Maneb to disregard Muslim eid holiday

Malawi exams

The Malawi National Examinations Board (Maneb) has said that Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE) exams will go on as planned on Monday despite the day being declared a public holiday.

Government announced on Thursday that Monday will be a public holiday as Muslims will be celebrating Eid-ul-Fitr (breaking of fasting).

Writing on its official Facebook page, the examinations body has told all students who are sitting for MSCE exams that the exams will go on despite the holiday.

Malawi exams
No holiday for MSCE candidates on Monday.

“Take note that the 2017 Exam will proceed as time-tabled despite being a public holiday,” says the board.

Malawi24 caught up with some Muslim students in Malawi’s capital city Lilongwe who expressed worry over Maneb’s order.

The students told Malawi24 that as government has ordered that on Monday should be holiday, the board should have considered the day in their examinations calendar.

“We Muslims, attach huge importance to the holy month of Ramadan since we spend 30 days fasting and it is a must that we have to celebrate when breaking our fast. Maneb should have considered the day and let us celebrate eid,” said one student.

Malawi government through Ministry of Local government and Rural Development has advised that this year’s Eid-ul-Fitr celebrations marking the end of the holy month of Month of Ramadan will be observed either on Sunday or on Monday.

Ramadan is the eighth month in Islamic calendar. During the month Muslims across the world refrain from eating, drinking or any immoral act.



  1. In life we bealive in God allmighty bt i see that some christian dosn’t respeact athors bealife bt remember both we are one before God , as you people who have authority you should first give respect to people you will se the will obey you

  2. I wish my Muslim brothers and sisters and all those writing exams tomorrow a blessed day, make sure you pray before you go to the exam hall. Its a blessing in disguise , writing exams on a blessed day blessings around you. Be happy, Allah is with you all

  3. Kkkkk what are they going to cerebrate???? They haven’t missed any food they only changed their eating timetable yodikila kuti moon uwoneke kkkk zaufiti basi.

  4. I guess we have had situations where people are still in Jado pomwe anzawo akuphunzira just because akufuna kuti school caleder shld follow their miyambo time. This is disgusting. We must plan for activities in advance but not ti say tidzawona kate mwezi.

  5. The way I feel is that Maneb has no any problem. Exams comes once in a year. Preparation takes many months. So an abrupt change brings in so many problems. I understand them very much. It should also be noted that their actions are not against any form of religion. They also wish you all the best in your EID.

  6. Maneb cannot go against constitution,holiday ilipo and already declared.Those working under maneb wl be working on overtime basis

  7. What a stupid board…… The whole board of Maneb has to be fucked because they deserve that….. Koma ikanakhala isita you could have regarded it……

  8. No blame game here. I hop Muslims do u/stand that the holiday cant overwrite the Maneb exam timetable since it was made already. Changing now it wil b lyk writing past papers the whole exam.
    Next time Maneb seek guidance 4rm our brothers since the prediction for Eid days its always there. Then u can avoid those days.
    To my fellow Xtians lets avoid religious attacks coz we all differ in our beliefs though we r xtians 2.
    God is one.

  9. Palibe kusinthapo apa,,akalembe mayeso basi mayesa kumasula ndi mmawa?
    Kudya adya mmawa, holiday yachiyani?
    Malawi iz not aMuslim country amangokulemekedzani kukupatsani holiday chabe.

  10. A MANEB akudziwa oyenera kumupenbedza of course we’re all Malawians bt cnt follow entin including de evel ones.stand lyk shadreck, micheck n abednego who were 2gether with pipo worshiping idol gods bt they refused bow down 2de idols coz dey knw de one 2 worship.dat z de same with maneb. i

  11. Am a muslim,not that it has disregarded,but rather they cant do otherwise due to circumstances.The Eid is falling weekend had it been was in working days they would have indicated before as it was last year.Osamasokoneza anthu.Sangapangire mwina

  12. The problem is this holiday comes as emergency. We can not compare it with chistmass for we all know that it will be on 25 dec. Had muslims communicated earlier before maneb calendar was formed, maneb would have taken it into consideration. Sorry, enjoy the eid, we wish you all the best muslims

  13. I don’t blame the MANEB’S Decision because the time table was scheduled way back so now it’s not easy to change it. Had it been that Muslims have their specific date for this celebration i could say otherwise. I would like to thank the Government for the declaration of 26th June as a public holiday and it means a lot more especially to the Muslims. I am so touched to see how my fellow Christians commented here but. …………..! Muslims Enjoy your day.

  14. Ine sindikuweruza amaneb 4 this only allah knows every thing allah sunbahan waataala sey in ever thing thanks allah ,i thnx allah 4 the holy month of Ramandan and may Allah bless all muslim how are set 4 exams dot wary allah is with u sallam allaikum allaahamatuli (no matter wht am amuslim and will be amuslim )

  15. vuto ndi loti holiday ya aslam siimakhala ndi tsiku lenileni,,,,timetable inatuluka kale b4 eid ndiye sindikuona cholakwika kupitiliza mayeso,,,,zikanakhala bwino kuti tsikuli likanakhala pa calender coz bwenzi popanda timetable atalipanga consider

  16. Onse mukunyoza #Islam ndikudziwa kuti mitu yanu yadzadza ndi manyi a satana komanso ndinu mbuli pa chipembedzo cha Mulungu, mukuona ngati #Chisilamu ndi mpingo wa jamea eti, nde holidy ilipotu nde mutani? Ngati mwalemedwa nde deya ukoko osakadulitsa bwanji kuti mukhale a clean. #born_in_islam_and_i_will_die_in_islam.

    1. Muslims will never stay the whole day, two, or a week or a month or 40days without eating to impress you. Muslims impress Allah. If you think fasting 40days without eating is attainable, go and try… Allah doesn’t command ‘pple what they can’t manage…

    2. 40days????? Eating a lot of food early in the morning and evening is that fasting????? Ask Jesus 40days fasting without drinking or eating anything

    3. You guys you know how to joke,and fasting is not announced for people to know,its shameooooo,advertising fasting, kumeneko ndiye kuvala madamba,Lapani landilani Jesus to be your personal Lord and savior, your life will never be the will be the testimony and you will testify how evil is islamic faith.

      1. I always feel sorry for pipo like you cos u don’t know what you are talking about but try to re-read the bible and find out the truth about fasting

    4. Allah is not God,is a demon of a rock in mecca,do you know that?? That is why mumapitako mkumakagendana miyala and hundreds mkufa,when you kill you are happy.the faith full of killing mmmm

  17. Eti ena kuputsa ndikumanena muzimva kuti Malawi ndi christianity nation samala komaso uwone kuti ndi madela angti amene akuchokela aslamu Mu malawiwo buanji a Christ thawi zambiri mumafuna zongokangana pali chimene chikupangitsa kuti munthu ayakhule nonses ngti APA kumawupezatu tym zina zake ndi bho tikungokuonanitu

  18. Who has declared that holiday ???? For what?? Guys if we can realize how evil is Islam and Moslems we can’t laugh at them anymore,shame to the one declaring this foolish holiday.buying votes or what?

    1. Which evil are you talking about, can you explain clearly what does islamic faith affecting you? Or your parents or the entire nationa of Malawi PLS?

    2. It’s the government that declared this holiday, and its jst a section of the same government saying it will go ahead with Maneb exams. Now, u tell me who’s contradicting themselves here? Maneb exams or not, Muslims prayers won’t be affected in anyway.

    3. Which country in Africa has declared holiday bcz of this stupid faith??,its only Malawi bcz we have a leader who is ignorant of Islam ,and let me tell you the truth your demon of alah can do nothing to me in the name above every name,the name of Jesus ,am highly covered,Islam and Moslems are ignorant ,evil and cruel and you are the witness of your cruelty. Asing’anga,anyanga ,azigololo,amitala,okupha,achifamba inu.

    4. Palibe nsilamu olo mmodzi amene adzalowe ku paradizo,Lapani yesu akukhululukilani,akusambitsani ndi mwazi wake,akumasulani ku ziwanda za nyanga ndi masenga,ufiti,mitala ndi zigololo,uhule,only Jesus can make you clean,okana yesu wakana moyo,.
      And ena inu mukuwuwa APA olo Koran mulibe,simungawerenge,simunawerengepo ,you only have a bible in your house which means you know the truth of your faith kuti it is fake and evil.
      Come to Jesus today and musachedwe ndikuzivalika masamba a fasting yet munangosintha nthawi yodyera basi and you have been eating toooo much.

    5. Severely brainwashed black people. You’re busy fighting over who’s right between Muslims and Christians. White colonialists and Arabs influence is seriously killing us. Lord have Mercy!!!

    6. I can’t accept that Muslm thy right! Evil Muhammad himself ngat amakaikira chipulumutso cha ekha mwini kikikikikikikikiki what about ma followers inu Lapani Bweran kwa Yesu! Holiday Holiday za mabi!

  19. most of gvt constution is aganst islam here in reques is that just allow them to attend prayers for 30min its fine plz

  20. Its not fair …I believe tht in maneb its only Christians who are wrkin ther thus why they are doing dis to other beliefs anyway lets not confuse our children on ths day lets wish dem the bst bt its not fair case closed

  21. Just know kuti here in Malawi kukadakhala magulu wowukira I could be first to be a member kuwimbuza onse onyang’wa ngati inuyo mukuwona ngati Malawi ndiwanu nokha ikadakhala crxmas bwa mpaka akuti kuli crxmas box oky tiyeni one year mudzawona ngati so Malawi yemwe uja

  22. Achita bwino, nzopanda tanthauzo izi. Munthu amasala atakhuta kale?
    Kudya usiku onseu mmawa nkumati ndikusala.
    40 days of fasting ya Jesus ija simuitsata et?

  23. Let’s respect each other than to embarrassed each other because we are all Malawians so the judgements is by God don’t judge before God .

  24. Akhrst inu penapake kumadzpatsa ulemu stinapemphen kt muz2kwana mpingo wathu.Eid z nt chrsmas and wl neva b chrsmas.wat u r saing z realy stupd !!!! Ukulidziwa tanthauzo la chrsmas kapena unangova satana wako akukuwuza za chrsmas? Usamale pakwamwa pakopo.

  25. The nature of the holiday itself is to blame because one may not even be sure when they will sight the moon so its just too difficult.

  26. MAM kuzizimuka just make a day every time being taken by awares maneb well done. Malawi is a Christian nation take it or leave it !!!!

  27. Education came by the Christian white men in 1915 in our country and to observe this holiday its nonsense these Muslim never accepted education at first but business

  28. This Is A Problem Of Folowing The Moon As It Is Written In The Book Of Jeremiar That Other Pple Wil Worship The Moon, Stars, The Sun Thus Wy Today Maneb Has Deny Worship The Moon. And Choose God The Creator The One Who Created This World In Six Days And Rested On The Seveth Day And H Blesed The Day And Declare It A Public Holiday For All Those Who Believe In Him And Hav Enternal Life.

  29. This Is A Problem Of Folowing The Moon As It Is Written In The Book Of Jeremiar That Other Pple Wil Worship The Moon, Stars, The Sun Thus Wy Today Maneb Has Deny Worship The Moon. And Choose God The Creator The One Who Created This World In Six Days And Rested On The Seveth Day And H Blesed The Day And Declare It A Public Holiday For All Those Who Believe In Him And Hav Enternal Life.

    1. Don’t show people that you does not know the origin of Calendar in chichewa why do we call 30 days as mwezi? Meaning counting on moon for days is what we supposed to not calendar imene tilinayoyi which is designed by satanic worshipers

    2. If I don’t have anything to say, its better to be idled coz you reports something which people will brand you an ignorant.

    3. If I don’t have anything to say, its better to be idled coz you reports something which people will brand you an ignorant and a fool.

    4. Jeremiah The Prophet Who Was Chosen By God Say This Words On Jeremiah 32 V 17 Ah Lord God! Behold Thou Hast Made The Heaven And Earth By Thy Great Power And Stretched Out Arm And There Is Nothing Too Hard For Thee. There Is Sense In This Verse Which Is Making The World Today To Worship God And Condems, Ignore The Doctrine Of Praising And Bowing Down To The Moon As There God. Godforbid.

    5. Jeremiah 23 V 13 Say This And I Hav Seen Folly In The Prophets Of Samaria They Prophesied Baal And Caused My Pple Israel To Err. No Wonder Today W R Saying No To Worship And Bowing Down To The Moon Coz It Wil Make The Children Of Israel To Err.

  30. Do not mislead pple here with your stupid shit.maneb was arleady planned before this holiday.and this is not the first time students are writing exams during holiday are you nu….

  31. I think its wrong not to follow a gvt order.its not about the day being religious, its about what a public holiday mean!?!you cant say its a public holiday and yet the ministry of education says schools will remain open.I thimk we lack level of understanding.all the offices will remain closed on a public holiday,which teacher would want to work on a declares public holiday??no,i wouldnt.MANEB officials are being rigid over flexible issues,causing people to misinterprete the whole situation.There are muslims at MANEB,and some of the invigilaying plus thousands of some students taking the exams are Muslims. All that simply because a date is already printed on a paper….!?Don’t blame Calender,learn to respect and honor other people’s beliefs,otherwise,you will never have a unified society.

    1. in dubai,christians are forced to worship on friday.o because it is a muslim country.And malawi is achristian country but we do respect their worship day, and even their holidays.But the problem is that sakhala ndi tsiku lokhazikika.I remember last year, maneb inaika holiday imeneyi pa timetable yawo ya msce, koma zinapezeka kuti tsiku la holiday lasinthaso and anthu analembabe mayeso tsiku la idi.kumbali yanga sindikuona cholakwika chomwe yachita maneb.

    2. Martha Msuku Ndovie,I may say that you need to have concrete evidence and properly research an idea,or fact before you put on the public platforms. do Christians worship on Friday in Dubai!? and,to be on the correct side,the last time,which was this morning,the Malawian constitution is pro democracy, meaning its a follows principles of circular states .circular means non Islamic or Christian,but accommodative of all.
      in my comment I said something about public holiday, not Islamic holiday. maybe we have a problem grasping the meaning of a public holiday!?And with your attitude ,I think you are a long way from understanding what Christianity really is.This is not a Christian nation,its a circular nation with a majority of Christians. If it were,it wouldn’t have had a Muslim president(muluzi),and wouldn’t allow Muslims practicing their religious activities.

  32. Malawi does not belong to any religious group. Its for all who live in.there for MANEB should have taken into consideration for Muslim students becoz this is their big n special day for the whole calendar.

  33. warning! ndaona ma comment ena mukunyoza apa dziwani sitinapemphe holiday ife mayesowo tilemba kunyoza sinjila yabwino ngati chisilamu chimakunyasa ungokhala ndibwino kutelo

  34. We muslims tili ndi calendar yanthu yanthu,, nde ndzosatheka kukhala nd tsiku lenileni la holday kwa ma muslims Using ths english calendar, nde brother # peter denis yankhulani bwino osat monyoza choncho

  35. Ma holiday ose Ali mudziko lino holiday yoziwika kwa mulungu ndiyomweyo ilibe tsiku lenileni ndipo mulungu amasangala mayo ndiye inu makhafili siyani kutukwana mulungu akwiya nanu

  36. So what? I m a muslim but I don’t feel hurt. It’s just how I understand the situation! Eid prayers will be still be held by muslims across the country!

    1. the problem is if this holiday was stable it would have been better but it is changing now n again considering the moon appearance due to that it is difficult to plan as maneb planned a year before

    2. Brother Abdulrazaq even MAM did not advise MANEB to take note of the possible date of Eid. Kukakamiza Maneb to adjust timetable will just cause difficulties. It’s not kuvomera kuponderezedwa Koma kuvomera kuti zalakwika kale. Even Maneb has urged MAM to remind them next time they will be forming the timetable. Harmony and forgiving is what the Noble Prophet sallalai alaihi wasallama taught the Ummah. ‘You are the best of nations, created for the benefit of humankind’. Don’t vie for troubles that would otherwise be avoided!

  37. Holiday iyi anaikhazikutsa ndi atcheya koma vuto malinga ndi kalenda yao imasithasitha chaka chiri chonse ndiye isasokoneze mayeso yabwera pompano iyi time table ya Maneb itakonzedwa kalekale zaka zambuyomu.

  38. Yes Its a holiday why do you disagree with that holiday? But if it was chrismas you were the first to remind . Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    1. I agree that every citizen has a right to exercise his/her rights. Freedom of worship. But the is a critically issue. If the day was fixed like Christmas 25 then the government can put in consideration. But if the date is not certain then that makes difficult to set programme . You need to understand that every date is planned in advance. For me I respect every religious. As long they submit the date or even a week that will be accommodated in the calendar. But if the date changes time to time for sure it will crush with government and other organisation even companies will be affected. We are all Malawians regardless religious race and tribe.

  39. The problem is not with MANEB but the government and the Muslim Association of not coming up with a fixed day and month, the time table of MSCE was released long time before the government and Muslim declared the day as public holiday

  40. Aaaa No. Wait. I am a christian But that decision is heartless. Koma ikanakhala chrismass? Thats totally hypocrisy. Where is love amongst you?

    1. Iwe ndi mbuzi eti, iwe sumadziwa kuti Christmas ilipo pa calendar? Pa 25, unamvapo zoti xmas yasintha date?

    2. Thanks Nelson Butao for this wonderful revelation. Kungoti ndimawopa kuikamba molowa pansi kkkkk….ndinapereka chitsanzo based on common denominator

    3. Pa 25 December ndi tsiku lomwe chigawenga chinamasulidwa kundende wina mkuzapeka kuti likhale Christmas day . Mumangosangalala you know nothing shameeee

    4. kaya mukuti abiti kaya,yankhulani bwino,coz azanu akati ayambe kukumasulani paja mumangoyamba kutukana apa..ndye please yankhulani bwino,mpatseni ulemu mukuti muhhamed’yo otherwise mwayankhula molakwika kwambiri ..

    5. problem ndi yakuti tsiku la eid limadziwika mocedwa patatsala one or two days. and maneb has to plan months in advance.

    6. Akondwani zakuwawani mpaka BP ku shooter chifukwa cha comment yaine nanga ndikanena kuti Yesu ndi msilamu mzathu nde mukomoka kwa mwezitu. Any way ndimmene zimakhalira kungophumzira kulemekezana basi

    7. Nthani ili apa ndiyoti holiday ya Eid, imadziwika patatsala one or two days. That becomes a problem to Maneb which has been planning months kuti zonsezi zitheke. It is not about Muhammad nor religious issue.

    8. Xmass is clearly marked we shall not stop life because we need to wait for somebody sighting the moon. Plz let them have a clearly defined date. Otherwise we will all lose time discpline

  41. Enanu mukungokamba zoipa za asilamu chifukwa simunakhale nawopo mumangomva…mukazakhala nafe muzasiya zokamba zanuzo…. Ndinebe msilamu no mata wat

  42. kodi holiday imakhala yosinthasintha tsiku? komaso amene adalamula mndani kuti EID FITRI ikhale pubric holiday?AAA viva MANEB vianthu vokonda nkhondo ivi.

  43. Kwa amene akulemba mayesowo akunama musazalembe Monday tizakumanani madyedwe.. ASA tsogo ndiye Kumakhala kudya sizibwana idi ndimanenepa NAyo ine.

    1. Malawi si christian country tonse ndiwobwela muno.olo muluzi analumbilitsidwa ndi Quran,lkanakhala christian country anakalola ngati?

  44. The more u hate Islam, the more we lyk t! Shame haters! Proud to b a muslim. Tiyeni tilembe mayeso, ready for anything

    1. TADZUKA UKUGONABE??????? Be quite ngati sukundimvetsa. My massage was going kwa amene akutukwana chisilamu and eid holiday. Ife sitikufuna holiday.

    2. @Emmanuel, nditalowa chisilamu 2001 ndikumva kukoma mmoyo wanga, if u wanna know. Sungandinamize chilichonse coz I was there kumafanoko.

    3. rashid kulibe kunjoya koposa kuyenda ndi yesu christu jesus is the only way to heaven osati za mohammed anadyedwa ndi nkhumba kaya mwayi unakalipo uli moyo to reconcile yourself to christ

    4. ndiye nzanu wakuululanitu kut mumapembedza mwala kkkkkk Allah wakubaru mwala waukulu, kupembedza mwezi ndi nyenyezi, chipembedzo cha mafano. uzitenge bwino ndi chi siramu chakocho

    1. moti inuyo zoti eid imakhalako chaka chilichonse ukatha mwezi wa ramadhan simuziwa? moti? mumachita kuzizimusidwa? khalani ndiumuthu osangokhala ndintima odana ndianzanu

    1. Kkkkkkkkkkkkk nanga idi ndichinthu choti munthu was nzeru zake angatekeseke nacho kkkkk ubwino wakeso ayao ambiri samafika form 4 nde osadanda kkkk

    1. palibepo vuto apa,achita bwino man,tisalephere kulemba jiya chifukwa cha maholiday opanda nthawi yeniyeniwa,thumbs up MANEB!!

    2. Ma Holiday opendela kwayang’ana mwezi . Next year muzamanga mwezi wa february mpamene muzayaluke kuti february samathela calendar yanuyo kkkkkkkkk

    3. holidy ya chipembedzo cha MAFANO, bwerani kwa Yesu , ndipo muvomereze kut ndi mpulumutsi wa dziko lonse, kupanda apo kayaaaaaaaa!!!!!

    1. thnx inno pondiyankhila had it bin holiday yi ndiyokhazikika a maneb anakapabga zot anthu asalenbe mayeso lero meaning timetable yao date yalero siinakakhalako koma vuto lanu u r nt certain of de holiday date kungozizimukila basi

    1. Islamic is not religion. Is just a group of people who are busy killing innocent people forcing them to join Islamic so dat they must hell which is impossible God is there for us protecting us Amen!

    2. U people don’t no anything about islam if muslims were just killing innocent people I’m sure they wouldn’t be any innocent person alive coz muslims are everywhere

    3. dnt u knw dat all diz wars we hear frm other coutries are done by muslims?4 ur info all diz accidents n malawi are happening coz of ur fasting.ur fastin 4 de devel dats o diz telible accidents a happening.u’l go 2 hell f u u decide nt 2 change.

    4. Ignorance is a disease indeed as much as I would not like to enlighten some people here it looks like I have no choice, first of all you seem to be in the dark about world affairs, the war is about oil and other resources which the middle eastern Muslims are blessed with and the European Christians are jealous and want to control, so because the Muslims are so peaceful the European Christians had to come up with Alqaeda ISIS and other groups Ntopola second someone mentioned about we fast for the Devil shame on you fasting is a good deed the Devil has no good deeds. only God

    5. These so called Christian will come to know why islam is best religion in the world …… Kapaten mdulidwee wumvee nyasaa sitikufuna malawi

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