Uladi clings to PP party presidency

Uladi Mussa

Suspended opposition People’s Party (PP) interim leader Uladi Mussa has claimed that the party’s constitution does not provide for the position of acting president as announced by the party hence he is still PP leader.

According to Mussa, the constitution allows for one person to take over the position of party president when the person elected at a convention creates leadership vacuum.

Uladi Mussa
Mussa says we don’t have a clause about someone to be acting president.

“We don’t have a clause about someone to be acting president, that thing was just created for people to understand,” said Mussa.

He added that Section 11 of the party’s constitution gives power to the first vice president of the party to take over when the leader leaves office.

PP’s Joyce Banda is reported to have directed Mussa to be interim leader as she is in exile in the United States.

However, Mussa is at war with PP top members following his announcement that he is to contest for the position of president at the convention.

Mussa was suspended last week following his remarks that he will contest for the position of president at the party’s convention.

Political scientist Wonderful Mkhutche has since backed Mussa arguing it is not illegal for one to contest for any political position in a party.



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  2. It’s here we see now that these are pocket parties. They can’t point an office where they perform their duties from. The other sect says he is suspended and him is saying I am still the one. What type of business is this?

  3. Nde amati atani olimbana nayewo? Kodi mesa J B chipanichi anachithawa ndengati akufuna ayambise china coz chotola salanda

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