Zimbabwean pastor speaks with ‘God’ on phone


A video of a Zimbabwean pastor claiming to be on the phone with God during a prayer service has gone viral on social media.

In the video seen by Malawi24, Pastor Paul Sanyangore from Victory World International Ministries Church is seen having a phone conversation with “God” during church service.

The video, which had over 77000 views on YouTube on Monday, May 22, shows Sanyangore marching to the front of the stage with a woman dressed in a white dress, kneeling down, with both her hands in the air.

Pastor Paul Sanyangore

Pastor Paul Sanyangore: Speaks to God.

“Hello‚ is this heaven? I have a woman here‚ what do you have to say about her?” the pastor asks on his cellphone.

“Praise the Lord,” a second man with a microphone is heard.

Later the congregation looks on what was happening‚ some in disbelief.

This was followed with “Ahh. Oh”‚ as the pastor seemingly listens intently as “God” speaks to him on the other end of the phone.

“I should ask her who is Sibo,” the pastor says out loud.

After asking the woman who Sibo is, the pastor then asks: “What else papa God? God is telling me to ask you why he is showing me a heart.”

The response to the next question was not heard as the lady lowered her voice as she was responding.

“He says we should pray for your children, two of them… He is saying one is epileptic the other one is asthmatic,” the lady was told by the pastor.

Some of the congregants were rejoicing and praising the pastor for his miraculous call with “God”.

The pasor then screamed: “Heaven is online.”

He ended his call by saying to the woman: “Your story has changed.”

However, people are questioning the pastor’s phone call with ‘God’ saying that it is impossible.




  1. What I like is that, the article is saying Pastor speaking with God through phone, it doesn’t say he dialled number to God, then people are becoming suspicious with judgemental comments, I’m nobody’s side, if I may ask, do you believe God speaking to people?
    Have you ever speak to God?
    How do you speak to God?

    If God comes now, are you going to be one of the chosen? Repent!!!!

  2. Mmmm ngakhale ndine opelewera pamaso pamulungu komabe ixi xindovutirapo kukhulupilira koma ngatidi waima pachoona Ambuye alemekeze koma ngati ndi bodza Ambuye achite naye

  3. It is unfortunately that people are speaking out their mind, I don’t connect with you gentlemen, did you pray? Who has evidence to whom the man of God was speaking to? Are you limiting God? Have you ever asked yourself when JESUS replied to Pharisees after asking Him to tell people to stay quiet when He was entering Jerusalem “if they stay quite” stone will make noise, do you have answer to that?

    Do you know that a donkey saw Angel of God and it spoke to the one riding it? Now tell me, if a donkey speaks to you, are you gonna say it’s God using it? Or you will run away? The Bible says with God all things are possible, why are we making this impossible? Is that too big? Before you judge him, check yourself the position with God, or you decided to put yourself on that position to judge him?

    Let me remind you, that position you are at, belongs to God alone, rebuke him but don’t judge him.

    Are you all saved by the Blood of JESUS CHRIST? Seek His face, Pray for the Spirit of God and Pray for the leadership, glory to God.

  4. Kakakakakakaka diiiiiiiii!!!!!! Ndlama zisakidwe basi, but don’t forget that the hell is just waiting for those kind of madness, “enjoy now and suffer 4ever”

  5. Akusowa potchukira akungofuna kutchuka podyera ndlama ulova wakula anthu aziti ngati wayankhila ndi God nde kuti ndi pastor wenweni kuti anthu ati azikhamukirako nde wagwanayotu mungochimwapo chabe

  6. Zopusa zo akamachita makape wo amadziwa zoti alipo omwe atakhulupilire kuti ndi zoona ndipo apisa mthumba. Koma nkhani za mtundu umenewu ndi zoopsa kwambiri bcoz it’s beyond freedom of association,let alone freedom of worship. Claiming having a phone conversation with God has nothing to do with worshipping him but rather downgrading/insulting or undermining His authority on His creation.

  7. Is He Stupid? OR Is He Insane? What kind Pastor R U? IF U Really Call yo self A pastor or Man of GOD Don’t Make Jokes with GOD His Not yo Uncle

  8. Don’t be confused with this, God himself said, let’s weeds and crops grow up together, I will see the time of harvest. Let days and words be fulfilled

  9. Czodabwisa Iz Tmamva Posachedwapa Kt Pastor Wina Ku Lilongwe Wagwilira Mlongo Wake Satana Wayamba Kuyenda Ndi Miyendo Sopano Chenjelan Akhiristu Kunalembedwa Kale Kt Soka Mtunda Nd Nyanja Pot Woyipa Wasikira Konko Satana Akulamlira Yekha Wasiya Kugwirisa Athu

  10. Affirms yet again that religion is a sham made by crooks like this goon in the story. And the sad part is, that there’s plenty of others like him and the rest of us are supposed to blindly follow that kind of non-sense.

  11. All u blivers say anything with God is possible & when sum1 claimz athing u nvr heard of, “fake” an agent of the devil,cud it b u all get jealous?

  12. Signs of close age, lol Nowadays Satan is using these kind of pastors to lead people of God astray. we only communicate with God through Prayers not phone.

  13. Fuck this pastor. I saw his video clip healing a woman saying that she is having big stomach. Just to cut the story the woman wore the Baloon. Once again fuck him. Who want the video?

  14. Zaulendo uno koma sakuenela ku muyesa MULUNGU Coz ndi MULUNGU Amene sitingamuelekezele ndichili chonse iyeyo ndiimene alili ndipo ndichikhalidwe chake. nde ngati mukumaelekezela zapansi pano chonde musiyanise ndi MULUNGU mungalangilidwe. angalankhule ndiiyeyo pa 4n kuti chani? ngati kuli kuzisaka koma mulangidwa pansi pompano ndithu salani LA MULUNGU Dzina siloseweletsa

  15. ine after kuiwona video yake ndimaona Ngati just editing sindimadziwa kuti zinthuzi ziriponsepose.watch out asakusocheretseni munthu…

    poti ambiri adzabwera mu dzina langa nazanena ndine mkhiristu

    tisamale azibale anga

  16. God does not speak to a human being through phone, this pastor is FAKE and tying to attract many people to his church to fundraise for his family and his richness.

  17. Mukasowa chochita kulibwno mudzpita kuchimbudzi kukanyera agalu inu mwalitenga dzina lamulungu kumalipangira biznez mmatako mwanu fuck

  18. Nanga oyenda mmalere aja ? Owonesa Angelo muchurch. Kuwonesa chithunzi chamwana wamembala wake mu church koma mwanayo alikunyumba. Zimenezi nzoona? Sindikufuna kuweruza. Mphamvu zochitira izi amazitenga kutiko. Ndithandizeni ndimvese.

  19. my pleas shouid go to those who called the pastor dont play wth God if u want play , play wth ball there is no comminication btwn phone and God.

  20. Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God ; because many false prophets have gone out into the world.

  21. this pastor is going mad.the problem with u false pastors is that,u do compare ‘GOD’wit yo uncles.U’re not even ashamed.U are even calling yourselves God’s chosen men.thats being childish.u are just misleading people.God Is God.lets respect him,dont play wit God.Zachamba!!

  22. Time has come to an end so many bastards claiming to be pastors or prophets and have taken extra mile to play with God.!Their punishment will be terrible

  23. It’s not wise to condem nor to support this if u have no proof of whether he was communicating with God or not. Just because there was no cellphone by the time when the bible was written and the fact that no biblical figure used cellphone doesnt mean that He can not use it to communicate with his children. If He could use a leaf He can as well use any kind of medium. Am not supporting nor condemning the pastor though.

  24. A misguided pastor ever lived on earth this one is! Who doesn’t know that when one prays in faith and truth we speak with God! Only a misguided congregation can believe his misguided so called phone call to God otherwise is to his god!

  25. And then his members believed him?
    Its very unfortunate people of today follow miracles yet miracles have to follow us,,
    They even clap hands when their pastor performs miracles without even a single man to remember what Jesus said about the last days.
    Yes they can see the signs of last days even in their own Pastor/Prophet but they're doing nothing but prasing their men of god not God.
    God help us!

    • i know nothing abt dis false pastor but his statement has gone byond de limmit!!!!!!!!!.. honestly sayng pastor ameney amatumkra ziwanda nt MY lvng God dat i kno cuz ma luvng God doesnt speak on PHONE wth false pastors lyk dis pastor. h must b mud

  26. Anthu amulungu alero.Mukamamva kuti azibusa ayamba chamba ndiye ndizimenezi.Ngakhale Yesu mkhristu sanayankhulepo ndiMULUNGU ngati mmene anenera wachambayi.Tiyeni tsopano tikhulupilire zamatsiku osiliza.Onani pani azibusa akuchita zinthu zonyansa monga:kugwilira anthu amisala,kumalowelera zandale,kunamiza anthu malo opemphelera mwazitsanzo,nanga tingakhulupilire bwanji?.CHAUTA ANANENA ZAMATSIKU OTSILIZA.

  27. God communicates with a person via the persons heart. Any communication via any means is questionable.u r fooling nobody but urselves