School dropouts worry CSEC

Kwilembe Full Primary School

Civil Society Education Coalition (CSEC) has expressed worry over high school dropouts in Malawi.

Speaking during its annual general meeting CSEC board chairperson Julie Juma called for the need to have efforts targeted at reducing cases of school dropouts in the country.

Kwilembe Full Primary School
School dropout rate still high in Malawi.(File)

“What is required is to have commitment from govt and all the stakeholders, we can not continue to have thousands of children out of school,” said Juma.

She further urged government to make compulsory education effective in the country.

Minister of Education, Science and Technology Bright Saka has since called for efforts to help in lowering cases of school dropouts.

About 600,000 students are reported to have dropped out of school in Malawi.

Among reasons that are fueling school dropouts  include early pregnancies and poverty.






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