Rice farmers eyeing good prices


Small scale rice farmers in Nkhotakota district are optimistic that this year prices of rice will be good despite high production of the cash crop.

The farmers are expected to harvest more rice this year due to good rains during the last growing season.

Malawi24 caught up with small scale farmers in the district and they revealed that demand for the crop on the market is high leading to good prices.

Malawi rice farmers hoping for a change. (Image credit- The Scotsman)

One of the famers, Stambuli Chisunzi said this year prices of rice are promising to be good because currently a 50Kg bag of rice is being sold at a minimum of K12,000.

According to Chisuzi, the farmers expected the prices to be lower than K240/Kg bag due to high supply of rice on the market but this has not been the case so far.

“There is high demand of the crop on the market, this is what is making the prices better. We are sure that when the selling season of rice will be at peak, we will be selling at higher price and realise more profits from our crop,” Chisuzi said.

He further told Malawi24 that farmers are hoping that they will eventually sell their rice at as high as K400/Kg.

In a separate interview, one of the buyers Goodwin Chisisili said that the high demand of the crop is really a driving factor for the better minimum price of the crop.

“There are many people who are demanding for rice this year and this is making small scale famers to sell their crop at higher prices.

“For instance, so far we are competing with mega rice buyers like Muli Brothers company and Nzeru Za Abambo that are making bargaining process too stiff and making farmers winners at the end,” he told Malawi24.

According to Chisisili, this is just the beginning of selling season and more buyers are expected to come in the market hence prices of rice are expected to rise.

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