Compensate victims not ex-MYPs, Govt told


Malawi government has been urged not to compensate former Malawi Young Pioneers (MYPs) as the issue continues to attract massive debate in the country.

Malawi Young Pioneers
Their victims says they should not be paid

The call has been made by a grouping bound by miscellaneous atrocities they faced during the one party regime which was led by the Malawi Congress Party (MCP).

It is operating under the name Malawi Returnees and Political Detainees.

The grouping told reporters during a media briefing held in the Northern Region city of Mzuzu that compensating the ex-pioneers implies that government is only raising the pain in them which they see is not over yet.

Charles Mwenifumbo who represents the Karonga Chapter said it is surprising that government wants to pay people that tortured them during the MCP era even though the MCP is denying of being behind this.

He added that they also need to be compensated for the pains they endured at that time.

“As victims of government in the one party era, it is us who need to be compensated. Surprisingly the people who bullied us around are the ones getting compensated,” he questioned.

The grouping says it is unfortunate that it is only its leaders who got money ranging from K5000 to K25000 twenty years ago.

The MYP was a youth wing that was established by President Kamuzu Hastings Banda in 1963.

Recently, the MYP led vigils in Lilongwe pushing for their compensations and gratuities. Government had reportedly accepted to give in to their demands.

The Malawi Young Pioneers was dissolved in 1994 by the first democratic administration of Bakili Muluzi under the United Democratic Front (UDF) which understood the grouping as more of an instrument for oppression than a tool for development agenda.



  1. To kindly compensate these guys is just to conduct an enquiery on human rights abuse these guyz did during MCP era and bring them to justice.Nobody has ever been compensated for doing a nefarious act.

  2. kkkkkkkkkk KO’d inu mwaledzela et? mukuonangat boma lipanga zimene mukufunazo kkkkkkkl osamakayenda bao uko bwanji ndalama ZANU anazigawanakale ngat munamnva za Cashgat zinali ndalamazanu zimenezija,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,kkkkk kkkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkkk

  3. MYP was the engine for development, security , discipline , education , food security. Only mad , lazy pple, stooges hate MYP. The gap that this group has let is the one Malawi is languishing now: No security like Stadium stamoede. No food security , Many youths are left loitering. Those pple talking no sense of MYP are carzy pple whose missions are to derail the development of this count. Akapilikon.

  4. Bro you are talking during Obama’s era Muslims were free to enter e States,Now during Trump’s era muslims are not wanted.In e same manner Muluzi paid e pioneers. Muluzi and Peter are different.The pioneers must wait for Chakwera he will give them a good package.

  5. mwenefumbo why u want to distable your freind while thy are about to finishe the batto?to myself thy shuld be compaseted because government promised them and u charls and your frends if u have concerns start on your own plan to claim your compasetion to gvt dont be against x-myp and what is k500 thousand nowadys

  6. Kodi malamulo akuti chani? Athu ambiri timapondelezedwa chifukwa chosadziwa malamulo. Ine ndikudabwa athu ali busy kupanga comment mwa umbiri mbuli choncho. Hehehe ! Kuwonetsa umburi pa social media? MYP pariamentary act ikuti chani? Tikawelenga ndiye tiyambe kupanga comment. Not za umbuli mbuli.

  7. Compensations of genuine claims with documentary evidence were handled by Compensation Tribunal and its mandate and period ended paying all claimants

  8. Amene angaipezeko Job description ya anthuwa please aitumizeko tiione coz penapake ntchito yawo enafe sitimaidziwa kuti inali yotani… Ena amati amampha anthu nde kuwalipira zikhalangati kuti ankachita bwino… No wonder kuti munthawiyo anthu anakana Yesu kusankha Baraba wokuphayo

  9. Why compasating them? Start compasating Jehovah’s witnesses and some citizens who was tortured by these so called MYP.

  10. I font think y this kayombez wasting their time since they know it was Kamuzu’s youth of his one party which he wanted by dissolved all the parties he found when coming from England. Ask Tembo and his friends of your money but we can not allow our taxes to be wasted like that.

  11. Why do I get impression that North really hurts MCP? There were several people from the North who enjoyed under MCP including Robinson Chirwa, Mallan Lungu, Aleke Banda, etc. IN MYP there was Chaula, Chavula and others who really enjoyed along with Magwaya and Tsinde. Why should Mzuzu and the whole North be against compensating MYPs when Central is quite? Does it mean that Centre people were better treated by MYP? The answer is no but Centre has always been law abiding region. MYP were employees of government because they were beefing up security of the country. They were chased by Malawi Army (now Defense Force).

  12. You demand your money from who..? You were an illegal operation and therefore you don’t deserve any government compensation but from your political party.

  13. Kodi operation bwezanitu inachitika 1993 MCP ikulamulirabe, pomwe akayombe amenewa anali asilikali a Kamuzu osati aboma ayi, aboma analipo timawatcha Malawi Army panthawi emeneyo lero mukuti Malawi defence force, tsono awawa a MYP wa panthawi yomweyo akafusa chipukuta misozi kamuzu wawoyo ndi kongeresi yawoyo kagwere uko. Ine nandalama yodula nsonkho wayine ndakana ayendeyende enaawatole

  14. Compansation does not apply only to civil servants but to every citizen who feels to have been victimised and proven so.The best example is that of the people from area 18 LL.who were supplied with contaminated water.Ex MYPs were mistreated by MDF soldiers directed by government,so let it be responsible and compansate them acordingly.

  15. I fail to understand these claims when Tribunal was in operation to compensate pipo where were they over 20yrs ago? How old were they in over 20 yes ago?

  16. Mvuto a malawi inachuluka ndi sanje , enanu mukungoyakhapo mwayesa posewelera kukufufuzani enanu ndinu ana palibe mukudzuwapo kungofuna kutchuka basi . chimene mungadziwe MYP inali ya dziko la malawi osati yachipani ngati mmene mumanganizilamo zilimabuku ndizolemba lemba , munthu wina aliyese amene wangwila tchito mu boma a mayenela kulandila zake ngati wachotsedwa mosadziwika bwino , ndiye ngati ali a Mcp asalandile komangati anali oyimila Malawi alandile basi.

  17. Mvuto a malawi inachuluka ndi sanje , enanu mukungoyakhapo mwayesa posewelera kukufufuzani enanu ndinu ana palibe mukudzuwapo kungofuna kutchuka basi . chimene mungadziwe MYP inali ya dziko la malawi osati yachipani ngati mmene mumanganizilamo zilimabuku ndizolemba lemba , munthu wina aliyese amene wangwila tchito mu boma a mayenela kulandila zake ngati wachotsedwa mosadziwika bwino , ndiye ngati ali a Mcp asalandile komangati anali oyimila Malawi alandile basi.

  18. Nkhani imeneyi ndiyofunika anthu oganiza bwino.Tisiye ndale tipange zankhaniyi mwachilungamo,anthuwatu inali ntchito choncho ndalama yomwe alandileyo siya Udf,Dpp,Pp kapena mcp ndindalama yamisonkho yathu.Atsogoleriwa akuba ndalama zathu zochuluka,awa akudandaulawa ndianthu omwe anavutika chifukwa chatsogoleri amenewa ofuna zabwino zonse zikhale zawo,choncho ndikupanda mzeru kukhala kwanthu oipawa.Onse amene anali a MYP anali amcp okha kapena anali amalawi olembedwa ntchito?.Chilungamo chioneke palibe zandale apa.A malawi poyankhula muziganiza.Chitsanzo:atsogoleriwa anachokera ku Mcp kenako udf atsintha dpp ii pp panonso ali ku dpp,tsopano ife osatila anthu oipawa tikumayesa kuyankhula za manyi.CHIFUKWA?.NDALAMA APASIDWE.

    1. Nanuso mulibe ulesi ndi ndikulankhula nkhani zimenezi. ndiye ma youth wajatu nawo alandile zawotu. chifukwa nawoso nawoso amagwila ntchito zodulitsa ma card kugwila wakuba osewa anali a Mcp. mwangolitola boma la leloli.

  19. #DPP
    Dont Take Ths Issue As Ur Personal Concern, Ths Is A Government Agenda & Their Is No Any Single Kwacha Which Wil Be Drwn Out Frm Any Innocent Tax Payer No! That Money Were Already There In Government Funded By
    Bt Government Mis_use That Funds By Then, Nw Its Tym To Unveil The Truth & Teach A2 Opanda Mzeru Amene Akupanga Comment Yopanda Mzeru Yoti A2 Wa Asalandire Zawo,
    Stop Politics To Bring Back Our Mother Malawi

    1. Auzeni.Ambiri akungolankhula chifukwa cha ubulutu sakudziwa chimene akulankhula osadabwa kuti bwanji boma likukhala chete bwanji osabwera poyera

  20. Charles Mwenefumbo you don’t have a heart of forgiveness. The Kamuzu regime brought these system which was disarmed as a result of killing a Moyale football club player/soldier. Disarmament came in because they used the arms to wrong people. If pains every government in power still pricks pain to other groupings. During Kamuzu others enjoyed but you and me we suffered. During Bakili I didn’t enjoy but others enjoyed. During Bingu first term I enjoyed but others were in pain. These small things from peaceful it can mean something big. Let us not be good at analysing while pain is heavily inflicted. Let us solve this and move forward. They are Malawians mind you Charles Mwenefumbo

  21. Eeish some people they don’t leave in Malawi but in another planet , during Muluzis era all the victims of the then party MCP were compasated so what’s all this hoollabaluh you are talking here ?? Let the MYPs have what belongs to them enough is enough , Some MYPs are in UDF and some are in DPP top brass just shut up your mouth!!

  22. They have to be compensated. They did not only suffer but their entire families were also victimized by their guardian’s untimely job suspensions. Don’t forget we all once belonged to the same one party system and so we should all be responsible for their loss. Don’t forget one of the reasons operation bwenzani took place is because of some irresponsible individuals from both defense force and MYP members had some argument at a beer hall. If the case of Robert Chasowa was proved that DPP was responsible for his death, do you think DPP would compensate the deceased family instead of the government?

    1. ?? Dpp ordered police to kill innocent poor Malawians but the bogus payment was done with malawi government, it’s just the same government must compensate MYP

      50 50 game

      Cadet mutuwakula apa ??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️

    2. Mathew Banda well, what is is just what is. There is no constitution that indicates that we were forced. We were all into the same kind of situation including MYP itself

  23. Nanuso mukukamba zopepela apa malo mokamba zanzeru mukukamba za civil war za ziiii zoona zake myp inali military department ya chipani cha mcp asilikali aboma analiko kapena simukuziwa Ena inu MA nthawi imeneyo lelo ndi kuti MDF amenewa ndye anali asilikali athu

    1. I had my relatives beaten and uncle left for dead by these myp guys…
      You can only call it trash if none in your family tree was a victim of these infamous people

    2. You’re stupid #Prince Nyirenda I doubt if you are from north with such backward thinking.. And your comment has nothing with my comment that means you are idiot.

    3. Jk you sound young and sorry to say foolish coz these guyz caused havoc on innocent pipo it will be cowardly to compassate them. My whole village was burnt by these hooligans trying to get favour from democratic principals they fought against when did they realise that they is freedom of protesting let them lot. Its either they wait for MCP not Dpp whose leaders are victims of the said atrocities# To Hell with MCP youth wing

    4. #Dixey Mwale bodza , if your whole village was burnt ,Then why you are still alive and hiding under the computer? You will never fool me ,coz iknow for sure that nkhaza za M.C.P anthu anangozionjezera mwaomwao chifukwa cha ndale..imean people exaggerated a lot about M.C.P oppression because of politics nothing else.. Ndizinthu zoti sizinachitika amapezeka akunamabe chifukwa chongofuna kuipitsa mbiri ya ena ndi nazidziwa kalekale zimenezi
      .ndikukudziwani kale kuti ndinu a D.P.P.

    5. A Police anapha anthu 20 moti sadzalandira zao kuchokera ku boma .Wina afune asafune alandira apo biii awabwenzere katundu wawo yemwe analanda boma tiwone angaluze mndani .That time aliyense anali wa Mcp including u cadets .

    6. Iknow what I’m saying, don’t ask me about my age coz it will never help..iknow for sure people exaggerated a lot and I also know that people were slaughtered during M.C.P but not like what some people say..

    7. They are not claiming compensation from DPP but Malawi government which was the same yesterday, today and forevermore I guess

  24. i hoped any victims of mcp regime was compensated already before expiry of National compensation tribunal? who are these u want compesated?secondly who told you these people are looking for compensation? they are rightly looking for terminal benefits that any employee is entitled to after lay off….grow some balls all you politicizing this to victimise those sinior citizen’s….. Malawi government after disbandment of myp took all property belonging to myp …meaning it knew it employed them….thirdly myp just like any arm of government was established by an act of parliament and not by mcp NEC or district chairmen(oldassed gogos )i think the very inability to comprehend simple issues is the very same problem that Kamuzu Tembo Gwanda Dausi mtaba capitalised to torture you ……who told you that if u legitimately deserve compensation then any other who also deserve it shouldnt…thank God i wasnt born that time ..i swear i could have been on again…

  25. MCP should compansate them. That was an Army wing of MCP…….They should face the wrath. Some of our relatives were eaten by crocodiles. So why do they need money.??MCP plse receive your people….

    1. #Lonjy Kulak Banda just answer simple Question, which M.C.P? Coz I know for sure that there is no one in Current M.C.P who was involved .

    2. Reasoning capacity of the people commenting on this post is questionable. A party is not an individual, what a party did will still stand even if the decision makers then retire or change parties.

  26. Chikhalilecho ku pariament mmalo mokambilana zothandiza mtundu wa amalawi ndikumakambila za ziiii. palibe munthu amachoka pantchito osalandila zake ndiye awa afuse amene anawalemba ntchito osati boma la dpp ai. ma youth wa pp sangaka dimande ndalama ku udf ndizosatheka. awa chinalemba ganyu ndi chipan cha Mcp apite ku Mcp komweko akawathandize.

  27. why should they be compensated if am to ask? why do we keep on wasting our money on stupid things. some useless central region based people will still find a way to defend this MYPs thing. use that money to train the youth so that they should be equiped with the needed knowledge. they arw just a bunch of useless people. I know MCP is behind this.

    1. Mmnnm koma ichi ndi chikape eti. komeneko kudani ndi anthu APA central region? Idiot, no doubt that you are uneducated …let me school you, most of Malawian politicians you see today were in M.C.P go and ask DAUSI, BAKILI MULUZI and MTABA to compasete them..I’m sure 100% that they are still alive if you believe that they were not employed by the government.. Koditu they are not just claiming for nothing they have documents.. Ndiye or mudane ndi anthu APA central region chikupindulilani ndichiani? I believe one day Malawi will face civil war with such stupid alhomwes..

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