Ex-MYP officers to raid State House


Former officers of the Malawi Young Pioneers (MYP) have disclosed plans to hold a vigil at State House on Monday if government fails to give them their arrears and gratuity.

This follows a three week vigil at Area 18 memorial tower in Lilongwe in demand for the arrears and gratuity from government.

Malawi Young Pioneers

Former Malawi Young Pioneers want to get paid.

The matter was later joined by human rights activist Billy Mayaya who faulted government for failing to pay the ex-MYPs since the group was abolished.

The former MYP officers have since vowed to hold vigils at State House to have their matter being heard by President Peter Mutharika.

Leader for the striking ex-MYP members Franco Chilemba expressed worry over government’s delay to release the money.

“We are still waiting for the office of the president and cabinet to answer us, if nothing happens up to Monday then we will plan to go to the State House to see our father who is the head of the state,” said Chilemba.

Authorities have since disclosed that they will start paying the group on Monday following an audit.

Government owes the former MYP officers over K1.6 billion in arrears and gratuity.





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