Save the Children: Kids being robbed of childhood

Save the Children

A Save the Children report on childhood has disclosed that millions of kids are growing in unfavourable environment which has made them not to enjoy the privileges of being a child.

The report has disclosed that 700 million children around the world are poorly raised with Malawi ranked at 149 out of 172 countries in the world.

Save the Children
Malawi among nations where children are living in unfavorable environment. (File image)

Most of the 700 million children, about 25 percent of all children worldwide, live in communities “where they have been bypassed by progress in health, education and technology that has improved the lives of many of their peers,” Save the Children said in a report released ahead of the International Day for the Protection of Children on Thursday.

Country director for Save the Children in Malawi Tina Yu said the country needs to up its game on improving conditions that have ranked low the country on child raising.

“We need a strong leadership, we need a good generation that can complete our vision,” said Yu.

Minister of gender, children, disability and social welfare Jean Kalilani has called for joint efforts in reversing the trend for Malawi.

“We have to do a lot of work so that our children are growing in the best possible environment,” said Kalilani.

She added by disclosing that there is “political will” from the government as one way of ensuring that children are being raised well.

The report has also urged countries to tackle discriminatory policies and practices, boost data and invest in public services arguing on the need to meet the United Nations Global Development Goals set in 2015.