48 illegal immigrants arrested


Malawi’s Immigration officers have arrested 48 illegal immigrants in the Northern Region.

Confirming the development to Malawi24, Mzuzu Immigration Deputy Public Relations Officer Francis Chitambuli said the 48 who are Ethiopian nationals have been arrested for illegal entry into the country contrary to section 21(1) of the Malawi Immigration Act.

He added that the Immigration Department received a tip from well-wishers about immigrants hiding in the mountain around Msawaji area in Rumphi district.

“We received information from well-wishers that some suspicious people are hiding in the mountain around Msawaji area in Rumphi district hence officers were deployed,” he said.

When the officers went to the mountain, they arrested 12 Ethiopians who were hiding in the mountains around the area.

On Saturday they arrested 23 more after conducting various random patrols around Ekwendeni and on Sunday the officers conducted patrols in the afternoon hours at Ekayiweni Area in Mzimba district where they arrested 13 other Ethiopians.

However, Chitambuli urged the general public to alert immigration officials about suspicious people within their localities.

“We commend the well-wishers for being patriotic let me take this opportunity to urge Malawians to be more patriotic by reporting to immigration officials about suspicious people within their localities so that Malawi will be safe and secure Malawi,” said Chitambuli.

Currently, the illegal immigrants are being kept In Mzuzu prison waiting for legal proceedings.

The arrest of the 48 illegal immigrants comes barely a month after the immigration department embarked on a sensitization campaign around northern region districts to urge the public to become patriotic by reporting to immigration offices about suspicious people within their localities and to educate the public about the dangers of aiding and abetting foreign nationals to enter Malawi illegally.



  1. I see people saying,let them be but ,u can not stay in other peoples countries without the right papers.Its a rule and needs to be followed .

  2. Kuamangilanji anthuwa,let the ple liv freely,dziko losauka lomweli kupanga umbombo?..those who arrested them r idiots.

  3. Kuonetsa ngat a immigration mukugwra ntchito koma ndiinu mbava zothelatu mungonena kut analibe ndalama yohonga thats why mwaagwra

  4. You have started it , don’t cry when they respond. The one who lives in glass houses should not throw stones at neighbors

  5. Leave the Ethiopians alone there are just passing ,there destination is not Malawi but RSA and Ethiopians are Gud people in foreigner countries ,hawkers /spaza shop folks no crime ,

  6. Please good people, before you comment consider the fact that we are all Africans.

    Akakhala amwenye nde kumawalandira koma chonsecho akuzunza abale athu omwe akuwagwilira ntchito……kumenyedwa, kunenedwa etc and yet boma silikuchitapo kanthu.

    :::::::::::::::::THINK ABOUT THIS:::::::::::::::::::

  7. Fake officers when always there’s a story of illegal immigrants is Somalians & Ethiopians…there’s lot’s of illegal immigrants in our country from different countries arrest them & deport them….#Nyasasaland wake up now


  9. They dont just pass they want to get a passport in malawi then they will leave prenty of them here in S.A. they have malawian passport please take them on,start from the one who is giving them passport there in malawi

    1. Who then is a problem, Immigrants or Immigration Authorities?
      The problem is not with Immigrants but our Immigration Authorities. The Government should address such hiccups within the Immigration Department and penalise all those who authorise such acts.

      Obviously there was some sort of mutual benefit there…….BRIBERY.


    2. This problems it looks Like is every corner you go in malawi during KAMUZU,BANDA IT WAS FAR better but now its too bad because the past and the presend makes the future,all our borders was better now our president mr muntharika said there better than us yoo if a malawian go south africa can he buld a house there without papers even TANZANIA THE ANSWER IS BIG NOOO but in malawi anything they want they will Do it. This thing of saying noo leave them is costing even in LAKE MALAWI NOO LATE THEM FISH NOW THEY OWN IT YOOO ONLY ZAMBIAN THERE MY BROTHERS BUT THIS ATHERS MMMMH IAM WORREID thats why you will see peaple distance them self

  10. No African is illegal in Africa. When out of Africa, we are called names and here in Africa again, u forsake us. In Africa, animals are more worthy than humans.

  11. Why you guys complaining?
    Big up for immigration agwira job yotamandika no matter they are just passing but if they don’t have travelling documents apite kumaula. …
    Wake up Malawi.

    1. Maula is criminals jail, they must build repatriation center for illegal immigrants, imagine sending u to Sun city here in RSA if u know it coz of papers

    2. You don’t know anything ku RSA kuliba ndende ya ma Illegal onse amalowa kumodzi then transfer tham to the deportation waiting place.
      Awagwire anenewo then send them back to their countries. Tikamalowa Mozambique passing Zimbabwe going to RSA we do fill transit forms n they give everyone 3 days

  12. It’s only our fellow African brothers and sisters we consider as “Illegal Immigrants” but when it’s other races we say they’re “tourists” etc……yet we’re busy calling for Africa to unite………How could we be able to unite if we are busy arresting fellow Africans who come to seek refuge in countries where they (immigrants) find peace to live.

    Please release them and give them shelter .

  13. Any country has to do the arrest is illegal immigrants. It’s not like it’s fine when you’re an immigrants to another country then you compare with that, no.

  14. Mukazamuona Gwape akuthawira komwe kukuyaka moto nziwani kuti akuchokelako wakomana ndizotcha zedi kuposa motowo.
    Inu mmene alili Malawi nkumakanizanso anthu obwela zoona???.Amvetsetseni amenewo ali pa mavuto oooooooppppssssyyyyyyyaaaaaa zedi. some times you police officers u must put yourselves in shoes of those amakwerekwere get life man God created this world without boundaries doesn’t mean He forgotted but He made it out of His love let’s take that love and share with others!!!.

    1. You made a good point but just one correction though, never ever addressing them (Immigrants) as “AMAKWERE-KWERE”. Bros, never be brainwashed by people from countries where you learnt that word……..don’t be spoiled.

      We’re all Africans and let’s learn to accommodate our fellow African brothers & sisters (even non-Africans) regardless of their nationality or beliefs, for we all deserve progress in life (whether black or white).


    2. Thank you for the beautiful comment never ever call some one travelling in your country names that don’t suit them,travelling fom place to place started with our ancestors if history is to go by. Let’s respect each other and countries have bilateral agreements and if the police stop them and quiz them,I think they are following their protocal,pls let them do their job.it’s everywhere else in the world.

    3. You spoke well Brian Kamzati Nyangu, but my concern is after that the Government will then deport them back to their respective countries where they ran from due to either political instability, wars etc, is that right?
      If I’m running away from a lion to my neighbour’s house, instead of letting me in, they lock me out and tell me to go back to where I’m coming from. What is that regarded as?
      Q1- Is that being hospitable?
      Q2- Will you say they are
      committed to saving
      people’s lives?
      Q3- When they address you
      as brother/sister/friend
      will you agree with them?

      Think about the woman from (I think) Uganda (correct me if I’m wrong) who graduated in Malawi as a Nurse but the Government denied her a job at the basis of her being a refugee. I think the Government should have been proud to benefit from her just as she benefited from the Government…….., or don’t you think so?

      My plea to the Government and the Department of Welfare and Internal Security (if at all exists) is to bring to book all perpetrators of crimes (both Immigrants and Citizens) and leave those innocent Immigrants live in peace.

      OUR SLOGAN SAYS “THE WARM HEART OF AFRICA”…….let’s live by our slogan.
      ÷÷÷÷÷÷My Take…….I Rest My Case÷÷÷÷÷÷

  15. Pamalawinso mukumatha kumagwira ma Foreiners? Zinthu zikusintha eti,komatu zodabwitsa akagwidwa amalawi ku SouthAfrica ndiye kumachuluka mzeru.TAPITILIZANI TIONE MATHERO AKE.


    1. Let them go please africa for africans. Kumaganiza ndi amalawi angati akupita or anapita kujons popanda ma documents. Kumakhara kusimidwa komaso kukasaka nsipu obiliwira. Anthuwa ndi ma transit atayeni akupita kutheba. Please asiyeni achibalewo ali mu africa amenewo.

    2. Juliet which planet are u from Malawians are all over african countries ,do you want them to be treated as such mhhhhh just bcz on ur side everuthing is fyn in Malawi you must learn to think for other ppl.

  17. I don’t even see u arresting pple who are seeking refugee from wars in their countries. Plz my pple give them a place to rest they are on their way to somewhere

    1. U can read it once more my brother #Alick , its corrected , was written when I was dozing my bru, I wasn’t noticing that I was leaving out some words. Thanks however

    2. Kkkkk, english sichilankhulo chathu ndiumbuli kumalozana zala. ngati munthu umalakwitsa chilankulo chako. koma wanena m’balezo ndizowona kugwila munthu woti akuthawa nkhondo simzelu.

    3. Ahhhh #Chifuniro mwaona tu! I have admitted that they were some errors in that old comment of mine and I have corrected it , but surprisingly u blaming #Ellard having written his comment not grammatically okay while my boss Ellard has contributed in his native language ( chichewa) , come on #Chifu mwangotida anthufe , koma mwamva zoti #Hon Lucius ajoina a Chakwera! Kkkkk

    4. hawu eMalawi they arrest immigrants why ,since i was born Malawi ppl were staying in Zimbabwe they have built their houses there o ive nvr heard of them being arrested oh even harrassed for being immigrants bayahlanya abayeke abantu labo

  18. WHY ARESTING THEM THOSE PEOPLE THEY JUST PASS IN MALAWI THEN MOZAMBIQUE OFF THEY GO TO SOUTH AFRICA. If u can ask them they will tell u they are going to RSA not to stay in Malawi . or to do business in Malawi .

    1. How can u have proper document while zea is war or Violence’s in ur country .no time to process papers and what u have to do is to run and hide in another country .where zea is peace

    2. Amangen alibe ziphaso zodusila muno and amene mukususa pangan ziko lanu and likhale ndi malamulo amene mukufunawo mind u kwina kulikose ukakhala ulibe zikalata umagwidwa

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