White volunteer caught in racism web in Malawi: calls a child “little bitch”

Callum Skinner

A storm has been raised by a white volunteer, Callum Skinner, over distasteful comments he made on Malawian children on social media.

Callum SkinnerAccording to information Malawi24 has, Skinner and his colleagues are in Malawi as volunteers from where, among others, they are working with orphaned children.

Skinner took photos of the children he came in contact with and posted on his Instagram page he has since deleted where, among others, he called a Malawian child “it” and referred to him as a “little bitch”

In the vile post, Skinner takes a photo with a visibly frightened child who is crying. Skinner captioned the vile post with the words: when you beat an orphan in a staring competition and it cries like a lil bitch.

In another post, Skinner poses with a black child whom he claims is a child of Will Smith.

It is not yet known what the Malawi government will do. However, on social media, people have called on the government and organizations working in child protection to take up the matter.




  1. This guy should be sent back home for displinary action. It’s high time we heard such dubious and infamous words from a white guy. We are not heading back to white minority rule in Africa. You must pack and go

  2. racism or not, since when has it ever been OK to call a child a lil bitch?? u say its a neutral word but even actual bitches get offended when u call them a bitch. its not right, and this is an orphan we talking about, no more than 3yrs. And upon working with these kids, furthermore taking such personal pics with them r u sure kuti he didn’t know the gender of the child?? for him to refer to the child as an “it”… its just not OK.

  3. Lol as much as this word is offensive, it isn’t racist. In fact, it’s this post encouraging racism that starts with “white volunteer”

  4. Little bitch is an English word, so white can be a bitch and black can be a bitch, yellow can be a bitch so no racism here

  5. Make money and travel, you’ll start seeing things differently otherwise you’ll die here in Malawi thinking a simple word means racism.

  6. she was just tryin to teach tha kid American English then u adm u try to add salt on this and let mi tel u in American English they alwayz usr F**** k words ok so their is no isue here

  7. You little bitch admin.Little education is dangerous no racism element here. Its just an insult which can be made to anyone across the board .Just tell that uncouth little bitch white brat to mind his language. Some of these think we are second class to them.

  8. I understand that the word is not appropriate indeed. But tell me, you mean there is no Malawian who have called each other that name? Why now it becomes big Issue ? Because it was mentioned by someone from Europe or whoever it is? Now between him and you who is becoming racist ? Becareful when posting such new it’s more dangerous than what you think it can be. It c as needed cause more damage to our nation. That’s my concern.

  9. Guys lets not have fragile emotions here… I dont see any word that qualify to be Racist here. We blamming the guy, yet every day us black ppl we turn to lough at each others darkness. Even forcing that sister to bleach hahahaha. We are bitches indeed. Lets just continue stealing governments money and beg for foreign aid, koz that what we are. We can even implement development policies yet we want to sky rocket.

    These young ppl travel thousands of kilometres to help our asses for the things that we dont want to do. just imagine helping us to construct a Toilet, helping you to stop having a team of kids, inshort they clear shit that we spread.
    I dont see any Racist comment here. and you the so called fake Malawi news The young man deserves an apology.

    Lets workhard for our nation to develop and not amplyfying small issues.

  10. Tinene kuti palibe anyone of us who has used a word like foul, bitch, stupid to call another, should i put a case because of that? I think it’s you guys who are racising, let us be serious

  11. If this is genuine then he is on poverty tourism and on a piss take mission. .legally there is nothing criminal about the comment. .However it is just so wrong especially because he is in a trusted position and he is insulting the dignity of his hosts the orphans.

    Advise..He should loose his permit to volunteer. ..because of his conduct..He should be investigated for what else he might have done or said or photographed in his equipment as there is bases that he has made offensive verbal gesture
    .maybe he was physical too..like treating lathe children like little bitches.

    If he is not guilty of anything then just let him choose if he want to stay as a tourist or transfer to any visa category but ban him from volunteering again..He might be kind and genourous as he is a volunteer however if he is a genuine loving person he will learn from his slip or tongue or his comment..not racist I think but still unwelcome

  12. i think the person to bd caught in the act of racism is the admin or maybe u hv a better overview explain it to us.

  13. pulling the race card now just cause its a white guy who said it, ngai mulibe nkhani zoti mulembe osamangokazinga chimanga bwanji???????

  14. It’s actually racist for the author to allege that because a “white” man called somebody (apparently black) Malawian that “b…h” word, then the “white” man is racist. However, this Callum Skinner should really be skinned for calling that kid that word.

  15. So he volunteers to come to Malawi to do good, then gets accused of stuff + you play the race card? Nice going, Malawi Scum Media! (which is not really from Malawi, but from SA where race-baiting media is the norm)

  16. Callum Skinner’s skin is like pork or a white pig. Any lil bitch can be frightened to be around this fuckin devil.

  17. He’s just a douchebag not a racist. And when you’re not sure about a child’s sex you say “it”. Apparently you don’t understand what racism is.

  18. Fuck Ya’ll!! Can’t U See That This Guy Is Fuckin’ Racist? & Yo Only Qaoutin’ The Word ”bitch” .What About Calling This Child Will Smith’s Son? He Trynna Make Funny Outta Him Coz He Black!!! I Want This ‘ Mr Bean’s Son’ Outta Malawi Immediately !!!!!!

    1. Maybe he should’ve said he looks like Michael Jackson, that way it can go either way? Malawi24 is just trying the same “racism” card to create racial hatred, just like its parent company does in South Africa. They hate God, they love sodomy + abortion and they live to foster racial hatred.

  19. Absolutely taken out of context and not racist at all!!! Africa needs to get the chip off their shoulder and STOP feeling inferior. For goodness sake, not everything is about race. In any case, like Roland Ellis said, if this guy was a racist, what the hell would he be doing in Malawi on a volunteer project?? Volunteers pay up to $60 dollars a day for the” privilege” to live in the village and eat usipa and porridge, just to build toilets etc and feel they make a difference in the life of a child…

    1. Stop this nosense. Cap it please. It un acceptable to treat our children like dogs no matter how much one pays to come to Africa to do ‘Volunteer’ work.

  20. I wonder some people here they’re busy critissing the reporter what went wrong with him? Remember the repporter is just imforming what has happened eee koma umbuli winau muziwerenga kae pls

  21. whether he’s racist or not doesn’t matter, what matters is he should get a taste of Malawian jail pang’ono pokha akasimbe kwawo

  22. I work with children in another country. You are NOT allowed to take pictures of the children you work with for your personal use such as social media. Pictures can only be taken FOR OFFICIAL use by the school/organisation – and not using a personal camera. Parents ( or the person with parental responsibility) must give WRITTEN CONSENT to have their child’s pic taken for use by the organisation e.g on the school website.
    So while this may not be a racist issue, it’s definitely professional misconduct, data protection breach. And Certainly his attitude is not right.

  23. That’s torture, not racism. Racism is what you have just done. What would you call it if it was done by a black? Remember! Thinking too much about racism ends up making you a racist

  24. Language is always changing. We’ve seen that language changes across space and across social group. Language also varies across time. Generation by generation, pronunciations evolve, new words are borrowed or invented, the meaning of old words drifts, and morphology develops or decays.

    1. ….and u deem it right for someone to parade little innocent kid on a public global platform like FB while carelessly using words that connote insults?? Before pple go to work in communities new, the first thing they do is to learn basic lifestyles and cultural issues abt them. We dont just travel on missions like these like a headless chicken convinced that ‘evolution of language’ is the order of the day everywhere. . And please accept this was inappropriate and stop this futile attempt to defend one another.

    2. not in different countries but in different social groups, my point is, the word that the news should scrutinize is “it”.. the rest of the words point out dark humor, which is a sub genre of comedy and satire in which laughter arises from cynicism and skepticism.

  25. Racism ndiimene mukuchitayo kungomanga munthu pazifukwa za ziiii,dziko lotembeleredwa malawi kungodana ndianthu oti mkutithandiza,,mau oti “Bitch” ndimau osatanthauza kukumba mtundu wamunthu,,.mutaye munthu mumsapatse mantha

  26. this is pure racism and am surprised some stupid Malawians are defending him..go n google meaning of racism before accusing the admin..n imagine someone using the word bitch on ur child that’s so unheard of.

  27. A MALAWI: Ngati liu liri lo lakwika pa mamasulidwe, ndibwino kubvomeleza: M’mene bambo KINGSTONE ALPACINO LK akumasulira kuti BITCH ndi galu yayikazi: Ndithu inu a MALAWI mpaka kuombela m’manja kuti sipanalakwike: Mwana wachi MALAWI kutchedwa galu yachikazi: kutukwana,kunyoza kupose pamenepo?? KODI MWANAYU WA CHIKUDA WACHI MALAWI SALI M’CHIFANIZO CHA MULUNGU?? NDIYE AKHALE GALU?? ANTHUNI MAPHUNZIRO ANUA MWAFIKA NAO POSALEMEKEZA CHIBADIDWE CHANU: Kodi m’mawadziwa azungu m’mene amamutanthauzila munthu wakuda?? poti mwadya naye pamodzi pa hotela munvekere mzungu ndi nzanu: Anyamata opanda nzeru ndi khalidwe inu: Mzungu yemweyo adadza ndi BIBLE, Lero akuti ndinu AGALU: Akuti muzikwatilana amuna okha-okha: Inu chifukwa cha umphawi nkumasekelera zopusazo: zoona masiku otsiriza anthu adzakhaladi ophunzira koma osadziwa CHOONADI: MZUNGU WANUYO WANYOZA PFUKO LA MALAWI CHIFUKWA CHA UMPHAWI.


    2. Anthu enawa ndimbuli ndithu chonsecho nkumadzigunda pa mtima kut ndiophunzra koma kulephera kutanthauzira liwu loti little bitch

  28. This Callum bitch should be deported immediately. He has no business lstaying in Malawi. And he has no aptitude for working with orphans. What is the Govt waiting for? Deport the Callum bitch!

  29. You don’t the meaning of racism in Malawi tell me insulting or something you guys you crazy with your poverty just shut up

  30. I don’t believe it’s racism but irrespective I think it is in bad taste and very insensitive of Callum to post a pic of this little boy crying. It really is not funny at all! There should be privacy rules made clear to volunteers about posting pictures of children and silly comments on social media.

  31. Racism exists because of what we blacks have decided to do about it. One of them is too cry every time like little bitches about any word we deem offensive. Not everything that a person of another race says its racists it can be offensive but not racist. Bitches Beware!! Is that racist for me calling you little whining bitches Noo coz am black like you had ut been its from a white person then its racist

  32. This white baboon tell him fuck, his ccta z a little bitch en him z son of the bitch, he must go back to his fucken home, asatilowelele.

  33. Its unfortunate that a lot of Malawians here do not see Callums racism. Google the meaning of racism or racist and you will see all traits being exhibited by this racist muthafucka. He thinks he is superior that is why he is taking pictures and calling black kids he is not related to or friends with ‘it’ and ‘little bitch’. Why else would he call a kid he knows to be male or female ‘it’? He goes further to demean a succesful african american Will Smith by saying he has met his child in Malawi. I’m sorry but white boy here is a racist bastard.

    1. Uh, you kind of are… the UN, USAid, IMF etc give the government loans and maize, then demand they legalise crimes like sodomy and abortion or else they take the food and debt-money away. Plus you pay interest for cars, homes, etc – 100% slavery and you don’t even know it.

  34. Pali chani apa? Kamuputeni nsena muone mmene angakutukwanileni, mulomwe akati akupalase, mchewa akati azigulule ziwalo zako zonse iwenso umadziwa kuti ndasambulidwa. Mwina chifukwa uyu ndi woyela khungu? #racism_realy?

  35. just because the term bitch has been alterd byva a white persinntheb its racism?…….

    anthu akudafe tumanenana mma college umu…..”chimkazi chija nd Chi beach ‘……..chimadyeasa kwambri…..heee *I went to a pub and met so many bitches”…….why don’t we take that as a serious offence among ourselves….but koz its a white person mukut racisim?….Rilly?……let’s revist our studies….

  36. No why u defending him thus racism can’t allow my fellow sister’s to be called little bitch wk up u people thus y they using u

    1. No, Malawi24 = Media24 = 100% pure evil. Their agenda is to promote abortion, hatred of God and sodomy. They are not from Malawi, they are from South Africa.

  37. Malawi 24 mukufuna kuyambitsa chipolowe eti?zikugwirizana bwanji kutchulidwa bitch ndi racism?vizungu vanuvo vimandiphwanyitsanso mutu chifukwa ndimavutika ndi kupanga edit mmalo moti ndingowerenga nkhaniyo bwino bwino.Ngati chizungu chimavuta musamazikakamize lembani chichewa tiwerenga timva chifukwa nkhanizi mumalembera a malawi.

  38. Am afraid to hear that the word bitch now its racial this days . I don’t know where you’re getting these meanings. Kkkkkkkk sometimes try to reason before you say or write don’t you know that we even call the white at some stage on their nose also bitch? Tasinthani mentally pease .

    1. Its good you mention that Malawi has bigger problems and I have to say this is one of them. Racist foreigners acting racist in our own country and us finding no fault with it.

    2. they dont have no news to tell so they’re posting this crap, he could be racist but calling someone “little bitch” is in no way connected to racism, maybe if he had used the word nigga it would have been a different story

    3. Absolutely yes @ #Jesse_Emana, some people they’ve never been abroad that’s why they don’t don’t differenciate racism and torture/insinuation.

  39. Yes because we blacks so respect them, so much sweep floor for them to walk pass rather than our fellow blacks. Even if somebody is a Philippina, India , Pakistan we refer them to be white , judged by skin ccolor and give much respect otherwise I see no reason whom who we should call birch turn to call us. Can a black call them so in their land without problem. Or do we think , that the so call whites are better than us. No. But we belittled ourselves to them then why couldn’t they match us pass. Why couldn’t they abuse us.

  40. Chomcho boma lathuli tikamawathamangitsa azungu mudziti tili chani chothamangitsila azungu? Inu agalu inu including Lucius Banda ukumva zomwe zikuchitikazi ndye tikawainga azunguwa iwe ndye udziti fwee…fwee…fwiiii…fwiii ukachita maligwelu…

  41. Africans when we see a white motherfucker we all jump to any rythm. Wake up Africa these motherfuckers never loved us .

    1. I went to Malawi to give people the Gospel for no reason other than love. Do you even know what love is, or do you think love is to drink mowa and get laid?

  42. That’s not racism. We also use words words such as “galu iwe” so many times. That is not to say that use of such words anyhow is good but saying that it’s racism is not correct.

  43. Malawian reporters, story writers are ignorant……. Go back to school. I think the guy and the child were only jocking, nothing serious……..

    1. They are not ignorant, they know exactly what they are doing. Malawi24 = Media24, creating racism across the continent!

  44. the picture is telling me that that white idiot is a racist, its as if he or shes not happy to be close to that black kid.

  45. In my understanding of this incident cullum is a racist. The picture it’s self can tell the story of how Skinner regard black people. xul me here if it’s nice to take picture of crying a baby. Calling a kid will smith son is all racism because smith is black and that child is black and also from Africa. We Africans must wake up and condemn this practice. I think because many of us Africans have been Americanised in all angles that’s why we see nothing wrong about this incident.

  46. Ife timanena anthu kumati galu, kaya nyani or bakha and it makes no difference wth bitch….sikuti tilemera ndi ndalama zq mfana ameneyo njee, zitayeni zmenezi ndkupanga focus pa nkhani za serious

  47. This is fake news. Kids these days have a language of their own that we old people can’t understand. What they believe is normal languages perceive as out of order. If this guy was racist do you think he would come to Africa and volunteer to help?

    1. Thank you, sense at last! If he hated black people so much, why come to Africa to help them, chances are he spent thousands of his own money to do this.

    2. I think he has to be educated that he is no longer a kid, and dont forget to tell him to use appropriate language. And coming to Africa to volunteer doesnt mean he is completery cool, some might just come, may be not knowing what they are doing, may be out of peer pressure, others have their reasons may be just to visit africa for their first time, so, so many reasons why someone can come to Africa to volunteer themserve, thats why some cud behave immatured.

  48. Komatu nthawi zina timamvanso anthu ena achikuda akunena ana kuti nyani kapena galu chifukwa chakuti mwanayo walakwitsa china chake koma palibe amayankhula kanthu kudzudzula kuti awa alakwitsa.

  49. Why do black people rush to call white people racists? There is nothing racial about those words, he is just stupid.

  50. Malawi24 looks you are the one being racist here….what that guy sad could be done by any1…i mean its bad but not racist

  51. Malawi 24 you are embarrassing us do you know that??? Inu ndi anthu opangitsa manyazi sure. Kodi simutsutsana musanapange post zinthu zanuzi?

    Don’t you edit before you post them? Do you know the meaning of the word “racism?” Mwaonjeza.

  52. Malawi 24 is dis an issue I see nothing long there ,he is also aperson angathe kutukwana ,mwanayonso akanangobwezera basi,sibvuto limenelo bwanji mmene amatukwanirana ma MP anthu mnyumba ya malamulo it that racism again reporter iwe sometimes uzikhra serious ,had it been there iz a kider gartern for Reporterz u would have go there for refresher corse

  53. It takes a son of bitch to know one,he is also a son of bitch.he seems to grow up without a father to guide him,infact he dont know his father.i dont blame him though

  54. Go to USA(LA),france,britain and england nkumene ukadziwe thandaudzo la mau ot racism for u’ll be one of the victims nd kuda kwakoko,,,mind u mpamene ukadziweso kut mau ot little bitch samagwiridzana nd racism,,,,mutiyalusa nazo izi amalawi kkkkkk wek up u motherfuckers,,,,ineso mundamange chabwino osangotengera pot wayankhula nd nzungu ayi hell yha

  55. Unfortunately those are the words I hear everyday. Its not racism word at all. Even among friends when u r just hving fun u can call each other bitch. If some one is being naughty we call him / her bitch. So get over urselfs theys no racism word here.

  56. In Mw we are fond of calling each other idiots,pussy,fulish etc.If u are called negatively,it just means u have done something unappreciatable,boring.Bt calling someone,based on race it sounds different.I beg u to report smartly,thank u for educating an information.

  57. Skinner looks like a kid himself…his posts and diction are in bad taste …but racism???…come on!!!…tell us something different!!

  58. Oky she commented like that bt what was root of a story should we know what draw this comment to be droped,,,oky anyway how can u comnect the comment little bitch to recism then even all musician and other people around the world will be arrested,,,mwasowa omanga osangomanga akuba ndalama zabomawo bwanj,,,chamba et

    1. Koma winau ndiumbuli chabe anthu mmene ama commentela nkhan za ndale even kutukwana prezdent eanu yemweo mumalephera kuwamangama fukwa chan

    2. Oky what is her “ur little thing” above all the charity work someone is offering to the human spicies,,,for only that can be a song to be danced on social media,,,,, wekup people.

  59. Action must be taken on you malawi 24 reporters.you need to be sent to school come september 18th.is “little bitch” a race word? He can call his/her fellow white a little bitch.consult a dictionary b4 posting.

    1. Disturbed for sure. Its sad there’s hatred like this in world 🙁 I pray for peace love happiness. And the only way to reach that is not hating but praying. Also I think some people love provoking, or reaction!! Just playing with nice people! If not those, then they really have psychological issues and need help!!!

    2. :: Psychological evaluation my foot! hopefully Peter Dennis Mandevu you have never stayed with whites together, you could have seen how they treat blacks imagine putting you in a coffin alive and burying you six feet down how could you feel if you were you? I think you could have enjoy dying in that way not so? these whites they pretend like they love blacks but they don’t stay close with them you will find out for yourself what I mean they can bite your a*s . Tchaka Dalitso keep your mouth shut it’s non of your business can’t you find some where else to comment??

  60. Racism by definition;

    prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.

    If we are broke let’s find other ways of earning money. Kwiiii amangwetu!

    1. Oh god here we go! If I black person called her s bitch what would they say then!!! Cummon. Just cause he’s white. Pisses me off you know

    2. Kkkkkkk daudi u r crazy bt real……palibe racism related offence apa aaaa, olo chabwino kunena kut ananyoza munthu, ndkangat timanena kut galu or mbuzi?…ukhale mulandu jst coz wayankhulayo ndi mzungu?…

    1. That’s racist… but please do Malawi a favour and kill yourself.

  61. But the word bitch does not connected to racism, if so how may white people or black people are using this word? Tell me something else very comprehensive

    1. Would you Peter Dennis Mandevu be ok with a white guy calling your child or relation ‘it’ or ‘little bitch’? If so then you are messed up in your head. Racism is not only in words but also in action. This one has done both.

    2. @ #Ian_kazanga, now you are out of lane, I think you should go and borrow a brain somewhere to understand the term Racism. I hope I’m not insulting you 🙂 🙂 🙂

    3. koma kutukanizana tokhatokha,chakuti chamako,galu iwe etc,no problem koma chifukwa choti ndi mzungu wasuka mkamwa then we divert that to racism.Tisekedwa nawo izi.

    4. I know that racism is when some one thinks his or her race is superior than the other. If I do not know you and you are of a different race and you use the words it and bitch to describe me and at the same time you demean people of my race the way he has done with Will Smith trust me you are being racist. The words it and bitch on their own are not racist but the context they have been used here starting from who he is, where he has used them, whom he has used them on. He is racist. It was going to be different if they were friends and definately of the same race. In America black people call each other Niggas but white person can’t call a black a Nigga. I hope my explanation is simple enough to understand. Its not just the words but the context.

    1. Bitch is a,female dog for your own information. So if someone calls you a,dog or a monkey we call it racism,reason being we are being reduced from a human being to an animal.

      1. The Bible refers to homosexuals as dogs (Deuteronomy 23:17-18). But that is justified, they really are.

    2. malawi24 journalist!! did they complete their course? meet Dausi,he will help u look for appropriate dictionary 4 ur reference and see 2 it if there z an element of racism in the phrase.the word “bitch” has no single meaning

    3. I don’t think the white whoever has the right to call our sisters bitches. Who the hell is he. To hell with his money.I must be disciplined.

    4. Mr mponela i thnk u dnt understand the term racism….does the word ‘it’ really tell kut the person being reffered to is black or white?….no mehn, it only tells kut the person z bng taken as a thng osati a person

    5. Comeon osamapanga ma assumption achimwana….sindikunena kut nzolondola ayi get me ryt…..koma wat am saying is ” case imeneyo si case ya racism ayi, mwna mungamve mchichewa” learn to base ur arguments on facts and not hatred or immaturity

    6. go back to ur books before u comment..whites used to call blacks it and other words to show racism.. that kid is grown up enough to be addressed as he or she…do u have any bitches or kids at home?? why wud anyone call that kid will Smith’s kid..coz hes black n trynna insult it..ur grown up but lack common sense..ur full of ignorance..if anything as a volunteer he needs to have passion in children..may u open ur eyes n learn to defend the poor and helpless..do not let social media or modernisation destroy ur sense of humanity

    7. and evangelist.. u dont need to be black to be racists.. there are some blacks who are racists.. there was a picture of a black guy stepping on some white kids head recently.. even Indians are racist over one another those who are a little darker are less privileged in society..

    8. Kkkkkkk so the wise n’ intelligent ellen banda is up now…..am nt judging bt u r more ignorant than u ever thought u were….fallacy after fallacy hahahaaa….bitch my bad

    9. Uku ndikunyoza chabe osati racism. Kodi azungu okhaokha sanenana kuti bitch? Nde imeneyonso muyitcha racism? Bitch simply means hule when it comes to castigation. Mpangala is right, no racism here.

    10. i dont get mad when someone calls me bitch but id get mad if someone called my chilf lil bitch ..which civilization r u people talking about..go call ur momma bitches…but we wont let any volunteer nor white man come in our country and call our poor relativea lil bitches..maybe they shud call u

    11. Whether is racism or not YOU DON’T CALL A CHILD THE “B” WORD! he is a hater that’s it. Needs to go

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