Students torch office


Seven students are in police custody after setting fire to their own school property.

Students of St John Bosco Secondary School in Mzimba on Thursday set ablaze the school’s administration block.

Police in the district have disclosed that they are currently keeping in custody seven students for setting the school’s office on fire just after 12 midnight on Thursday.

Mzimba police spokesperson Peter Botha said the students used petrol to set the office on fire before running away.

According to Botha, teachers and other students managed to put out the fire but a lot of items were already burnt.

“The matter was reported to police who rushed to the scene and called a meeting with the teachers together with the students and warned that police will spare nobody involved in this barbaric act till he is arrested,” Botha said.

In the morning of Thursday, police managed to arrest seven students who were connected to the issue after a tip-off from other students.

The school has not yet quantified the value of the items damaged as they also needed time to work on it.

Some of the items damaged include computers, speakers, files and books.

Police are still investigating the matter as the reason behind the act is not yet known.

The seven students will appear before court soon to answer charges of arson.