine #cr_7 ndi more

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  37. Congrants

  38. Let me agree you all that cr 7 akumachaaa in that postion

  39. For the past five years; Ronaldo 4: 1 Messi

    And somebody is busy undermining the works of Ronaldo. You are cursed sure.

  40. Ronaldo ndi akatundu omanga ndimawaya.

  41. Messi ndi dolo

  42. Congratulations to CR7

  43. messi nikatundu koma vuto amamenya alongside neymar nde amalimbilana mpandowu ali team imodzi mpake siznaende but next year mpamene tione dolo wenwen coz dolo aliese alini team yake

  44. Congrats Cr 7. But I Dont Know Why Leo Was Not Voted On Position 1. To Say The Truth Leo Is A Soccer Maker While Cr 7 Is A Finisher And Without Masherano(sp) He Cant Be Recognised.

  45. Congrats Cr 7. But I Dont Know Why Leo Was Not Voted On Position 1. To Say The Truth Leo Is A Soccer Maker While Cr 7 Is A Finisher And Without Marcello(sp) He Cant Be Recognised.

    • what about in his national team? who helped him?

    • zoona nzoti Ronaldo is the best

    • Wavi Mvula says:

      Ever heard if MSN plus iniesta….you acting like messi plays alone in the team. Ever since the time of Pele & Maradona not even Ronaldinho has it been a one man show. If Ronald gets support from other team members then he is an all round team player.

    • Kkk Congrats Cr7

    • KING CR7 deserved it!
      1. His National Team (Portugal) won Euro Cup.
      2. His club (Real Madrid) won Uefa Champions League and La Liga.
      Messi and Neymar are good players too but they have produced nothing to their teams.
      (France, Cameroon, Flames, Madrid, Man U, Dortmund, Ac Millan, Porto, PSG, Pirates & Silver fan)

    • Hahahaha shame on u cr7 supporters messi in india is called god of soccer, bt cr7 rely on bernado silva&renato sanchez in portugal

  46. My best player in the world is Pep Guardiora

  47. Zabwino mr cr7

  48. Congrats 2 CR7

  49. cr7 4 real

  50. Kwa ine CR7 nd dolo osat mbwerela zanuzo ay mess?!!! ndye xhan CR7 nd makina

  51. Thats my best player CR7

  52. Messi is the best.voting still on

  53. Awa mpira ndichakudya chawo osati mafana akunowa kuyendera zimajuju congrates CR7 . I hop nxt tym azakhala Mhamad Sulumba from Bullets

  54. I like it this man

  55. Chaka ca mawa azakhala zoya

  56. He deserves

  57. Even CR7 knows that Messi is genius

  58. MESS
    Ndi akatundu

  59. Favouritism,baiseness,corruption and patronism in football is what sums up Fifa now as a circus and nolonger as an organization to promote and nurture talent.What a #sham Fifa has become.

  60. I give much respect to messi & neymar though ..bt congrats to CR7

  61. Ndi king cr 7 mwana wapa resbon

  62. NEXT YEAR ITS my Harry Kane

  63. Rolnado nd dada

  64. Big man wamkulu cr7

  65. Even though Messi is his father! It was his lastime

  66. Material awa zampira zili m’magazi

  67. Koma dolo ndi Messi kumanena zoona anyway

  68. King Rinaldo

  69. I thought Jafali Chande ndiyemwe awine anyway congrats CR7

  70. Hala madrid

  71. Osat A #Gaba Kumangolavula Bax arrrraAhhh!!!Anzawo Akutenga Zolozeka Apa

  72. cr7 nd big man pano pa dziko

  73. He is a star indeed

  74. ameneo nd dad

  75. Malawi watukuka basi mpaka kuti pasili izi Ayi thanks guys for give us nice stuff.#CR7 deserve it he had amazing season

  76. zazii

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