Bizarre: Girl vomits fishing nets in Likoma


People at Likoma Island were surprised on Wednesday morning when a standard one pupil began vomiting bits of fishing nets locally known as ‘Vilepa.’

Malawi24 caught up with an eyewitness who said the young girl is a pupil at St Peters school on the island.

According to the eyewitness, the girl was not feeling good and when she was taken to hospital by her parents no any disease was diagnosed.

“The young girl was taken home and people were surprised when she began vomiting fishing nets. Commotion broke up and the place was engulfed by people to witness the unusual development,” the woman told Malawi24.

“When the situation passed the standard one girl was taken to the witchdoctor where she is currently being treated,” she added.

Recently, on the same island the bereaved family of a certain witchdoctor was delaying to bury him thinking that he might resurrect.

According to his nephew, the witchdoctor who was commonly known as Dr Kumpolota used to ‘die’ but after sometime he was coming back to life.

“This was also the case on this day when it was announced that he had died. People were thinking that he may resurrect but that was really his last breath,” his nephew told Malaw24.



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