Man fined for ‘kidnapping himself’


The Nkukula Magistrate Court has sentenced Justin Namasindi (24) to pay a fine of K30000 or in default serve 9 months imprisonment with hard labour.

Namasindi was being accused of giving false information.

Justin Namasindi, who is a businessman based at Area 25 market, on 1 September this year left home for Bembeke to buy tomatoes for his business.

However, he went to Thyolo with his girlfriend.

While there he called his parents and lied that he had been kidnapped and the kidnappers were demanding K100,000.00 for his release.

Upon receiving a report from his parents, investigators at Kanengo Police Station launched investigations that established that he was hiding in a rest house in Thyolo.

Upon being arrested, the man disclosed to the police that had lied to get money from his parents to spend with his girlfriend.

Police prosecutor Seargent Romus Amini pleaded for stiffer punishment although Namasindi was first offender.

First grade magistrate Cecilia Onsewa sentenced him to a fine which he managed to pay.








  1. You mean the man who was busy searching for his phone at night using light from the same phone he was looking for? He discovered latter thar the phone he was looking for is in his hands.

    No wonder he kidnapped himself.

  2. This man, eish! He kidnapped himself, he once killed himself and runaway, he also married hisself and I remember him when he stole his cellphone.

    1. Is it a same guy who committed suicide last year and buried himself? The one who was crying too loud on his own funeral? If so,ndalama ya chepa ikufunika K120,000.

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