Chaponda flies Malawi flag higher

Daliso Chaponda

His name might ring for all the wrong reasons but in UK, it is a favourite.

Malawian comedian Daliso Chaponda was on Saturday night man of the show as he forced patrons into uncontrollable laughter during British Got Talent.

The 37 year-old cracked about Britain’s financial crisis and single life, much to the delight of the judging panel which could not hesitate to send him into the semifinals of the contest.

Judge Amanda Holden pressed the golden buzzer to guarantee Chaponda’s place in the semifinals of the series. This was after the patrons treated the jokes wizard to a standing ovation.

Daliso Chaponda
Daliso Chaponda bringing laughter in the UK.

The entire judging panel had energizing words for comedian after his routine of performance.

Amanda described Chaponda as brilliant, self-deprecating, funny and bloody hilarious that she wants him to emerge ultimate winner of the entire series. Her fellow judge Alesha said Daliso hurt her face with jokes while David Williams said Daliso should be the next comedy superstar.

Britain Got Talent unites personalities with different God-given gifts. The Malawian is therefore facing competition from people who specialise in other talents.

Daliso, son to the former minister of Agriculture Dr George Chaponda, is among Africa’s top billed comedians. He has performed at major international events since the onset of his career.

Currently based in Manchester, England he has full support from Malawi.



  1. So this family is fool of comedians right?,…it’s unfortunate that instead of working hard on his comedian carrier his father opted to practice politics that has put him in a mess..

  2. zikakhala zachabechabe ndiye kumayika pa air, amalawi ndiwokwiya ndi maizegate mukuona ngati aonetse dsino ndani? zankhutu.

  3. the chapondas are indeed on spotlight as in every family not everyone can be known for good reasons and so in this case chaponda the senior is cursed and is infamous and the son is just the opposite is blessed and famous

  4. He didn’t tell the joke about daddy swindling cash and hiding it under the mattress in his bedroom. Because that’s exactly what a financial crisis is!

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