Couple in for marrying off girl child


Police in Mangochi have arrested a couple for forcing their 16-year-old daughter to get married.

The couple Twaha Umar aged 58 and Esnart James aged 43 is reported to have forced the daughter to drop school and get married to Saidi Upile aged 24.

LilongweConfirming the development, Mangochi Police spokesperson Amina Daudi said the man arranged with the parents to have the girl married to him.

Daudi added that the couple ordered the girl to leave their home for her matrimonial home.
Days later the girl fled to her parent’s home but she was told to go back to the man’s house.

Well-wishers then reported the matter to police after noting that the girl had nowhere to stay.

The two suspects are yet to appear in court to answer charges of forcing a child into marriage contrary to section 81 (a) of child care protection and justice Act.

The couple comes from Chembe village, Traditional Authority (TA) Jalasi in Mangochi district.



  1. Mmasuleni alibe mlandu mesa mwana ndiwake????????? Mwina mwanayo amakhalila zomwezo zamuna ndiye makolawo atopa kut akamalizile kunyumba yamamunayo

  2. Dat stupid just talk to them the bad thing of early marriage ,bt to arrest them and now who going to support the child ,nonsense

  3. Nbamboyo siwolakwa chilipo chomwe ankawona kwanako ndiye kuti akamamulangiza amanukha nkamwa motelo mdalayo kunali kupsa mtima mungomupatsa chilango pang’ono chifuka chakuti mwana ukamamuuza amamuitanira akuluakulu pamuzipo

  4. Useless.. Kulilongwe anthu akumwa sewage yochoka kumpopi palibe chomwe boma or ma court akuchitapo nde kweni kweni mukamati munthu ali pa ufulu mmanena ziti

  5. I dnt c a crime in wht they parents they are free to marry off mwana wao. Kodi amene amanena kut uwu ndi ufulu ndipo uwu siufulu ndi ndani? Enanu muli ndi ufulu oti u can put on a mini skirts,other mmakomo mwao alibe ufulu wa mini skirt. So ufuluwu usamangokhala ku zinthu zomwe zimakukomelani basi.

    • ,are you okay or something is wrong with you🙄🙄……the girl is 16 still a minor not legal to get married besides she was *forced* she didnt want to get married it wasn’t by her own yes the parents committed a crime on top of that there is a section to that…biko keep your mouth shut 😏🙂

    • I dnt care if there is a section or point is that whether u like it or not,the parents hav the right to marry off the girl. And ur saying the girl is 16,and if my memory saves me wel,wasnt it two yrs ago that it was legal for a girl to get married at the age of 16?and before that it was ok to marry a 14 yr old. SO WHO DECIDES WHAT IS A RIGHT OR NOT?

    • And where in the constitution can I find that right? Right of parents to marry of their kids? 🙄🙄🙄🙄don’t juts make up things…. I think it would have been better if your parents married u off back when u were 14 as u say!!!!!! And if u would have said the sake thing kuti your parents have the right to marry u off… we dont argue on every issue please🤣……..we don’t argue on facts even if u think the parents did the right thing.. well there is no where in the constitution where it supports such kind of scenarios….. even if u brag here it’s never gonna be added into the constitution…so I’m proudly saying the parents committed a crime!! There is a document yo support this ….but where is the document to support kuti there is a right for parents to marry off their children 🙂🙂🙂????

    • Is every Right that u practice written in the constitution ? Not all rights are in the constitution.the right to dress as one wishes is not in the constitution.. Everyone has a right to Life..yet there pple out there who think pregnant girls or mothers shud hav a right to abort. So who are u and me do decide which is a right or not

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