KB’s Shawa threatens to deal with FAM official


Kamuzu Barracks Team Manager Francis Shawa’s feud with Football Association of Malawi (FAM) shows no sign of abating as he has been heard in a leaked phone call showering obscene language on a FAM official and threatening to beat him.

In the recording, shower threatens to beat up FAM competitions manager Gomegzani Zakazaka.

Gomegzani Zakazaka

Zakazaka: to be dealt with.

This follows a decision by the FA to slap a season long ban on all football related activities plus a fine of K300,000 on the Kamuzu Barracks team manager following an interview he granted to a local radio station on the eve of his team’s 5-4 defeat to Nyasa Big Bullets in the quarter-finals of the Carlsberg Cup at Chilomoni Stadium.

In the interview, Shawa demanded the resignation of the entire Walter Nyamilandu led administration claiming it has failed to run the game of football in the country.

A week after the interview, the FA slapped the tough spoken team manager with the said ban and a fine saying he contravened article 24.11 of the rules and regulations of the competition.

However, Shawa granted another interview to the local press saying nobody has the right to bar him from watching football.

This forced the FA to order Malawi Police, Referees, Stewards and Kamuzu Barracks FC to never allow Shawa to enter into any football stadium let alone being allowed to be on the technical area as he will be serving his ban.

“Honourable Regions, I have received communication from FAM that our Referees, Stewards, Police and Kamuzu Barracks must not allow Francis Shawa, Team Manager for KB to be on the Technical Area before, during or after the game of football at any level. Please let’s inform our Referees to comply with this directive from FAM,” reads a letter which Malawi24 has in possession.

Things got from bad to worse when Shawa called Zakazaka to warn the FAM official to stop spreading lies about him and eventually, he ended up showering obscene language on the FA competitions manager.

In the leaked audio clip, Shawa threatened to manhandle Zakazaka whenever they meet.

Currently, it is not known as to whether the FA will take another action on the former Be Forward Wanderers Manager or not.

Meanwhile, a prominent lawyer, who asked for anonymity condemned the act saying recording a person without his/her consent is a grave violation of the right to privacy.

“One can successfully claim compensation for constitutional violation of the right to privacy,” he confided in this publication.








  1. zachimidzi basi zomenyana zidakalipobe masiku ano?ngati ngomenya apite ku DRC kulinkhondo yambiri ikumudikila zampira zomwezi mpaka zifike pomenyana?phuuu

  2. Kukhala nsirikali chisakhale chiphinjo abwebweta bweta koma afune asafune asata lamulo. Chomwe nalepherera Kukhala pa executive ya team yawo ndi chani? Shame Mr Shawa palibe akukuopani bambo.

  3. this is why at a certain point in time there was an out cry that soldiers teams in the country needed to have their own league in order to bring sanity to the elite league…on banning them not to be in their uniforms when they do play with civilians teams,that worked,now is a matter of banning the entire KB Team so that they sort out the mess at their offices may be being a soldier gives one a right to be adamant and disrespectful of the already existing civilians football adminstration laws……I have understood this Mr Shawa guy, may be if KB is also given a ban to electify the mess in their camp caused by this dump headed good for nothing Shawa guy that gonna serve us better……..otherwise,kulowesa usilikali pa nkhanii ya mpira ngati iyi zimenezo ndiza uchitsilu

  4. Kunena zoona penapake afam akuonjeza kwambiri chifukwa league yathu yaikulu muno mmalawi imayang’aniridwa ndi bungwe la sulom nde ndimadabwa afam amene ali motherboard ya masewero ampira muno mmalawi amakhala kaka kuwasokoneza asulom pamayendetsedwe ampira muno mmalawi komanso kuthamangira kutenga ndalama zammageti zimenezi maiko anzathu kulibe, komanso kumangopereka zilango Zosayenera kumatimu ndicholinga muziwabera ndalama zimenezo zithe plz muasiyire asulom aziyendetsa okha. Charles nyirenda akhonza kundivomereza makamaka uyu mumati ndani uyu kumaudindoko

  5. Kodi mukundiuza kuti nyamilandu chitengereni udindo wa farm sanakakwepo? Nanga ndindani anamupatsako chilango? Poti mpira wathu pamalawi ukupitabe pansi koma utsogoleri osasintha? Zikalakwika ndibwino kumanena zoona shawa ad of now just respect chikangocho then madandaulo anu mudxapereke pambuyo not showing angry now plz

  6. Truth be told here.. tisamangoyikira ku mbuyo ziri zonse.. FAM yawonjedza.. ”thats Dictatorship” Lazarus Chakwera Otsutsa boma wakhala akuudza Mtsogoleri wa dziko lino His Excellency Prof APM kuti atule pansi udindo wake.. now tell me liripo tsiku limene munamva kuti President APM wapeleka ban ya chaka chimodzi kwa Lazarus Chakwela..? Ndikugwirizana ndi zonse Shawa akunena.. (ban me too..)

  7. Shawa is not a sports man and one thing Mr Shawa should know is that nobody is above the law and he was not born a soldier, besides that he is a employee so should take care of his job before something bad with his job. ndalankhulatu apa eti!

  8. Shawa siwolakwa, problem is Water Nyamilandu, how much now earth of democracy we in Malawi have a life president in FAM? Kapena adaphuzira kwa Hayatu kukhalitsa pa udindo? The problem is FAM for a yes bwana running of football affairs in Malawi. Bwana Shawa just sue them for tampering with your privacy

  9. This Shawa want to tarnish the already bad image of Soldiers. Mind you that you were not born being soldiers.One day you will be nothing. Nyamilandu is a good man that’s why he has been there for longer period. If you did what deserves punishment accept it.

  10. ine ndimakhulupilira mwambi woti chatsisa dzaye kuti njovu ithyoka mnyanga,nanga apa nde dzayi ndilolakwa ayi ilo langogwatu angakhale apa olakwa nifamuyo ndi walteryo ww ukimwaga mboga mm namwaga ugari basi tumemalizana

  11. Inu a FAM ma team a chisilikali onse muwapange burn asasewerenso mpira chifukwa angayambitse chisokonezo the reason behind u can’t play soccer when u easily get angry

  12. Takhala tikumva Peter Munthalika walephera kuyendesa dziko atule pansi udindo ndani anauzidwapo kuti sazaimanso udindo uliwose ngakhale Barack Obama anauzidwapo kuti atule pansi udindo tsono inu a Walter Nyamilandu ndinu ndani?zamasewero zomwezi?koma mutakhala Pulezident wa dziko anthu afamo ambiri eeeee

  13. By all means the punishment is excessive. We also hear verdict has been passed through the media. All public offices are subject to criticism, FAM should not be exceptional. Punishments ought to be reasonable and delivered reasonably

  14. For Our Football To Grow We Need Courageous Pple Like Shawa.Pakufunika Kumayankhula Chilungamo Chophweteka Kuwuza Walter Nyamilandu.Ngat Walter Watopa He Shud Pack Up And Go We R Tired With Him.Next Kim Kamau, Peter Kins Kaira And Charles Nyirenda.

  15. Fam idachenjeza kale mayankhulidwe izi zitero basi shawa saganiza poyankhula asanyozetse asilikali akhalidwe kamba kaumbuli wake sikoyamba kukanika zampira kb inachita bwino osati kamba kaiyeyo.amadana ndiabwino uyu watukwanapo Madeira Pomwe kb imakakumana ndi wanderers asiye zampira uyu ndiwansanje. ku prematch meeting kunalibe walter amamutukwaniranji?ofcourse walter ali ndi zolakwisa koma siapapa carsuberg ili ndi oyendesa.

  16. Ashawa Ndiosalakwa Ndipo Tilinao Pambuyo Pao . AFAM Zikuwakanika Kutukula Mpila Kuno Mwaiwala Kut Anatulusanso Marks Bullents Khaniyake Yosaziwika Bwino.Lero Ndi Ashawa Osalakwa Ati Alipile Ndalama Zambirimbiri Dyela Basi.

  17. nyamilandu wafka potailira! kudzudzula ndie kut wachita mwano? kunena chilungamo ndie kut mkudelera fam? tosefe tikhale phee,coz of u? who r u? tatopa nawe tsopano a shawa sali okhatu,tien nazon

  18. Kumbari ina nawo a FAM ndiorakwa komabe ma team a usirikali cbwino azigwiritsira ntchito dzina la MDF ndikumpira komwe ai,ngat apitirize kumapanga choncho its better onse ma team wo awachotsemo mu super league osat zoopsezanazo ai,azikapangira Ku Drc.

  19. SHAWA NDI MBULI, NGATI FAM YAMULAKWIRA AKANATENGA STEP YABWINO OSATI KUMAKHALA NGATIZA NKHONYA IZI. Akapitiliza ma team achisilikali onse asowe mu nkhani zampira sizoti azidziva usoja ndikumpira komwe. Ndiopepera mumuuze

  20. fam is totaly wrong on judgement to chaba.coz thy dont head to chabas side,and my questions is who report to fam that chaba was against them?if they head frm radio interview fam is offised

  21. Now you see ? Not good to include soldiers in football! Some are sports men, but some were forced into sports! The direction he has taken , he can’t win! Let him go ahead, at first we supported him, but now he is a gabbage!

    • But in principal ,he must follow procedures? This position its not if a village head man where you just wakeup and call for someone’s head because he is not siding with you! Akuluwa anakafatsa the truth would he in their favour koma phuma!

    • isnt about soldiers here this man deserve much of applause these fam officials are thieves in this country government has recruited many of the police officers that are aimed to control violence but they book few talking about referees re most of the times at fault they re in forefront causing coaches team managers chairmen of supporters to speak out talk about how these referees are failing their jobs lets just be happy that we had noone olimba mtima ngat this kb personell..i am a bullets fan but where I feel to be honest I do so whether is wanderers that re complaining I will speak truth if necessary sometimes I dont agree to some of the complaints giving by #noma but deep I know they re right same applies to other teams but for now I would do judge this man usilikali ndiwake

    • Ha ha ha your book or composition or dictation you call it is rhetoric! You are not a bullets fun! If so its accidental! Mind you sports esp ecially football is not politics! According to football regulations in Malawi, managers from both sides are supposed to be interviewed by journalists and its amust! This coach talked some elements which must be channeled the right way and be heard , yes FAM blundered ,but the fact that being a soldier he threaten football body with a revenge! In football family its not acceptable!

    • Though I don’t support Nyamilandu! I don’t see this coming man! They are protocols to follow! And only your demand won’t help ! Find something to comment!

  22. shawa and nyamilandu chilipo chomwe munayambana masewelo ampira ndi osangalala nt that childish mind stop shit on football scene in malawi ngati mwatoppa nonse pp
    pitani kwanu mukakhazikile ku ufumu nt daily daily daily shawa nyamilandu shittt who are you taona asilikali ife General Yohane and General Khanga and taonaso fam presidents osati mkodzo ukawawa kumagamulaso nkhani zopanda kuyankhula bhooo bhoooo fuck demit

  23. Musalakwitse malembedwe amayankhula ndi gomezgani zakazaka, munthu amazuzu lidwa koma kunali Walter nyamilandu ngati kujaa and Pali committee yomwe yima yendetsa all cup games why amakamba za Walter? Mwau munthu asanayankhula kwama media bwezi atakumana ndi Walter kuti boss Pali izi izi mutii nthandiza bwanji.

  24. Kodi inu a Malawi24 simungalembeko nkhani zosangalasa a Malawi, Nkhani yazelu ili pa BBC world!yoti America ikufuna Ziko la Malawi akhale limozi mwamayiko amu america moti Donald j. Trump akubwela muMalawi muno pa 24 mwezi uno,kuzakambilana ndi president komaso Mafumu, ngati mungavomeleze ndeno kuti president wa malawi akhalaso Trump yemweyo awo alipowo akhala Moyar ndalama tizigwilisa dolla

  25. Izi zowopsezanazi ndiye zoipa kwambiri kuposa zina zonse, Kukhala msilikali sumayenela kumawopseza. Tell Shawa kuti akuyenela kutsata njira zoyenelera kuti chilungamo chiwoneke osati aziwopseza FAM just because he is a military officer. If anything happens to Zakazaka/ Walter /Fam member he is answerable. I love the military people in the friendly way they behave and shawa is not showing his professional maturity.

  26. If he is not going to accept the punishment the KB team must be banned in Malawi football coz we have seen some teams punished by the same FAM , so why not Shawa . We’re not looking for his job , he was not born a soldier and he just joined it like the way anyone can join; he should not take advantage or a chance for being a soldier so that he break laws anywhere else, never .

    • kusulom kudaonongeka nthawi yomwe angayendetsa,lero ali ku fam akusokonezanso masewera bwanji malamulo a election yafam atasintha kut president wa fam asamasankhidwe ndi anthu 13 coz ndi udindo ofunika ku team even kumtundu wa amalawi okonda masewera ampira,izi sizapabanja, pacompany,team kapena ubale wamunthu,tipange zampira osatengera dera, chigawo, boma lomwe tikuchokera.

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