Derby day debut for Kanyenda


Newly signed Be Forward Wanderers striker Esau Kanyenda is expected to make his debut for the Nomads in the Blantyre derby in Lilongwe on Sunday.

Wanderers team manager Steve Madeira told a local radio station that the veteran forward will feature for the league leaders when they play rivals Nyasa Big Bullets at Bingu National Stadium.

Kanyenda: to be featured in the game against Nyasa Big Bullets.

Madeira said people were so upset when the club signed Kanyenda but the fans will now realize that every player is important.

“We know what we were doing at first as you can see now Joseph Kamwendo will miss the game due to red card and other players will miss because of injuries.

“This is the time to use some players and am sure the coach will feature the newly signed Essau Kanyenda who is now in the Lali Lubani family,” said Madeira.

Be Forward Wanderers are the current leaders of the Super League with 28 points, 10 ahead of Sunday’s opponents Nyasa Big Bullets.









  1. BB Musathe mau tonse tidikire 90 minutes ikathe ku Lilongwe .Apo ndipamene tingayambe kulankhura zakukhosi. Noma be silent we will speak later…….kikikikikikikikikiki…………..

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  3. Congratulations ….If i may ask what kind of English this admin is trying to show here ..

    Sometimes these news is read widely and you to make edition before posting

  4. If was someone 4m other teams he about to wait 4 clearance but mmmm yet we are saying we want to overcome corruption kkkkk lets wait n c if we will manage to do so

  5. Honestly, the question raised by Mr Robert Vitman Chisale is not bad coz the word Derby ofcourse is game between two teams of close geographical proximity, now itseems there’s repetition of words (In) I,e in the Blantyre derby in Lilongwe on sunday, as it is, would be better if to say, to be played in Lilongwe.

    1. it could sound more better than the way it is.Metals shapen each other themselves. That’s what I could expect from Chisale,not laughing .

  6. we de bext supporters,noma z da bext team.dats y we olwez focus on mo comments untl 2mor afta 90min.i'm proud 4 being da nomad en i lov ma tm tll ever,may de Lord bless de manoma.we had bin lackn da gud connection btn wadabwa en hz friends wch haz ended wth kanyenda’s arrival @ de nomaz.neba be careful coz kaliat,wadabwa,kanyenda,chester,chande sakugawa kamba dc tym..

    1. It’s clear English. Maybe you didn’t understand the meaning of derby. It means big teams from the same city or area ,usually arch rivals.

    2. I think Malawians we have problems with English, the term Derby its clear big team and arch rivals of the same city,,there no indication that they should play in the same city,rather they can play anywhere where they feel comfortable that ppo will have security. ndimamva chisoni ndi fans yomweyi mmakhala busy comparing local clubs and those of Colonials.

    3. Munthuyu ndamuona,akubalarika ndi mawu oti’in the blantyre derby in lilongwe’ chofunika ndi chakuti mukaphunziranso magwiritsidwe ntchito a ma preposition mwamva abwana?

    4. Guys ife tavomemeleza umbuli wathu we didnt know now we know. Let’s be happy after all its a derby no stress. Forgive us kikikikiki………..

    5. location of the stadium doesn’t change anything bro,,its still Blantyre derby coz both teams are from Blantyre,,or may be u were talking about how he has put down his English?? in Blantyre derby in Lilongwe instead of writing in Blantyre derby to be played in Lilongwe??hahahahah if u were talking about that then u r right kachingerexi kanaphochoka pamenepo

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