Mutharika meets Mugabe

Robert Mugabe

President Peter Mutharika has commended the relationship between Malawi and Zimbabwe.

Mutharika made the appreciation when he met Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe at the 72nd season UNGA in New York, United States.

Robert Mugabe
Mugabe: Met Mutharika

In his remarks , Malawi’s first citizen said that Malawi and Zimbabwe have been good neighbours and the two countries share common traits.

“We are almost one country, no conflict. We have many Malawians in Zimbabwe and Zimbabweans in Malawi. So we talked about that,” Mutharika said.

Malawi’s president said that Mugabe knows a lot about African independence struggles hence meeting him was vital.

“Each time I meet him , I learn so much because he gives us a perspective of where we are coming from and where we are going,” he said.

Mugabe is one of the Africa’s most educated and longest serving leaders.



  1. it doesn’t mean there is no cooperation with other countries, even Zimbabwe & America there is a lot of cooperation, just last year Zimbabwe was at number 3 in the sadc as a beneficiary of American aid

  2. there is a lot of cooperation between Malawi & Zimbabwe in tourism, education, infrastructure, sports, mining, energy, agriculture, trade, taxation, aviation etc defence so Malawi can be a loser if ur mentality ndi yonyozayi

  3. I have always said ‘Bright’ Malenga is not bright at all! Since when have Malawi and Zimbabwe been neighbours? Even primary school learners know that the two countries do not share borders! Did this reporter really had a basic education? Disgraceful!

  4. Wacharume R G M a no nonsense African leader, number one in academics whole Africa…my role model.Keep well Robert.

  5. Why he never meet for botswan, south africa ,angola ,mocambique , zambia etc. But are we awere that he is enemy of coutries wich support nyasaland? what is your vision mr presdent somebody tell me ?

    1. zimbabwe is more advanced than Malawi. if you are talking of economic hiccups, I buy your story. but infrastructural wise, transport system, mining, tourism ( you name it all) dude that will blow your mind. in fact, in no time, Zimbabwe will boom again and us Malawians will stop flocking to RSA.

    1. huh u dot know nothing that is why usay dololo take a consideration how pple are badly treated in other place then you will come to the sense what the main point…

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