Driver, conductor in cooler for overloading


Malawi Police in Phalombe district are keeping in custody a minibus driver and his conductor for carrying 24 people in a 16 seater minibus.

The two were charged for endangering lives which is contrary to section 237 of the penal code.

The suspects have been identified as Steven Lawrence, 34, and driver of the Nissan Caravan minibus James Bwanaisa, 29.

It is said that the vehicle was cornered around Likulezi trading centre on Sunday morning when it was coming from Blantyre going to Chiringa in Phalombe with 24 people on board instead of the recommended 16.

Phalombe Police spokesperson Augustus Nkhwazi has told Malawi24 in an interview that even in the driver’s cabin there were four people instead of three.

“Imagine there were four people beside driver’s seat instead of three people and in total there were 24 people in this minibus,” said Nkhwazi.

Meanwhile, the police have asked Malawians to tip the police whenever they are forced to get crammed in a minibus as this put their lives in danger.

“It is the responsibility of the passengers to inform the Police with full information when the minibus carries over three people per seat.

“As for the minibus operators, they have to follow all the roads rules and procedures so that we should avoid some of the accidents which come due to overloading,” concluded Nkhwazi.

The suspects are the first operators to be arrested in the district since the new bylaws were imposed. Minibus operators have been protesting against these laws which became effective about two months ago.

Lawrence hails from Mgona Village in the area of Traditional Authority (T/A) Chowe in Mangochi district while Bwanaisa comes from Mpembu Village TA Kapeni in Blantyre.




  1. The Problem Is With Other Ineffective Traffic Officers Who Take Advantage Of The Law To Fulfil Their Needs.Too Shit For Malawi To Get Out Of This tragedy.Keep It Up You Genuine Officers Teach Your Fellow Officers.

  2. Akunyanya Agalu Amenewa Kukwezamitengo Kuti Tikwera Atatu Atatu.But Look At Them Kumangotipakira Ngati Matumba Zoona.

  3. Awachta bwno;akhaleko ndthu kumeneko.Asa2luke mwacanguii.Ma bus anakweza comwe akumapakilira an2 moduxa capacity ncha?,,,,,,,zmatiwawa!!

  4. Kuchimwa Kulibe Mwini Mukuombera Manja Lero Malamulo Opusa Amene Amapanga Ma Bwana Ataimika Ma Galimoto Odura Pamene Inu Nd Ine Timayenda Wapansi Tikat Takwera Nd Min Bus Kod Ngoz Amachitisa Nd A Mn Bus? Nanga Enawa Ok Mawa Ndi Iwe

  5. Kodi a police oziwa ntchito yawo ali ku south kokha?? Central region police officers where are u??? please do the same as your fellow police officers doing in South . Arrest and bring these law breakers to court for justice.

  6. Taking law into own hands. Arrogant of minibus drivers and their conductors will not end until hard lessons through such penalties are shown to them. I hope at one point things will work-out for the good of both passengers and minibus owners.

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