Activist wants justice for boy hit by Mutharika’s convoy


One of the child rights activists in Malawi has vowed to ensure justice for a ten-year-old boy who was hit by a vehicle that was on President Peter Mutharika’s convoy on Tuesday in Lilongwe.

The boy Joseph Msowoya was struck by a military vehicle that was on the presidential convoy in Area 23 where Mutharika conducted a political rally.

The boy in hospital.

Reports reveal that no official communication has been made from the police pertaining to the hitting of the boy who is admitted at Kamuzu Central Hospital with a fracture on the right leg.

Child rights activist Maxwell Matewere who is also the executive director for Eye of the Child has disclosed keen interest on the issue so as to get justice for the child.

“We will definitely follow up, we believe the police are aware of the story,” said Matewere.

Meanwhile, the Malawi Police Service and Malawi Defence Force (MDF) officials are yet to comment on the issue.



  1. There’s no serious threat to malawi presidents security..there’s no credible Intel to support or justify the hightened state. .It third world country’s presidential security detail is a show of flamboyance and class
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  2. Please be careful with presidential convoys, its good that he only got injured, you can even be killed.

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