Youths in love with Chilima


Young people in the country have expressed admiration for Vice President Dr Saulos Chilima’s approach in politics.

This is following the vice president’s involvement in various sporting activities and religious events.

Saulos Chilima

Chilima: inspiring young people.

Malawi24 caught up with youth in the Malawi capital, Lilongwe who said that as a young vice president Chilima is a role model to many youths who aspire to be politicians.

In an interview with this publication, one young person, Japhet Banda, branded Chilima as a man and a leader who is a good example in terms of holding highly rated positions.

He told Malawi24 that Chilima’s involvement in sports is a true indication that he wants youth in the country to be motivated by him through various activities.

“Chilima is really a role model to many youth in the country. See how the veep had involved himself in various sporting activities like playing basketball and recently he led the athletics in the first ever Standard Bank 21 kilometres marathon,” Banda told Malawi24.

Another young person, Stella, Manda said Chilima’s active involvement in spiritual activities also back him as a good leader who always puts God ahead.

She told Malawi24 that as a young vice president Chilima would have been neglecting spiritual duties and having excess pleasures but he is different.

“Being a vice president as Chilima is something awesome. Had it been that he is careless and fearless he would have been enjoying worldly activities too much and not even sparing his time to thank God.

“But our veep is different. He is in his 40s but also dedicated to church activities. This is what most youth must emulate. Balancing our busy schedules with praising God as what our vice president portrays,” She told Malawi.





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