Airtel raises Internet bundle prices at a time its customers are complaining of bad services

Airtel Malawi

At the same time that it is faced with accusations of swindling its customers and giving them substandard services, Airtel Malawi has secretly adjusted the price of its internet bundles.

A price list made accessible to Malawi24 has disclosed that the company which has been failing in service delivery of rate has scrapped off some bundles while maintaining others although at a new price.

Airtel Malawi
Competing for most expensive provider

The most shocking thing is that Airtel has hiked the prices without the knowledge of its customers as it made no announcement.

“I was shocked when I wanted to get a bundle and I saw a different price,” a frustrated customer spoke to this publication.

Customers who got a message from the company disclosed that they had only been told of a service disruption in the purchase of bundles but got no message on the hike.

“This feels like an ambush, they just did it without telling us,” said an unhappy customer.

Among the bundles hiked there is the 1GB weekly bundle which has moved from K1950 to K2500. The Night Chilaz monthly bundle has moved from K950 to K1100.



  1. If u have genuine complaints against Airtel, u are free to switch on to TNM where u will enjoy real value for ur money service.

  2. This company is for well to do pple,when we talk of internet,if you purchase 10mb bundle it lasts 30seconds yet the same bundle from tnm 2hrs,this company z here to steal from Malawians.

  3. I switched to Airtel kusata Fast internet,,Buh i nvr see hw my Bundle ends,,A Airtel the thunder that wil strike U is stil charging,,

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  5. “… has secretly raised…”, I have liked this part of the news very much. They didn’t inform us about these changes.

  6. Inu a airtel Bwanji simunatitumizire uthenga kutidziwisa kuti mwakweza mtego wogulita ma data ?apatu simunatikonde, pamene tikudandaula kuti internet sikuchita bwino.

  7. Inu a airtel Bwanji simunatitumizire uthenga kutidziwisa kuti mwakweza mtego wogulita ma data ?apatu simunatikonde, pamene tikudandaula kuti internet sikuchita bwino.

  8. Look for more internet services providers because where there’s a competition, they will be left out of service then they will upgrade to attract customers. I don’t know anything coming Africa is to cheat thinking we don’t know our right. Send them pack.

    1. Good things are expensive you know. Airtel Money is secured and money does not hang like TNM does. Network is always guaranteed.

  9. Be careful with what you read in online newspapers. The article fails to point out that some rates have actually gone down. For example, the price for 4 Gb over 30 days was K10600 or thereabouts. The near-replacement is “3.5GB, 30 days, K7000”, which is cheaper per Gb.

  10. Airtel is a treasure looter. I question the position of our leaders on this, and not only the current “rulership”. It seems Airtel is the company that has been legalised to swindle Malawians. LEGAL THEFT

  11. Airtel is so doomed its been months and months calling them to replace my simcard koma up to now they have not replaced it and i have to ride a bus to Lilongwe just to have my simcard replaced because their office its in Lilongwe?or even if your phone is stolen they tell u stories about sending the files to their head office in Lilongwe like really?Their customer services is very very poor and rude they even cut you off in the middle of a conversation the only thing I now rely on is TNM,achigulitsaso dikilani muone!!!

  12. The service has become completely rubish and they got an answer for all questions they are third in line after Escom and Waterboard

  13. the problem is government which fails to bring more companies so that they can compete in market, we will complain but nothing will change

  14. Malawi24, tikufuna a airtel idziwe kuti ma customer akwiya ndikukweza mtengo mosawawuza1 komanso bad service, ine ndisitha network pa za internet zanga, ndatopa ndikuthamwasanga ma data bundles anga

  15. Ine wa tnm ndili phee… nnangozowela mavuto aza internet wa Nde kumalawiko kumeneko. Chi internet chochedwa, cho staka komaso …chodulla zzabhobo

  16. ine ndamadabwatu koma amenewa ndinali ndika 120 ndat ndiombole ka 30 mb ndikudabwa sizikutheka ,shaaaa! But y here in Malawi Mobil services are poor and expensive,,,,

  17. Communication is very expensive in Malawi perhaps only government enjoy tax returns from these network providers otherwise why not acting on the betterment of poor citizens

  18. Malawians need to wakeup cos we naturaly have a poor sight that will never see beyond our nostrils. Celtel, Zain, Airtel &……….. ?. I don’t know how honest was MRA on what we were made to believe about what our Service Providers called the Spying Machine?. I little bit by bit we’re now caughtup in a tangle of the two when now see Airtel taking it upon their Customers that we are visibly robed in broad daylight.

  19. Some one yesterday send me k2000 airtime today by 3 pm akuti a customer onjezelani kapena mukongole koma oyimbilana osakwana five. A Malawi tilimbe pothawila

  20. As far as I know the problem is on our currency! Every where now days to use social media it’s expensive here in Africa.

  21. ” a company too big enough to give you every service you want is as strong enough to rob you every thing you have- Kachaje”…..

    u see now what is happening,……airtel which has been there giving you promotions … cheap bundles ooooh yes those night bundles including sexy marketing ladies to coax you like their company.. but later here they are robbing you millions nd millions…..are u surprised?……search me either

  22. If u buy a bundle the network will show E most of the time but on normal data charges it will show H+ ,atleast they should b honest with us.

  23. Lets use witchcraft now to avoid these sub stardard service providers! If we can nurture our philosophy of witchcraft we can access all necessary communications through it so lets join hands in developing; Witchbook,Whatswitch,Instawitch, Viberwitch,Witchnet,Witchfax etc. All of these could be accessible with no strings attached. Malawians let us wake up and design our own Witchphone to access all these services without electricity at all!

    1. I have also liked it. Because its African technology, you’ll see govt saying no. But witchcraft can be faster and cheaper as long as we don’t kill a person.

    2. This technology could be user friendly,imagine no regulatory bodies,upgrading system excuses,no tarrif charges, no sim registration, no congestion at all. Once you are logged in you’ll enjoy a life long connection,it could be a unique service void of squeezing your budgets.

    3. nde witch everything izigwira usiku okhaokha tu coz witchcraft ndi usiku basi,komanso tiziimba tili naked coz network izithawathawa tikakhala kuti tavala…..kkkkkk

    4. Innocent ndiiwe one..kkkkkkkk..ndakuvulira chisoti..asaaa! haaaa haaa haaa! wanenapo bho bho apa,tikuchedweranji nzafwakalala fwakalalazi..kkkkkk..thumbs up bro..number one

  24. Mmmm This Company is not good at All,Amaba Ma bundle samawonetsa Kut bundle yanu ili motani at the same time akutibera Akutibera Airtime,Now My Question is this Kod Mudzasiya liti kutiberaku?

    1. At least weekly upward would not let you down Boss; you may wish to try it. The lesser values work better in non android gadgets.

    2. With Firefox on my desktop, I generally block images, most scripts, and use an ad blocker. Those really help to eke out a data bundle. (EDIT: And do not download videos unless your bundle is about to expire and you want to squander whatever is left of it.)

    1. No, the service is not up to date, we loose our data bundles by browsing when network isn’t available.

    1. Ine its been months since January kupita kuShoprite Blantyre amangondiimba nyimbo to call customer care that’s the same thing up till now sanapange replace I hate them now really!!Ndagula mablank simcards 3times and I have gave up

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