APM eyeing product exportation

Mutharika Peter

Malawi’s leader Peter Mutharika has expressed hope that the Bwanje Dam will complement his plan to transform the country from a predominantly importing and consuming nation to a producing and exporting one.

Mutharika Peterr
Mutharika launches Bwanje Dam.

Speaking after launching construction of Bwanje Dam, Mutharika said the dam will help the agricultural sector in the country through irrigation for small scale farmers.

“Our vision is to make Malawi a predominantly producing and exporting country. We want to stop being a predominantly importing and consuming country. For us to develop our agricultural sector, we need to develop our irrigation,” said Mutharika.

The Dam will supply water to an existing 800-hectare irrigation scheme as part of the fulfilment of a broader irrigation strategy.

The scheme gives hope of increasing production and changing many lives. The Dam will also ensure adequate water supply throughout the year.


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