Man constructing primary school block

As a way of improving access to education in Musisita village in Nkhotakota, Banonie Mwale is constructing a primary school in the area.

Mwale who is currently staying in Dubai introduced a charitable organisation under his name aimed at seeing the children in the village accessing education near them.
Through the charity, he managed to introduce a nursery school called Jenny Naylor Nursery School in the area.

The project is now underway.

Mwale believes that the only way his village of Musisita can develop is through education hence he banged heads with well-wishers from United States and United Kingdom to help him realise his dream of making Musisita village a fully civilised village in terms of education.

Group Village Headman Musisita hailed Mwale for his efforts and he said that the young man is a pillar of people in his village.

According to Chief Musisita, the dream of having a school in his village began ringing in his mind way back but he had no support particularly in terms of funds.

“Banonie bailed us out by introducing a nursery school and he has big plans of constructing primary school blocks that are currently in progress,” Chief Musisita said.

The chief said Banonie’s plans will benefit all children in his village as they will be able to access education and will be key players of development in his village and Malawi at large.

He expressed concern that nearby schools are far away and children face challenges when going to school particularly during rainy season when the rivers flood.

“The coming of the nursery and primary school will make sure that the learners in this village are accessing education throughout the year without interruptions like rains and the like. This will help the learners to concentrate on their education and do better,” Chief Musisita said.

Banonie has two women Jennifer Naylor and Magret Tempero from United Kingdom and from United States of America respectively who created two fund me pages aimed at sourcing funds for the school projects.



  1. The story is so wonderful. we should have passion and compassion with leaders of tomorrow. This is so touching from a villager in Kasisita village as s
    ome rich people are busy with stealing tax payers money and politics.

  2. Anthu okonda dziko lawo amaoneka ndizintchito zawo, ichi ndichitsamzo chabwino osati kumangoba ndalama m’boma ngati anthu ena akulamulilawa mpaka kulimvetsa kuwawa dziko

  3. This man has inspired me. Atleast i should do something to my society, my nation and yes to my somebody. Yes! Individually we can do also to help masses.

    1. Lol…And your name is Phiko,you better know the meaning of CDF before you oppose,Thom akukamba za CDF,I think it’s Constituency Development Fund if am not wrong,

  4. Reviving the now defunct concept of development delivery; the so-called “community participation” which fosters community ownership of projects such as these. Our civics now leaves a lot to be desired. We have really gone too much astray with democracy.

  5. Munthu uyu waganiza mozama ndipo Mulungu amudalitse ndi2. Osati andale athu ongoba ndalama kumakakwilira ma nyumba awo anthu osauka akulira mayi wawaye

  6. Achulukilenji Olemera Osaphunzira! Akatero Abambo Ameneo Asiyen Atukule Dziko Ndiye Kut Mkalasi Sadajowele Pawindo Akudziwa Kufunika Kwa Sukulu Ndi Ubwino Wake Pa Umoyo Wa Munthu!

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