UK to save Malawian women

Malawi women

As Malawi is still struggling to end maternal deaths, the United Kingdom (UK) through the Global Leadership is slated to support voluntary family planning to save lives by enabling women to plan.

Announcing the news at the UK’s major international summit on Tuesday, UK’s Secretary of State for International Development Priti Patel said they will set an increased support package – boosting and extending the UK contribution for Malawi until 2022.

The package will among other things help in providing voluntary modern family planning to women in the world’s poorest countries across Africa and Asia in a move of saving over 6,000 women by preventing maternal deaths per every 90 minutes.

The new boost of package will also help in supporting 20 million women to receive voluntary contraceptives through family planning services and prevent the trauma of 75,000 stillbirths and nearly 44,000 new-born deaths.

“We are supporting the world’s poorest women to take control of their lives, so they can finish their education, get better jobs and in turn provide for their smaller, planned families rather than being trapped in a cycle of grinding poverty through unplanned pregnancies,” said Patel.

She further called on other stakeholders to help avert the current situation of maternal death in poor countries.

“But this isn’t a job for the UK alone and that’s why at this global summit governments from around the world have come together to make commitments on family planning to address the long term need and unsustainable population growth,” she added

Malawi is among countries that add up to the figure of 214 million women around the world, who despite not wanting to get pregnant, are not using modern contraception a development that put their lives at risk through unsafe abortion.


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  1. No Benefit Cause Having Many Children Is A Nature,so If My Father And Her Lady Who Is My Mama Were Proted Any Family Planning Method.Hdt I Bn Born?Very Stupt,My Wif Is Nt Able To Do It..Jakison Wa Agalu Ku Uk Aziwabaya Anthu Ku Malawi Shupt

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