Doctors rubbishes claims of blood sucking

Blood suckers Malawi

Doctors in Malawi have said claims by people in the Southern Region that there are blood suckers are not true and are a case of mass hysteria.

According to a statement signed by Dr Amos Salimanda who is The Society of Medical Doctors (SMD) president, evidence gathered from health facilities in the affected districts shows that no one has adequate clinical evidence to support any of the many claims to date and all people claiming to be victims have normal blood count.

Blood sucker Malawi
Residents watch as a suspected bloodsucker dies

The doctors say the rumours of blood sucking in various districts in the Southern Region are nothing more than mass hysteria.

“The initial isolated incidents may have had elements of Shared Delusion Disorder. This is when a dominant individual who is deluded and can have those following him believe and internalize his delusions. Shared delusion is usually confined to a locality.

“In view of the magnitude of the problem in that it is affecting many districts and the readiness of many Malawians to internalize these beliefs this presentation would constitute that of Mass Hysteria.  It is the considered view of the Society that such blood suckers do not exist! This is purely Mass Hysteria,” says the statement.

In the statement, SMD has also expressed concern over recent incidents where health workers were attacked after being accused into blood sucking saga.

The doctors say the irate behaviour by some individuals who were accusing health workers of being blood suckers for carrying medical devices such as stethoscope is unwelcome.

“The Society is further disturbed by the reports of thuggery that has resulted into some health workers being attacked for carrying a stethoscope, and some have had unfortunate incidences of having their vehicles smashed, and in others having their possessions taken off them for being suspected of being blood suckers, and or in pursuit of the non-existent suckers,” reads part of the statement.

According to the statement, some ambulances have also been attacked whilst being used to ferry patients to and or from hospital.

“This is despicable and we condemn all these and all similar acts of barbarism on innocent people unreservedly and in the strongest language possible.

“No health worker can suck blood with a stethoscope, nor with a power bank. In fact no one else can!” says the statement.

Recently, Inspector General of Malawi Police Lexten Kachama also refuted claims that there are blood suckers in some parts of the country.



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  2. It is mass hysteria indeed, what did smashing people’s cars had to do with blood suckers?… These people were simply hallucinating, they were seeing things which weren’t there

  3. That’s busheet as agorvnt u supposed to something to protect those pipo who affected by blood suckers .those pipo are not mad . yanga vote 2019 cmuiona

  4. Kikikikikiki koma zisuli zinazi ….. the think that there are doctors eeeich. ..wht rubbish u are talking abt bt other ppls there are not sleeping bcoz of that blood sucks I hope u are the one of them u are doing this shit ……… bushit

  5. Better that is being done in the southern region,,, atleast anthu ataphanako angapo angachepeseko chiwelengelo cha anthu wovota mu 2019.

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  8. Working under government doesn’t mean u gotta buy every point government officials say then u are deliberately ruining your career. This issue is not a joke it’s something we must take it seriously

  9. Don’t rubbish the news, just say you don’t know, inorder to protect the country from escalating violence, otherwise you fuel more anger to some people. Be diplomatic because this is a very sensitive issue.

  10. Mwaona zija timanena zija? nde anthu awapha aja abweze!!! apo bi!!!!!! kundendekomweko zina ndi zina chifukwa anthu afawo moyoso amaufuna!

    1. Ndayenera kutero ndimmene zikundiwawira.Akusowa tulo nyumba yokhala yao makolo ndiachibare kamba ka anamapopa amenewa?i wll nvr go down bcoz of someone nvr!!!!!! ndine mmalawi ndabadwira kuno ndakulilaso kuno.So i cnt afrd

  11. Southern region is embarrassing Malawi. Fisi now this madness of blood suckers. They is no blood suckers achewa inu. Mudzaphana zazi. Please go to school this is embarrassing.

    1. Northern Region in those days used to be called Dead Region. I wonder whether the region is resurrected now, because blood cannot be pumped from a corpse. So you better seal your lips.

    2. Severiano Phiri just keep quite. If you don’t comment its fine than this embarrassment you want to tell us now. Don’t show your maximum stupidity here. Blood sucking and blood transfusion are 2 different things. Blood transfusion is voluntary while your southern madness is just stupid madness. It’s just superstition. I am proud to be northerner because we don’t rely on government hand out. We don’t paint our body blue and dance like lunatics just for 200kwacha. We don’t have stupid fisi. We are not involved in current your bloody stupid sucking madness. Your face is shine like you use the whole bottle of Vaseline jelly. Shaaa mtundu woipa uyu

    3. A Michael Mkandawire kodi inuyo ndinu a Mmalawi momuno musamadzisankhe tiyeni tikondane ngat ndife amodzi musamadzifile! Koma tidziti pakhomo panu mumalandira anthu akummwera kapena a Pakati ngati mukuchitira amalawi anzanu NDE anzathu omwe akuvutika ndi nkhondo mmayiko ena mungawanyoze bwanji?? Mwandiopsa!

    4. So now u wanna bring this into tribes…looking at ur profile pic u seem to be a gentleman of carriber @ Micheal Mkandawire…shut your mouth and stop accusing achewa not everyone in southern region is a chewa…grow up and stop the discrimination based on tribes…. smh achewa achewa ndekuti cha?????respect other people’s tribe if u wanna receive the same respect….

    5. Martha Dunia-Banda my sister I am sorry if you feel offended. But how many time southern people talking stupid comments from Facebook to reality life. What wrong have we done? From government to ordinary people think northerners are stupid. You can even see a the way budget and development allocation is done. Always sideline northern pretending like we don’t exist. I have read few comments here talking kak about northern region. So am giving them their own taste of medicine so that they must know our silince is not that we are fools its respect. So if you were caught by crossfire of this comment. But I can’t guarantee you that if I still come across such comments I will keep quiet. I want them to feel the same way we feel. I have helped people that I don’t know from north south west centre. But this thing of regionalism we are not going to keep quite any more. Enough of being bullied. Fisi ,blood sucking madness etc is happening there but surprise someone mention tumbuka mbwenu mbwenu. I am proud of being tumbuka but people must stop taking our kindness or respect like fools. We want peace not provoked

    6. Flora Faith Manyusa my sister hold your horses. Read few comments from the beginning of this post at tell me what you are preaching. Zikomere mbuzi pogunda galu.

    7. Hey! Bambo nt evryone frm southern ndi mbuli.Remember u urself some of ur relatives are ilretelate,therefore dnt end words

    8. Fred Pdcharlie why can’t you teach others who are not educated. Give them civic education so that they stop this madness. Don’t be selfish and keep knowledge to yourself. Look now the news say southern region is in havoc because of blood suckers madness. Education is a light that give everyone a light. Now if you have a light and hide it. We just say its dark because you don’t want to light up your education.

    9. Mbwenumbwenu in the comments Box !! Don’t argue with fools to avoid being fool!! Don’t argue Ntumbuka to avoid being Ntuuuuumbuuuuuukaaaaaa

    10. Their we go again do cry if I tell you facts. You are busy killing each other because of your stupidity now you want to deny. I am tumbuka and I am proud of that. In tumbuka we are not mad like you. Malawi was a laughing stock because of you fisi . Now you are crazy mad of blood suckers madness while here we don’t do that. Just accept that we will never be the same like you. Just come here and grow tobacco for us we will pay you Panasonic radio. And we don’t want you to be tumbuka because we we are educated. Even the news says it all that southern region is getting mad about blood suckers madness. Stop it and get civic education

    11. Mukanena za umbuli nde kwina kulikonse ulipo Atumbuka anzeru anali kale ana ambiri kusukulu sapita ndanena izi chifukwa ineyo ndimakhala Ku Mzuzu ndiye ndiziti adzakhala aTumbuka otani? Mmmmm hmmmmm

    12. Tell those from south because we are just fine in northern no blood suckers madness, no fisi, no killing each other. By the way I am just responding the provoke. So if they provoke again I will put them in their place. Case closed

    13. Sorry but,just go and tell your bro/syst to go to school coz you don’t know what you’re talking abt ppo are suffering still u talk nonsense ,what kind of stupid ppo Are stop talk Shiite

    14. I’m watching you 100%,instead of helping our bro/syst your loosing tm with talking untalkerble things,doyou think that those ppo saying that,they are suffering coz of blood sucker are mad?if u think so you’re also mad and you have No Humanity, you’re like adog

  12. Tazizivelani chisoni pokhala muziko losaukisisa osat kumataya thawi ndi za zii,kuphana tokhatokha popanda umboni ena mukuaphawo sanalakweso and Ali ndi udindo makomomu ,akapha amuna anu or m’bale wanu wapatima pamene mutaziwe kut zauchitsilu,

    1. Imenei Ndi Point Yofunikira Kwambiri Imene Anthu Ambiri Akuiphonya Aboma Akulephera The Best They Can Do Is To Call For Prayers Coz The Thing Is Really Happening Komabe Idont Agree Ndi Zomapha Omwe Tikuwaganizira Chifukwa Physically Sitinagwire Blood Sucker But God Can.

  13. Kkkkkkk aren’t you the doctors who such the blood from us through the so called Malawi blood trunsfussion? What are you talking about ? Will you shut up! B4 i loose my temper! Bullshit!

    1. of course I don’t like commenting on everything especially triviality but this story has just come in my attention….actually I have seen those doctors and nurses forcing other people give blood to healthy centres yet there is no any single pentient in the hospital who is short run of blood in the body.. So where does this blood go? Agalu inu u will be destined to hell…Don’t you kno that the Doctors are a dangerous people who eat baby’s nappy and fly in daylight hours? Tsono mkukana yapi jemanja apapa

  14. If nine are confirmed dead just after rumours, why do you spare those who claims been sucked?? Testimonies before the Peter, tells it all!!! Arrest them as well!!

  15. For sure you wonder why many, are believing this, See now about 9 people have been murdered on mere speculations, soon or lator the whole country will be into this mass hysteria and we gona be killing one onother like rabid dogs, Very unfortunate for the once milk and honey land.

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