More labour opportunities as Malawi signs MOU with Israel


Malawi is expected to export more people to work in different sectors in Israel as the two countries have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

Speaking during a press conference on Wednesday at Golden Peacock Hotel in Lilongwe, Minister of Information and Digitization, Moses Kunkuyu and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nancy Tembo, told journalists that there are more labour opportunities in Israel which will create jobs and wealth for Malawians.

Kunkuyu said by opening an Embassy in Tel Aviv and signing the MOU between the two countries, the labour export to Israel will be between government to government where there will be no use of agents as in the case before.

“After signing of this MOU, the recruitment processes of the youths to work in Israel will be done through the Ministry of Labour”, said Kunkuyu.

He indicated that this MOU mainly focuses on agricultural programmes where at the moment, Malawi has been given another slot of 3, 000 people to work in Israeli farms.

Kunkuyu, who is also a government spokesperson, commended one of the agents who recruited the youths to work in Israel for fulfilling what was agreed while in Malawi saying some of the agents have not fulfilled the contract agreement.

He also disclosed that while in Israel, Minister of Foreign Affairs Nancy Tembo met the Israel Builders Association which is also planning to recruit people from Malawi under the construction industry.

“This team from Israel is expecting to come here where they will recruit people based on the construction skills they have such as carpentry, bricklaying, electrical technicians, pipefitting, interior design among others”, he added/

While in Israel, the Malawian delegation, which was led by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, met Malawian young people working on farms where they were encouraged to keep on working hard and use their skills when they returned to Malawi.

The youths thanked the government of Malawi for the initiative which they believe will completely transform their livelihoods.

According to the Malawi government, implementation of the new labour exportation programmes is expected to start in four weeks to allow other people to travel to Israel to work.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Labour is expecting to come up with an implementation plan for the new programme.


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