Two in for possessing Indian hemp


A 41-year-old woman and a 19 year-old man are in Nkhunga police custody in Nkhotakota district for possessing cannabis sativa also known as Chamba.

Nkhunga police spokesperson confirmed the arrest of Rose Mhone and Harvey Nkhoma who hail from Kankhomba village in the area of Traditional Authority Kanyenda in Nkhotakota.

Makalani told Malawi24 that officers got information from reliable sources that the two were selling the illegal drug at Kankhomba village, which is located near Dwangwa Trading Centre.

“After following up on the tip, they found the man selling the hemp to a group of youths at a Kachasu drinking joint which belongs to the woman (Rose Mhone). The woman disclosed to the police that she employed the young man to sell the beer and the hemp,” Makalani said.

The officers managed to seize hemp weighing about 8000 grams from the suspects.

The two have been charged with the offence of being found in possession of cannabis sativa without license contrary to regulation 4A of the Dangerous Drugs Regulation as read with section 19(1) of the Dangerous Drugs Act.



  1. Selling chamba is not a crime instead its the only resources that Malawi has,if its a problem why can’t you stop the farmers of chamba???

  2. Kodi mukuona ngat Mulungu analibe nzeru popanga mbeu imeneyi anzeru mukhale inu a police mxieee apatseni pfutso wawo anthu azipita akasuse ndi ana kkkkk

  3. It’s actually in the process of being legalized all over the world because of the medicinal value of the canabis. There is a lot of scientific proof now that this is really a wonderful plant. Not only can it cure a lot of medical conditions. The stalk can be used to make clothes. Ropes etc. The cannabis seed (low thc version) can be used as one of the best balanced source of certain vitamins. A real life miracle plant that certain people don’t want the majority of people to know about. So sad

  4. Dziko Langa Kulephera Kuvomelenza, Kodi Chamba Sichingabweretse Dolla Mdziko Muone 2019 Tivotera Chipani Cha Anthu Achamba, Atayeni Poti Sananyeme,

  5. The country has laws and the laws are to be followed, if not then this is what happens. Chamba is a deadly drug and must be rooted out of our Malawi.

    1. Joshua don tok Kaak concerning bot WEED f*ck You!hu told yuh dat Ganja z a Drug? don comment on tinz dat yuh don kno Wamva? leave di HERB alone

  6. Zilango zina osamavutika n’kumapita ku khothi, it’s wsting time and resources. Apa azingosuta chamba chaocho malile chithe,mulandu watha.

  7. Mklmbana nd amenewo mmalo mokhwmtsa chtetezo pamsewu popewa ngoz,komanso mmaundna osyanasyana pofna kupewa cash&maize gate jemanja mbwa yet

  8. hey inu a police do you think tidya ma uniform anu? we are trying to make a living don’t blame us blame the big fish!

  9. Aasiye awo azikamanga mbava zikumatibera ndalama zamisonkho yathu uko. Ndalamazo zimatithandiza kugula mankhwala mzipatala, kumanga ma sukulu, kupititsa madzi aukhondo mmamidzi mwathu. Koma Malawi Why???

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