Flanders to continue supporting Malawi

Govt of Flanders to continue supporting Malawi.

The government of Flanders has vowed to continue supporting Malawi in sectors of health and agriculture.

The assurance was made by President of Flanders Geert Bourgeois during a banquet that President Peter Mutharika organised for him at Kamuzu Palace in Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe.

In his remarks, Bourgeois said his country is committed to continue supporting Malawi in areas such as agriculture and health after being allies for ten years.

“To prove our cooperation commitment in 2006 a subsidy was granted to UNAIDS for implementation of the first Flemish funded project in Malawi.

“The following year we granted the subsidy to UN Food and Agriculture Organisation for implementing a project in the districts of Kasungu and Mzimba which is still assisted by my government to assist the farming population,” he said.

Geert told the gathering that Flanders is focusing on agriculture because it is the backbone of the country’s economy.

“Our initiatives are focusing on the health sector and agriculture sector. After consultation with Malawi government we decided to concentrate on the second programme of cooperation on solely on agriculture and food security.

“The majority of people of Malawi depend on agriculture sector for livelihood and we believe we are making a very good contribution to their wellbeing.

This is another sign of commitment and consistent approach,” he said.

The president of Flanders added that his government implemented a second five year program in the country that is to run until 2019.

“In consultation with the government of Malawi we developed our first five year country programme covering the period of 2009 to 2013. This was followed in 2014 by a second five year programme that will run until the end of 2019,” Bourgeois told the gathering at Kamuzu Palace.

Speaking at the same function, Mutharika promised to work hand in hand with government of Flanders to achieve its goals in the country.

Flanders is a Dutch-speaking northern portion of Belgium.



    1. For those confused. Flanders is the north west half of Belgium which speaks Flemish – a dialect of Dutch. It’s not a country but just part of Belgium. Belgium has heavy tribal division as the Dutch and French sides hate each other. Belgium is also an extremely wicked evil nation which allows children to be put to death after birth, let alone the wickedness of abortion.

  1. Kondwani Harawa where do we find Flanders? What’s their capital city? What’s the population? Their president? The backbone of their economy?

  2. Am confused. Where on earth is this Flanders country found? First time to hear such name or is it a prophetic ministry or is it another lomwe nation?

    1. Flanders is a region in Belgium, their language is Flemish, a dialect of Dutch which spoken in Netherlands,Walunia is another region which is french speaking region in Belgium, Belgium was created in 1839 by the great powers.

    1. Flanders ndi modzi mwa chigawo cha dziko la Belgium ndipo chiyankhulo chawo ndi Flemish chiyankhulo chofanafana ndi Dutch chaku Netherlands, Chigawo china ndi Walunia ndipo chiyankhulo chawo ndi chifilansa.

  3. Are there any strings attached to the deal? There usually are. Beware… Belgium legalised euthanasia even for children btw so this is no nice country.

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