Man dies after being shot by BWB guard


A suspected thief died after a Blantyre Water Board (BWB) security guard shot him, police say.

Deputy Public Relations Officer for Limbe Police Station Widson Nhlane said the incident occurred on August 4, 2017.

He said the man who is yet to be identified by police was, together with four other men, caught stealing galvanised pipes at a BWB catchment in Blantyre.

“It was on August 4 at around 9pm when two security guards were on foot patrols within BWB catchment area and came across five unknown criminals stealing 200mm galvanised pipes,” Nhlane said.

Nhlane added that one of the guards shot in the air to scare off the criminals but the bullet accidentally landed on one of the suspected criminals.

The other four suspects ran away.

The wounded suspect was later taken to Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in the city where he was pronounced dead upon arrival. The dead body is still at Queens awaiting identification.

Meanwhile, Police are searching for the other suspects and are investigating the shooting to establish what really happened.

Last year, BWB guards also shot dead another person from Ndirande Township who was found cutting down trees in the water board’s catchment area.

People have been cutting down trees and stealing things from the BWB catchment area despite various warnings from BWB.




  1. BWB Guard go & shot at Memory Kaleso as well he has swidled MK 170 million form my district otherwise not fair okuba mawaya kumuombera okuba ma million kumpatsa holiday kkk malawi @ 53

  2. That man was stealing what???????????? That Guard need to shoot District Commissioners who are stealing hundreds millions of kwacha! Not that man, just steal waterpipe killing him?????

  3. So the bullet flew from the air and landed onto a suspect…and pronounced dead…kkkkkkkk we are not kids…The guard aimed at the suspect and shot him…Osamanama choncho bwanji tikayesere tione mmene zinakhalira…

  4. Malamulo now is suspect until the court find him offend the law.wochotsa moyo wa alubino nayenso amati ndi suspect mpaka court litamupedza olakwa.The world of crooks.always kip each other behind the bar.Uyu ngokuba a police sinthani chichewa

  5. There is no way a bullet can divert its course and turn to another direction, so for a Police to say “The Guard shot into the air and the bullet landed onto the victicm” is a clear diversion from the truth. The guard aimed at the thief and pulled the trigger, period. After all, the guards did what was right at the moment. In Malawi, it’s a news worth writing when a guard shoots down a thief. Kkkkkkkkk

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