Mutharika for a God fearing Malawi

Peter Mutharika

President Peter Mutharika has called on Malawians to depend on God and maintain the country’s status as a God fearing nation so that Malawi should develop.

Mutharika made the remarks in Lilongwe during the launch of Malawi Police, Defence and Security prayers under the theme “praying for peace, integrity and hard work.”

Peter Mutharika
Mutharika: let us depend on God.

In his address, Malawi’s first citizen said in everything the country must depend on God to prosper.

“I am grateful to take this opportunity to think about our dependency on God. There is nothing that sustain human life more than our dependency upon God. Nothing more than Almighty God,” he said.

“If we depend on God beyond our human capacity we shall always prosper as a nation. That is why it is important for us to be a God fearing country. Let us not allow politicians to divide our unity of faith,” Mutharika added.

He also urged police officers and members of the Malawi Defence Force (MDF) to depend on God when performing their duties.

The then hailed the security and defence forces for the critical role they play in national development.

Mutharika said no human society develops when there is no peace and order since in such a society innocent people suffer every kind of social injustice.

He called on Malawians to pray for the officers working in the security agencies.

“Our security and defence officers always need our prayers. Their work is risky. They sacrifice themselves to ensure that you and I are secure and at peace. Let’s always respect our security and defence force,” Mutharika said.

The Malawi leader also emphasised the need to respect other people’s faith saying peaceful unity of faith should be valued.

“Let us promote our co-existence as brothers and sisters,” Mutharika said.

The prayers were attended by security officers from Malawi Police Service, Malawi Defence Force, Malawi Prison Service and Immigration Department.





  1. Iiiii mulungu zisamukhudze tadzibela tokha 1.7 billion yomwe anatapa ababache a atupele,577 billion, city councils blue nites and 900 million Jefrey wa Jefrey

  2. Let The Bigman Be Rightous On The Face Of God And Then He Should Claim And Say Malawi Is God Fearing National Avery Day Bad Thlngs Are Happening Yet He Is Saying We Are AGOD Fearing National

  3. Km satana uyu!! chabwino pot ena ali nd milungu ina wich dis devil talking abt not God whum I kno God of lov liriable unchengeble convenant kipkng God. Dont encourage as wat we already kno bt u yourself dont do it. God see u!!

  4. God fearing ? are you serious Mr president? all this can best a reality only if the government can walk the talk, stop protecting corrupt ministers and ruling party officials , selective justice, stop the killing people like Njahuju and bring to justice those involved in the killing

  5. First keep security of people who are taking away money
    Let people must have more money then government
    So development take place
    High tax not going to develop the country
    It harms the people economy
    There for temparary development which we don’t want
    Look every thing gone up
    Cost of liveing going up
    There for the MFI fund responsible

  6. God fearing Nation Malawi? I doubt.We claim to be a God fearing nation but that’s total irony.A country full of thieves,jealousy,no love. Go in our offices nobody wants his/her colleague to be on top. Bringing down one another is what we all knw in Malawi.

  7. Malawi is not a God fearing country lets not hide our sins in the name of God. Malawi is a sinful nations. Tell Peter,and Church Leaders to confess their sins before its too late

  8. Akunena zoona dzikolino likufunika president owopa Mulungu, anthu enanso adzaopa Mulungu. 2019 tidzavotera owopa Mulungu, langizo labwino.

  9. God fearing nation is busy debating issues of same sex marriages, safe abortion and oppressing its citizens through corruption, theft and underpaid!

  10. Nice theme,,,,,, may God bless you abundantly,,,,,, For the leadership without God’s intervation is realy the leader lead in vain,,,,, The bible teaches us that King solomon’s leadership was so successful because he asked for wisdom from The almighty God


  12. When things start seems going out of your hand its when you remember God. Is this kinda of repetance mr President or you just need to create a conducive environment to manipulate the maginitude?

    My little advice to Mr president; you are the first one to turn to God.

    1. The same fuckery we have been in for long.

      “Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful.” – Seneca

    2. You can say that again. I don’t think this guy is affiliated to any religion. These are purely words of a politician ahead of 2019 and of course to keep Malawians docile.

  13. God is the only solution,who treat wisdom as his son/daughter he saves the nation with justice and kind and its source is to know and fear the Lord.

  14. There’s no country in the world which is God fearing. Malawi can never be called God fearing either. We can be asking God’s guidance now and again but our leaders do contrary things that annoy God and that lead to unspecified punishments. Malawians on the other hand, have a spirit of hero worshipping. Now that corruption is all over the shore, and the govt is failing to curb it, our country cannot develop Mr President. If I may ask you Mr president, other than attending the SONA in the national assembly, when did you meet Chakwera of MCP to map the way forward for Malawians? Three years down as state president if only you could swallow your pride and invite Chakwera and all other political leaders, talk and agree issues that can make lives of ordinary Malawians affordable. You lose nothing after all. Mr president and most of all opposition leaders, have almost everything. Your opulence cannot be measured by our poverty. How do you feel when you accumulate excess fortunes on top of the poor? Only if all our leaders humble themselves like the president of Botswana, Ian Khama, Malawi with less doubt can prosper. How can you say you love God whom you have never seen with your naked eyes while you hate your neighbour-(poor people) who are failing to eat three times a day?

  15. a president akunena zoona tiziwopa MULUNGU komanso tiwakhulukire anzathu a cashgate ndikusawaweruza monga malembo oyera anenera kuti khulukirani adani anu ndipo musaweruze ena

  16. how can we depend GOD? hence the plesident is doing nothing just only kiling, steling & lier is there favorate hobby God Is Watching

  17. akalamba mukamwamo sikutha kumeneko kugokakalangati mwana obadwakumene komazinazi olomanyazi zilibe kkkkkkkkkkk ndaliseka zikolamalawi lilipawumasiye mapulezideti akeamenewa apa ndichimozimozi kukhala opanda pulezideti ndipo odindikuthaweni muzikolanuli kutitikapume kufhamanyi amalebwede ngati amenewa mwanya nayo mozitizuzila chile kuti wukayange bwino kwamulungo kkkkkkkkkk zaziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii zopadachelekomwe kkkkkkk manyazibwa kkkkkkkk ndiyebola ndikanalamulayine zikolitu kapena zindu zikanasinda chabe kkkkkkkkk ndakusekanitu

  18. in every determinist mind, we will agree with the president. But i strongly believe that we are not a God fearing nation rather Leaders fearing nation. lets change our mindset Mr President

  19. Malawians should stop calling each others names God becomes furious with this Attitude respect each others then God will see us as loving people and give us abundant rains and what have you, otherwise to habour anger in our hearts all the time we are dooming ourselves! Anger the biggest sin.

  20. He should first facilitate an arrest warrant for himself. Then preach about the need for all Malawians to walk in the light of God. As of now, he better leave the preaching thing in the right hands and proceed with his corruption and other atrocities he’s committing against Malawians.

    1. Your comment keeps appearing intermittently, to the extent that I am yet to finish reading it. But from the first part of the sentence, you seem to be curious about a high ranking human being who has ever asked for own arrest warrant. But before I give one, I am interested to know if you have ever seen, heard or read a true story on someone sending themselves to police without actually being called by the police.

    1. The problem of being in the opposition side you always oppose and blame each and every thing ….this is about GOD not politics…

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