Street kids brutally assault boy


A mob of street kids severely assaulted a 16-year-old boy in Blantyre, leaving him with a burst bladder.

According to information reaching this publication, the street kids physically assaulted the teenager, Jones Stambuli Junior, on Friday after they found him walking in the city at around 5:30pm.

Malawi PoliceIt is further reported that the kids took away everything from him including money, his phone and clothes.

The teenager cried for help but was never attended to until around 4am on Saturday when one Dr Masamba, a well known Cancer Specialist coming from his rounds at Blantyre Adventist Hospital, stopped for him and called his mother Mrs. Molly Stambuli who was in Lilongwe at that time.

Mrs Stambuli called her siblings present in Blantyre at the time who rushed to the scene and took the boy to Blantyre Adventist Hospital.

Malawi24 has learnt that Jones was badly beaten such that his bladder burst and he went through surgery on Sunday afternoon.

Blantyre police publicist Augustus Nkhwazi said police are following up to arrest the perpetrators and a case of robbery has been opened In accordance with section 301 of the penal code.

“Blantyre Police is therefore appealing to all those who have information that can lead to the arrest of such perpetrators to come forward and inform us.
“Meanwhile, the victim is still receiving treatment at Blantyre Adventist Hospital and has been moved from the intensive care unit,” said Nkhwazi.

He then assured the public of continued security through provision of day and night patrols to ensure safety in the city of Blantyre and surrounding areas.

This is not the first time for a person to be attacked by these kids as another man was beaten in the same city some months ago for quarreling with one of the kids.



  1. Accommodating street boys will become a serious threat to the peace of that county in future . Deal with them as scapegoats so others can draw back.

  2. amasikini amafunika kumenyedwa moyipa ndikuthamangisidwa ntown chifukwa zimenezi anazitenga ngati chizolowezi chifukwa amadziwa kuti anthu amawaopa komaso munthu from 5pm mpaka 4am seriously chama 6pm mpaka chama 9pm panalibe munthu oti amuthandize mwanayu? Amalawi tizikondana koma cz am failing to understand why all these hours akuzamuona ndi munthu chama 4am… so Sad.

  3. Does it mean that our police can not manage to remove all the street kid from the city, these bastards have taken the city as their own yet the police knows them when you report a case against them they arrested for aday tommorrow they are out through bribes to the police hence the police cant hold them longer they want them to go out and commit crimes so that when they arrest them the police get money POOR MALAWI umphawi utipha

  4. Otsati street kids (mbava izo) in most towns and Distrcts they are most active during night hours the government is just sitting on it

  5. Ana amenewa ndiomwe amadzakhla zigawenga zoopsa patsogolo. Akumagwiritsidwanso nto break into houses and committing felony. The Dept of Social Welfare receives money from The Govt Budget yet zimangothera ma workshop kunyanja……. Can a resposible minister come and condemn this ASAP?

  6. Ana amasikini aliyense amadziwa kuti ndi ana a upandu umbanda mu nzinda wa blantyre maka usiku munthu siungayende pamdima osaona zoopsa ndi ana amenewa a police tithanduzeni

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