Mutharika invades the North, denies nepotism claims


President Peter Mutharika has said the inclusion of people from the North in his cabinet is enough evidence that he does not favour people from the Southern Region.

He said this during a stopover rally at Katoto roundabout in Mzuzu after his arrival in the North.

Malawi President Peter Mutharika

Mutharika denies nepotism

Mutharika said claims by some politicians that his government neglects the North and sidelines northerners when making appointments are false.

“In my cabinet I have four ministers who are from the northern region while the new Attorney General Charles Mhango is also from the north.

“I come from Thyolo and in my cabinet there is no single minister from Thyolo,” he said.

On development projects, Mutharika said construction of Mbombela University in the North will start soon while money for construction of an international airport in Mzuzu has been sourced.

He urged people in the North to continue supporting the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) for non-stop development.

While in the Northern Region, Mutharika will attend the commissioning of Kalenge Water Project in Chitipa.



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  5. OK let’s wait and see. Why now. Thats why I don’t watch Nigerian movies. A patient fell from the bed and the doctor tell the nurse to call ambulance in hospital

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