Malawian killed in Tanzania


A Malawian man who went to collect a vehicle in Tanzania’s capital, Dar es Salaam is suspected to have been killed in Mikumi National Park on his way back to Malawi.

Details of the deceased are yet to be released by Tanzanian police.

According to reports, the road which the Malawi citizen used on his way to Malawi passes through Mikumi National Park on a stretch of close to 100km. In the national park there are various kinds of wild animals such as lions and leopards.

The man’s vehicle was found within the national park with keys, vehicle’s documents and other valuables intact inside the car but the man was nowhere to be seen.

Police in Tanzania suspect that he stopped in the middle of the national park either because the vehicle developed a fault or he wanted to relieve himself.

It is suspected that wild animals could have preyed on the man.

Meanwhile, investigations are underway to find out more about the incident.


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