Ex-MP who killed driver has death sentence reduced to 30 years


The High Court in Blantyre has reduced to 30 years the death sentence for a former legislator who killed his driver.

The former Member of Parliament (MP) for Dowa East Wali Nasser Kara was sentenced to death in 2004 for killing his driver Alex Mbewe.

Kara is now remaining with 15 years in jail as he has already spent 15 years in prison since the day of his arrest.
After he was arrested in 2002, Kara also admitted to police that he told his bodyguards to murder his wife Liwoli, who went missing in 2002 together with her friend Chimwemwe Kamfose.

It is believed that Kara wanted the driver dead because he (the driver) knew that the former legislator had killed his wife and her friend.

The bodies of the two women were never found and Kara was not tried for their murder.
He was however sentenced to death for the murder of his driver, a sentence which has since been reduced.

According to the Nation, Kara successfully appealed for resentencing under the Kafantayeni Project which gives prisoners on death row the right to resentencing hearing.

However, Desk officer for the Kafantayeni Project in the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Dzikondianthu Malunda told the paper that the state wanted a life sentence hence will appeal the against the reduction.



  1. Chifukwa choti alindindalama mpake mwatero koma woba nkhuku kapena dowe azimalizitsa zaka zimene mwampatsa,agalu inu Mulungu akukuonani

  2. does this mean death sentence law has been revised to 30 years by the just ended parliament.If not,do you,the judge,mean that the case had no clear evidence of killing at will.If not,is the reduction of the judgement base on justice or just a mere one on merit of tribalism such as to exercise ones judicial powers.

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  4. KU ndende kuli ambiri a ma life imprisonment,,,, and they have saved almost 20 yrs,,in prison,,,ngati mukuyendera chilungamo,,,amenewonso muwaganizire

  5. l really support the government to appeal against the 30yr sentence. where is his wife and her friend? killing his driver? then you let him serve 30yrs only. no no no this is a complete joke.

  6. Which is which the story we should here it about? Malawi 24 reporter you say 15 yes left while Nyasa time they say by 2022 he will b released.

  7. Thats Unjustifiable Some Pple Lost Their Precise Life The Judge Erroeda This Guy Wz Supposed To B Given A Harsh Punishment Sendng A Warning Signal To Other Offenders

  8. Malawi@ 53…..kukondera andale basi,.. pomwe mlandu woba bakha mukumati 13 year inprisonment with a hard labour, kuti ena atengerepo phunziro,..!

  9. On this one, the kafantayeni thing got it wrong. The guy killed three people and should not have his sentence reduced. The guy should have been serving three life imprisonment, not being given 30 years. Is this not laughable that one is given just 10 years for every life he had taken? This should really be ridiculous. Totally disappointed.

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