Malawi to thank God for rains on July 6

Malawi Independence

Malawi will on Independence Day hold multi-denominational prayers aimed at thanking God for the good rains during the past growing season.

This has been disclosed by Minister of Trade, Industry and Tourism Joseph Mwanamvekha during a press briefing in Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe.

Malawi Independence
Malawi to thank God for rains

According to Mwanamvekha, the prayers that President Peter Mutharika will grace will be part of Independence Day celebrations in the country.

Mwanamvekha who is also the chairperson of this year’s Independence Day celebrations said the prayers are aimed at thanking God for bumper harvest this year.

“The theme of this year’s commemoration is thanking God for a season of plenty. We want to celebrate the good rains and bumper harvest that Malawi has experienced in 2016/17 faming season. Malawi is one of the blessed nations as some countries have not done well,” he said.

Malawi’s 53rd Independence Day celebrations will be preceded by mini celebrations in major cities of the country.

According to Mwanamvekha, the mini celebrations will be held on July 5 before the main event in Lilongwe.

“We would like people in the Southern, Northern and Eastern regions to join us in marking our 53rd Independence Day celebration. This is why we have organised these events in the cities,” Mwanamvekha said.

The other event to celebrate the day is a football match that will take place between Nyasa Big Bullets and Silver Strikers at Bingu National Stadium.

Malawi attained independence from Britain on 6th July, 1964 and became a republic on 6th July, 1966 with Dr Hastings Kamuzu Banda becoming the first president of the country.



  1. Good idea thanks to the one who thought of tha theme, okupha ma alibino ogulitsa ziwalo afiti a cashgate alandila nawo mvula ndiamene akolola kwambiri what a wonderful God we all gat to get togather and thank Him

  2. Glory, glory to JESUS CHRIST!!! Thank you Lord for answering our Prayers, you are Worthy to be Praised!!! I Love you Lord!

    One more thing LORD, intervene in every Leadership skills in Malawi, soften hearts of our leaders towards the citizens of Malawi, I’m asking this in the Name of JESUS CHRIST Ohh Ameeeen!!

  3. Mukatha Kuthokoza Mulungu Pa Mvulayi Kumbukilaninso Kuthetsa Katangale Ndi Ziphuphu Kwa Ogwila M’boma Chifukwa Zikuvulaza Amphawi. Maganizowo Ndi Abwino Ndithu Koma Kusolola Chepetsan Ambue Adalitsa

  4. True for a nation which respect God and worship him.I salute malawi for observing the true and only God.More blessings will come.

  5. A good idea give thanks to the creator so that he can open havens gate for more blessings we are nothing without him,its an awesome idea,first God everything after.

    1. Kikikiiikiiikiii! Inu mumati ankhale of which denomination and what criteria can be used to say this is the right denomination? I hope as a nation, not as an individual, the denominations to take part do exist and recognized as such in the country. Being a national issue lets not discriminate one another based on religion

  6. We need to repent.. Kuba. Kuphana..katangale..kuba mankhwala Ku chipatala…tilapeso..Mulungu akukhulupilika ife ayi.

  7. Mvula ndiimeyo inabweradi bwino alimi akolora chimanga chochuluka koma Boma limayera kupanga consider farm gate prize for farmers!
    Thumba LA 50kg K5,000? Mmmmh! Feltizer NPK and Urea plus Labour!
    Sikugwira pls!

    1. You are not a farmer bro that’s why you are too blind to see!
      Why the use of thanksgiving to God for the good rains when farmers are being robbed the product of the same rains?

  8. …instead of praying, this day would better be served planning about irrigation. When the rains don’t come, that’s what we can fall back on…prayers, not so much.

    1. I thought they are to thank God for the rains of whom even the water for irrigation can not be found if He so willed.
      Sir you should be thankful

    2. Thomas Mumbo brilliant point but you’ll see that when it comes to talk about God the irrational takes over and there cannot be opposing views.

    1. Yeey you stupid….you were fed by whites, wt a white god,,we as Fricans new God before they even came to Africa,,,we knew our God of ancestors, I will never praise a white god…

    2. Yeeey you stupid, God created itself in its own image,,, the first person on earth was a black person, the black race originated in Bangui, CAR… the first thing on earth was darkness… the Sun is black.. the nutritious soil is black…our skin is black, so who we are?

    3. Kkkkkk,lots of people to hero by ignorant,but our holy God is good,,he ll make a way to those who doesent no him to know him,,God help you my friend mbiyo

    4. God is him?, he is a man?…..dont underestimate our God…..your indoctrination method of God is not correct my friend….go back black history… Who did black people pray to before slavery and collonisation?

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