Malawi police worried over road accidents

Jenda Accident

The Malawi Police Service (MPS) has expressed worry over the increase in number of accidents on the country’s roads.

According to a press statement released by the Malawi Police Service and signed by its publicist James Kadadzera, it has been learnt with shock that many people are dying due to continued road accidents.

James Kadadzera
James Kadadzera: The trends are really bad.

Police say one factor causing unnecessary road accidents is the use of goods or open vehicles such as pickups, lorries, and trucks to ferry passengers from one destination to another.

“This is common in ‘Matola’, sports trips, weddings and even funerals.

“You as passengers are reminded by police to use Passenger vehicles (minibuses or buses) in such occasions for your own safety.

“The Police are also reminding you, drivers, to protect the lives of your passengers by ferrying them in roadworthy passenger vehicles and not in goods vehicles,” reads part of the statement.

The law enforcers have since encouraged drivers to seek a special permit from the Road Traffic Directorate and not from the Police in a situation where a goods only vehicle is to be used to ferry people.

Meanwhile, road users have been urged to join hands with the law enforcers by abiding to all road traffic rules and regulations so that road accidents should be reduced in the country.



  1. Misewu kuipa ngati kulibe anthu. To avoid that please govonerment must do something, not only training the drivers but also roads must also well organise.

  2. Misewu mdziko lathu lino siili bwino ai. Go and see Salima – nkhotakota road, its in bad shape.mwinanso mukudziwa through office yanu ya pa nkhotakota mmene ngozi zikuchitikila, And Salima – nkhotakota road ndi msewu umene umakhala busy makamaka magalimoto akuluakulu kupita Ku Dwangwa but nobody and I repeat nobody cares and the blame should not sorely go to inexperienced drivers nor the matola people no,but also to those in authority by neglecting some of our road

  3. because people are by driving licences from corrupt officials and yet they can’t drive, # fix our roads # unroadworth vehicles, corrupt traffic officers?

  4. misewu ayilongosole jamani vuto lagona pamene ayi ma road sighn akuluakulu ngati kwina kuno achita ngati samayenda maiko ena ndikuwona momwe anzawo amakonzera misewu

  5. Brainwashed and superstitious people always think interms of spirits etc.. zoti ma galimoto akupanga overload, overspeed, no service, tired drivers…ayi ndithu,,,koma basi za mizimu chani chani uko zosiyana ndi zomwe azungu eni ake anapanga ma galimoto would recommend

  6. Apolice apanseu ndiamene akusogolera ngozi zimenezi amalekelera ma bus akuluakulu akutenga anthu mopyola muyezo chifukwa chakuchepa mwina kwamalipilo amalandira ziphuphu.

  7. Or tinene zamiseu kamuzu amatenga anthu oziwa kupanga miseu molimba nanga lero ma mps ali ndi timacompany tawo topanda nato maina unexperienced people no equipment miseu ilimba bwanji chonsecho a president pokasegulira amayamikira within amonth museu wayamba kale kugumuka aaaa shame ndalama zilowe muthuma basi tingakweze bwanji boma lathu chochi ngozi zisiya bwanji boma ndi lathu koma tiri ziiii chibanzi pAkAmwa

  8. Bring back speed traps, drivers are over speeding nowadays because police removed speed traps on the roads

  9. Apart from poor road conditions, we have bad spirits on our roads. Many people in Malawi go to churches to praise God just for fun. As a social obligation. They don’t know why they go to churches for. Back from church they please their gods by giving them offerings. Some accidents are man made. Malawi is loosing most productive and innocent people due to such type of accidents. Strange man made accidents happen between Lizulu through Dedza – Linthipe and Nanjiri. Worrisome indeed!

    1. man its not about bad spirits and church but precautions accidents dont just happen there are events leading to it. In other parts of the world like in japan people dont even believe in any god but accidents dont happen,what they do is take precuationally measures to human capacity

    2. Am sure we have only 2 spirits in side us evil and holy spirit in Japan china and ather countries they dont believe God exists is the same with those waship devil coz if u cant waship Jesus
      Devil is your master

  10. Mukunama Inu Mungofunila Ku Unjeza Ma Roadblock Muzipanga Bwino Ndalama Za Chiphuphu Xsa Tamangani Mapolice Office Mbali Mwa Mseu Mutolela Bwino

  11. MPS should not worry, they are used by govt to collect money as MRA hence allowing unroad-worthy vehicles using the road after being palm-oiled

  12. Let’s not hide facts here. They argue people to used designed transport like bus and minibus, but I see the bus lying there on the picture. The problem is the owners of matola they have connections with law enforcement. They pay bribe to police officials to operate. At other hand we as citizens we wish to used safe transport but we are left with no choice but to use whatever available. I am sure no one will like to use lorry is they is a bus with seats. Ban an matola and introduce more buses and minibus. Allow taxi association to work with police to stop matola. Make licence of transport affordable to anyone will to join industry

    1. Matola will be there. There are other areas which buses can not go.
      Remember in our budget they have put 16% vat on buses.
      It will mean only the richest people will be able to afford.
      And they have said no standing passengers in the bus.
      Let me say that traffic has to do its job.
      We need competition in business.
      Those doing matola are earning a living.
      For example when going to kasiya in Lilongwe my home village , we use matola often, few minibusef and no bus.
      Think over that.

    2. Man ndimakumbuka kale kale madela akumudzi ku mapita ma Bus koma pano a dasiya why? Madela enaso kumayenda ma sitima koma pano a dasiya why? Minister of transport there in Malawi they are all stupid always thinks about their life not for others.

    3. I understand my bru the situation but if government and private sector can work hand in hand I am sure they will be a solution. Let’s say Lilongwe municipality have fleets of buses which works locally and outskirts areas who will be willing to take matola. At the other hand it way of making money within municipality that will be used for infrastructure. All those who are in Matola business government must offer then shares to buy and be part of that investment. At the same time its job creation. I will give you an example. South Africa use to operate in matola. But they told all those people that by this time we are going to ban. So if you want make cooperations bring your cars we will auction then the money we will buy minibuses and buses that means you will have shares in business. Then some of that money is used for road maintaince. Yes we can say Malawi is poor but this project does not need external investment. Right now they are working on old minibus to do short distance but Quantum are for city and long distance. The community must be involved in the project. It works.

    4. I remember also we used to have shire buses from Mzuzu to Mzenga it a rural area. Where are those buses. What went wrong for them to stop. Government can still use the same way of making money in transport industry at the same time reducing accidents

  13. Komanso ziphaso zoyendetsela ma galimoto za matsiku ano zogulazi from no where munthu nkupezeka ali ndi drivers licence yonyamulira anthu chonsecho malamulo a pamseu asakuwadziwa eish!!

  14. Worrisome indeed. But several factors have to be looked into to reduce these. And road conditions plus vehicle conditions too. Over work is another factor though may seem indistinguishable. The use of technology is again contributing to this.

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