DPP planned violent demonstrations – PAC

Pac meeting

The Public Affairs Committee (PAC) has hit at the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) on violent demonstration reports arguing it is government that had planned to block PAC’s 5+1 all inclusive stakeholders conference currently underway in Blantyre.

The ruling DPP through its General Secretary Greselder Jeffrey claimed that PAC hired 300 vendors for a violent demonstration in Blantyre prior to the conference.

Pac meeting
Pac meeting underway in Blantyre.

Speaking to members of the press on Tuesday in Lilongwe, Jeffrey said the National Intelligence Bureau (NIB) has information that PAC has a hidden agenda for the conference.

“As we have been saying, government has a million of eyes, has a million of ears and millions of mouths, so the police had already gotten the plan being made underground,” said Jeffrey.

She added that government alerted the police to be awake on the violent demonstration planned by the religious body.

But speaking in an interview with Malawi24 on Wednesday, PAC publicity secretary Father Peter Mulomole downplayed the sentiments from the DPP secretary general arguing it is the party that had planned to block the conference.

“Actually that is not true, and it is them (DPP) that had planned to block us, we are here for the poor and we can’t go to them to go for violence and this is for the stakeholders,” said Mulomole.

He added further by denying government’s claims that PAC did not invite the ruling party to the conference.

“We invited four representatives but they said they will send eleven and all are here,” added Mulomole.

PAC has since engaged its stakeholders for a conference following unimplemented resolutions made last year at a similar meeting.

The conference is under the theme “The state of governance and public trust: reclaiming our destiny.”