Petitioners demand Bikoko to dissolve advisory committee


A renowned poet has started an online petition demanding Lilongwe Mayor Desmond to dissolve an advisory committee that has been dominated by foreigners.

The poet, Nyamalikiti Nthiwatiwa, has started the petition at to force Bikoko to rescind the appointment of his advisory committee.

Nyamalikiti Nthiwatiwa: Has started the petition at

Bikoko recently appointed a seven member advisory committee comprising a Malawian, an Indian, a Nigerian, a Chinese, two Rwandese, and a Burundian.

The composition of the board has caused a stir with some Malawians criticising the number of foreigners.

Nthiwatiwa says in his petition that the Mayor frowned upon the Councillors of Lilongwe by instituting a parallel structure and has also not been transparent with the credentials and roles of the people appointed in his committee.

According to Nthiwatiwa, the justification of having seven advisors has also not been provided.

“In addition, the scope of work and mandate for these individuals remains hazy, undisclosed and even non-existent,” he says.

The poet has also noted that residents of Lilongwe have not been told how the advisory committee will work with the mayor, the council and the city executive.

“As citizens of Lilongwe, we refuse anything to be done in our name without our knowledge and full disclosure from the leaders we elected.

“Until such a time when our grievances are addressed, we petition the Mayor of the City of Lilongwe to immediately and unconditionally rescind the appointment of this committee,” says Nthiwatiwa in the petition.

As of Friday morning, the petition had 112 signatures.


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