Mzimba divided

Nyalonje made the accusations.

People of Mzimba are now divided as those from northern part of the district are accusing the district’s council of only concentrating on southern part of the district in as far as development is concerned.

Mzimba North Constituency Member of Parliament Agnes Nyalonje made the accusations saying authorities are preferring the southern part while people from the northern part are struggling to find effective social services.

“When it comes to coverage of health services some are walking up to 40 kilometres to go to the health centre which do not even function, roads are impassable and people are coming from areas which do not have network,” Nyalonje said.

The legislator added that lack of information is what is also causing her people to be sidelined when it comes to matters of development in the district.

“We do not get situational analysis for Mzimba, I have been asking for it but I have never received it,” she concluded.

However, District Commissioner for Mzimba Thomas Chirwa played down Nyalonje’s remarks claiming that every department at the council has its own plan on how to operate.

“Each and every office has a work plan such as the District Health Office, Education, community development and even the social welfare office. For instance when you go to education they will give you data about teachers who are operating in various schools,” said Chirwa.



  1. Musagawanikane msanga tikukonza zoti kumpotoko tikudulileni dziko lanu mu 2019.Kamlepo Kaluwa azakhala president wanu kumeneko,zikomo kwambiri.

  2. Don’t complain. Most districts have been split into two but you the village heads are cowards of your Ngoni chiefs. People fought kamuzu who was more fe
    arful & you just see these chiefs retarding development without confronting .

  3. If there’s one thing that the mbelwa kingship has been stubborn is to devide mzimba. It is way too big. How can service delivery be done. Let the government use it’s powers to devide it into two. But the mbelwa boundaries be intact

    1. Neno & phalombe have they developed? ?.. we have a good example of that.. dividing a district will never bring any development unless the leaders got love for their nation.

      1. aaah iwenso opepera eti? kodi mmesa atumbuka ndiye angoniwo? mwina iwe ndiye amene sukudziwa history. atumbuka ndi angoni, ana a tshaka zulu, mtundu umodzi ndi ma xhosa, ma ndebele komanso ma zulu. anthu okonda ziwawa, osakonda mtendere. osakonda mitundu ina, odzikonda iwo okha kuti iwowo ndi opambana. mitundu yonse ndaitchula apayi kuphatikizapo ndi yakwathu kuno ku malawi a TUMBUKA. wonse ali under NGONI TRIBE or should i say NGONI belt.

    2. Tima districts tachope tinagawidwa kale, mzimba borders kasungu, goes up to nkhatabay, and Rumphi??? Mzuzu inclusive ?? Thats why some Mps cant receive The Funds in Time.

    3. The experience taught us that dividing district is not a solution its just for a political gain,amangofuna kungoonjera ma mp ma district governor ndima chairman basi ngati zili zitukuko akulephera bwanji ma district amene anawagawa kalewa

    4. If the motives of division are political, then you wont see any development because the aim was just to increase the numbers, but if the division is due to equal distribution of district funds then thats the common goal. But if you think dividing mzimba will produce high numbers of mps then thats why there has been all these delays to divide a big district in Malawi but to start with those that were not supposed to be divided???

    5. Those districts that were divided are they developed? If u can answer that question there in no need to answer your last question


    1. great question indeed my brother. let these trouble makers called tumbukas answer that question. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk zikuoneka ngati saakonda chili chonse chotchulidwa kummwera. hahahahahahahaha maboma awo mudzingowatchula north please not south. if mzimba was only north they wouldn’t have any problem. it has become a problem now because there’s mzimba south and mzimba north. just call them mzimba north please. because if you call part of it mzimba south, mukuwakumbutsa ulamuliro wa kummwera omwe sagona nawo tulo. amafuna akanakhala iwowo kkkkkkkkkk. kaya ndapita Ine kwathu ku mulanje ndikadye mbwani.

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