Chief arrested for inciting arson, theft over bloodsucking rumours


Group Village Headman Kamoto of Traditional Authority Makhuwira in Chikwawa has been arrested alongside one villager for inciting and masterminding arson, malicious damage and theft of various property.

This is according to Chikwawa police publicist Constable Foster Benjamin who said  the chief did this against Village Headman James of the same area.

LilongweConstable Benjamin said James was accused of not sanctioning hunting operations for bloodsuckers in his village.

The publicist further said on the night of 12 October, Kamoto equipped his subjects to hunt for the suspected bloodsuckers in James’ Village.

James, however, protested, thereby prompting the “hunters” to report the subordinate chief to Kamoto who later ordered the irate mob to demolish  James’ houses.

It is reported that the mob went on rampage setting ablaze three houses and stealing 12 goats, 4 bags of maize and 36 iron sheets all worth about K1.5 million.

The mob also damaged  three bicycles, one ambulance bicycle, three wheelbarrows, one solar panel, and kitchen utensils.

GVH Kamoto, whose name is Harry Damiyano, 64, and 18-year-old Mike Chilogwe have since been remanded pending further investigations.




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