Govt committed to improving vendors’ businesses


President Peter Mutharika has reiterated his government’s commitment to providing revolving loans to vendors as well as youths who want to do business in the country.

He said this during a meeting with the leadership of vendors from Lilongwe and Kasungu.

Peter Mutharika

Mutharika says vendor’s businesses need uplifting.

“My government is committed to providing small revolving loans for the vendors and other youth who want to venture into small and media enterprises,” said Mutharika.

The president said he met the businesspeople in order to deepen the relationship between him and the vendors.

He added that he is aware of the challenges facing vendors in the country as they fail to raise enough capital for their businesses.

Mutharika also said that the vendors have promised that they will give back the loans in good time so that others should also access the opportunity.

President Mutharika has been meeting vendors from various parts of the country over the past month.

Recently he had an audience with vendors from Zomba and Blantyre.



  1. Amalawife si makape mwanva timadana nzautsilu osakonza vuto la magetsili bwa zinthu mwakweza kweza apa malipilo athu ndomweaja komatu president uyu aaa wandikwana koophya and vot yaine ndikuifuna ndinabesa coz dziko lero lilri mmanja mwa agalu

  2. But you do tax them also. Ogulisa tomato, nthochi, mandazi etc apeleke fees pa msika. Ndikubela osaukatu kumeneko and loan ithela ma fees a pa msika. How can they improve their lives?

  3. I don’t agree with that commitment to give loans to vendors. Our country has many challenges to be looked into. Giving loans to vendors is like throwing money into ocean. The history tells us that such vendors never return money given on loan by government. Abwana onani mavuto ena.

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