‘Satan’ responsible for corruption among Malawi police officers – Minister

Grace Chiumia

Police officers in Malawi are notorious for demanding bribes and some officers get drunk while on duty, but minister of home affairs and internal security Grace Chiumia feels Satan misleads the officers into bad behaviour.

Chiumia expressed worry over the conduct by some security officers arguing they are supposed to be exemplary.

Grace Chiumia
Chiumia says satan misleads officers into bad behaviour.

Speaking during the launch of Malawi Police, Defence and Security prayers at Police headquarters in Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe on Saturday, Chiumia apologized to President Peter Mutharika for the bad image that security agents have in the country.

“Let me take this opportunity your excellency to ask for forgiveness as security institutions we behave in a way we are not supposed to, that’s why we have these prayers, sometimes Satan has been able to disable us,” said Chiumia.

She further urged the security institutions to refrain from bad behaviours arguing they are supposed to live by example in their communities.

Officers from security institutions in Malawi have been singled out to be the most corrupt as they demand bribes from people a development that has dented their image.





  1. Childishness,Poor minded,Stupid precisions and lack of seriousness in ministering people spent many years in class obtaining diploma,degrees and such nonsense papers she has.Addressing to people Satan is involved in Corruption committed by Police officers aaaaa this is beyond.I think our brothers and sisters in prisons have to be released because their offences and conviction satan is behind it therefore let’s close our all police offices and Courts and let’s start fetching satan where he is hiding when we got him let’s bring him to the judgement.Mama Chiuma put down ur tools and go home we don’t like this kind of stupid parleys from ur mouth.I’m so angrily lastly may our God forgive u and ur entire team of police officers who are bribing in the name of satan.satan will be thrown in hell of fire for hundred years those people will follow him.

  2. Haha hell No! The only thing satan is responsible for is that fruit he gave to Eve! Otherwise y’all responsible for everything! Just gotta man up to it basi! 😀

  3. These people are so corrupt. Collecting bribe from poor to enriched themselves and the poor groaned within their heart in such a way that what ever they spent the money for becomes abomination. They buy drink and became drunk, they use it to pay children’s school fees, they are drop out and the one that can finished has no good job due to the corrupt sources of school fees. They use it to marry, peace runs out of such homes. Corruption is Satan itself

  4. Pay them enough so they don’t resort to being corrupt if you ministers pay back what you steal the police could be payed enough and no corruption it is you that Satan drives you to line your own pockets and then you blame the police for trying to feed their families get your facts right

  5. police bail is free , the message loud and clear but people are forced to pay 50thousand or more for one to get out on bail

  6. mmmh give me a break.. we hav failed to resolve issues..now we sayin is the DeVil..in control..mmm u min they nid deliverance?? call Major1 to pray for them… nde nkumati: In Jesus name!!! OUT!!!! u demon of corruption..Hhaha.. the Whole system is satanic…not only police..but the cashgates,maizegates,failing to pay civil servants,Nepotisms,weird ID’z,..Satan misleads these into Worse behaviours!!!

  7. I tell you these people are miserable; no workshop, no houses as in the past(kamuzus’ time) and they rent houses payable by themselves while Immigration is being leased houses by Govt. they pay for them. The Minister should have seen this and make it equal and advise the president on the problems faced by police.Just imagine they receive K45;000 per month what is it?? She was a nurse at Ekwendeni and left because of the same problems and she can hardly fight for her Officers.As a woman, she should be thinking about the plight of others and try to assist them. In Zambia, policemen and Teachers are well treated in terms of salary and other working materials.Why is Malawi mistreating these people?

    1. Good comment i wish madam minister see this may be what she says can refute everything no motivation on these guys and yet the work tirelessly around the clock protecting life and property and madam minister can appreciate that,and another thing is the discipline they have they can not even make any strike like what Prison waders did.my appeal to madam minister fill there pockets and see what will happen. ……..zero corruption.

  8. The fact is public reforms are far from producing any tangible results politicians once lost their seats are recycled into the civil service where they are powerful than elected leaders.its a civil service of such calibre nobody can afford to discipline

  9. Instead of curbing such barriers physically,you are busy much waisting time to grant unapplicable comments to the public which is unbeneficial at all .by the way which qualifications did mr president use to designate you as a minister because i see no leadership in you and i may request you please can always practise to be a good speaker because you are not the gift of the gap at all and your words are devil’s advocate .

  10. hahahaha,this is ridiculous, how can the whole minister who happen to be our last solution hide beside satan’s image?aaaa! anduna athu osamatero,or else izi sungani mudzalalikire kutchalichi,what you have to know is that chonona chifuma ku dzira,mwana wa mbuzi amaonera make kunyera mkhola,tiyambe ifeyo kusintha,timusiye satana,ali ndi ake,not apolisi,

  11. Dont Blame Satan You Are Failing The Officers Especially Juniors.Grace Resign If U Want Why Owez Blaming Others And Now U Hav Gathered All Ur Courage Blaming The Devil.The Bible Says Rebuke The Devil And He Wil Ran Away From U.Madame Have Allowed Satan To Be Incharge Of Ur Ministry.

  12. So the Satan I know is the one who is failing to give them good salaries. Because they get involved in corruption inorder to make life easier

  13. ine mayi uyu sindiwona chimene president amamukondera kukhala minister I don’t see her performance mwina amafuna anthu aku north amve kuti Ali ndi minister

  14. Kkkkkkkk satana akuba ndalama za boma wooooo. Alowaso mwa apolice kkkkkkkkkk i cant blame police the payment is too small thus why they get bribe kkkkkkk I rest my case mr speaker sir.

  15. Kkkk. That’s why police will never go on strike but this bribe thing is their increment. How can I deny 10k when I know for sure at home I am running short of food. They are demanding and they will because of a simple reason. Corruption is from the top to the bottom. Malipiro ngati pocket money. Sometimes if I say, don’t blame them but look the factor causing this whole thing, then you will have solutions

  16. The devil has corrupted the entire governing system in malawi… Vuto si apolosi okha! Source is from conditions of servicing available in Mw… Servants are no longer cared for; it is a #MIND_YOUR_OWN_BUSINESS Affair. However, this should not be an excuse to immorality. kkkkkkk #Solving_Paradox

  17. Thats a very weak statement made by senior public officer.Satan has nothing to do with ur corruption just find means of uprooting corruption.And these guys mentioned r more than worse with corruption

  18. The Minister must join a bandwagon of old folks joining school zakwacha available in the cities! Otherwise, with this kind/level of thinking-the best the nation can achieve is to have Satan him/herself as Head of State

  19. If I may ask honourable Chiumia, who is Satan? How does he look like? Each time someone does wrong, you blame Satan for the deed. It is lack of umunthu basi. Komabe apolisi just like aphunzitsi ngomvetsa Chisoni kwabasi. Bola apilisi can manage ka corruption. Anthu wa aren’t motivated. Desist corruption, report corruption. Mockery!!!!

  20. Satan cannot agree with that,we know he is a source of every bad circumstance and it is applicable fully to the maximum but that should not be the fact no.Our police ashames quite alot,they aren’t people you can trust at all.They are the one’s who violating the people’s rights and full of corruption and theft beyond control.Being a policeman i just think is to be notorious and cruel,the way one can be without being controlled,they are above the laws of this country.( i don’t like that).

  21. To honestly, de pple dat start bribes r de porches. It means dat de ministers r among of dem, xo dey must to ponder pre to talk . De poor still lamenting coz of small group of people. To b objective dey must increase de salaries of police services

  22. it’s not satan who made police officer to drunk while on duty and asking bribes the problem is katangale anayambila kumtundako mango sangabeleke papaya

  23. forex itasowa anatiuza kuti satana. Nthawi yanjala anatiuza kuti timfuse mulungu coz iwo sanabweretse njala. Pano akuti corruption ku police ndisatana…..All these statements from high profile ppl hu r paid using tax payers’ money to formulate policies that would reduce these problems….kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  24. forex itasowa anatiuza kuti satana. Nthawi yanjala anatiuza kuti timfuse mulungu coz iwo sanabweretse njala. Pano akuti corruption ku police ndisatana…..All these statements from high profile ppl hu r paid using tax payers’ money to formulate policies that would reduce these problems….kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  25. USELESS MINISTER: We are far beyond Demonic era. Hedonism is what reigns now. In court, though you may swear using your holy book, you can’t win a court case by shifting the blame to Satan.
    MU KHOTI……

    OZENGA MLANDU: Mwanena kuti siinu, zonsezi ndi Satana , sichoncho?


    OZENGA MLANDU: zikuonetsa kuti Satana ndi Munthu oipa kwambiri ameneyu. Koma mungatithandize bwanji kuti anzathu a chitetezo akamugwire Satana, kuti akabwera ndipamene tidzapitilize mlanduwu?”


  26. This Minister and the secretary general are a funny lot. Her comments and her qualifications don’t tarry at all. She is the same one who overzeleously suggested at a public rally that the incumbent was to be president for life. I didn’t understand the meaning that ‘a poor workmanship blames his tools’ until this lady volunteered to illustrate what that means.. CRY MY BELOVED COUNTRY

  27. Kupatsa uduma anthu osayenela,zikugoonetstelatu kuti munthalika agwila tchito ndi anthu osayenela,munthu anapanga sports,akamuika ku internal securiy,palizelu? Reform kumalaw siikutithandiza olo pang’ono

  28. can someone advise this so called minister to close her trap otherwise she will have a lot to answer come 2019

  29. Kkkk the whole Minister representing the whole ministry? why we always add devil on things which he is not involved. I could not expect such words to come from a minister who has such huge responsibility. if Satan is the one stealing money from govt and demanding bribes from poor people then Draft a warrant of arrest to satan please.

  30. So are you going to arrest satan himself and put him in custody together with mphwiyo….that’s not an excuse adzakukaniranitu satana kuti uyu yekha sindinamutume ine

  31. Malamulo Anu Nd Opusa Dat”s Y Ogwra Ntchtowo Sakuopa.Inu Ngt Mwaona Kt Nd Satan Bwanj Osangomuchosa Sataniyo?.Achiumywa Muzikamba Za Mzeru Osat Kungozuka Lero Mkumakamba Ma Spoil Ngt Amenewo.Mukamakamba Zopoirazo Muziziwa Kt Mukukamba Nd Eni Ziko.Boma Lanu Ndlomwe Lilinso Lolezera Ndye Mumat Apolisiwa Asamalezere? I Tink Inunso M’mene Mumayankhula Munamwako Kabanga Ndthu.Oh My God,wat A Bullshit Government.

  32. hahahahahaa! Sa………..What??? u must knw Jesus. Who&where is satan? it is ur greed & leave satan alon drink midoli. sidzimukhuza zimenezi.

  33. Why can’t she fire that satan from duty, so that he should stop working together with these thieves in unform. Kkkkkkk!

  34. Are you telling us serious things as ministers or as Malawi is you just joke as you want? If I were president I could have reshuffled you right away. You lack seriousness

  35. what about them ministers ure one ov them may be more than our police officer ure worse than everyone on corruption that u know by urself

    1. Kulankhula pagulu ku blamer satan, really? Honestly Malawians wake up!This is not a ministerial speech! Kusowa conena eti!

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