Bring a blood sucker I will give you a prize – Kaliati challenges


Member of Parliament (MP) for Mulanje West constituency Patricia Kaliati has challenged people in the district that she will reward anyone who will bring to her a blood sucker.

Kaliati who is popularly known as ‘Akweni’ said any person who can bring a person caught sucking blood will receive K100,000.

Kaliati:Bring blood suckers to me.

“What am saying is that whoever catches a blood sucker should bring that person to me, don’t kill that person because he is to mention those who are behind this practice,” said Kaliati.

She added to have embarked on sensitisation campaign to inform people in the district on the issue of blood suckers who are reported to be in Mulanje and other districts.

The country has witnessed a series of attacks on people suspected to be blood suckers.

Over five people are reported to have been killed on suspicion of being blood suckers.

But government on Wednesday claimed that there are no blood suckers in Malawi.

The Democratic Progressive Party administration said the rumours are being perpetuated by opposition Malawi Congress Party to scare people in the Southern Region.


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