Malawi opposition gives Mutharika to-do list


Opposition parties in Malawi have faulted the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) government under President Peter Mutharika for neglecting the manufacturing sector in the country and have since told the president the things he should do to revive the sector.

Speaking at a press conference in Blantyre on Tuesday, the opposition parties led by Leader of Opposition in National Assembly Lazarus Chakwera said the DPP government has neglected the manufacturing sector by failing to solve problems rocking the industry.

Peter Mutharika

Given to-do list

In a statement titled “The decline of manufacturing sector”, Chakwera argued that the country must stop relying on importation of goods by creating conducive environment for manufacturing sector.

Chakwera cited persistent electricity blackouts in the country as challenges that have crippled operations of companies in Malawi.

“You will discover that there have been more job losses, more companies closed rather than those that have strived, those that strived they have just survived and not actually striving,” said Chakwera.

He argued that people cannot contribute in development of a country if they are jobless hence government must consider the manufacturing sector to have more job opportunities.

The opposition parties have since told president Mutharika to address twelve issues to revive the manufacturing sector.

Among others, the parties want government to solve electricity and water challenges, pay out all private sector arrears in twelve months, sack incompetent ministers, clean the image of Malawi as a corrupt country and complete all unfinished road projects in six months.



  1. We appreciate to have opposition parties but they should not attack the government on everything,where governmemt is doing better,they must appreciate and on bad things the shovld not just criticise,insteat of pointing out what could be done,a strong opposition makes a strong government,a weak opposition makes a weak government.

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