Three fraudsters jailed for seven years


Three men have been sentenced to seven years in jail for using a fake cheque to buy items worth K1.7 million.

Limbe police assistant public relations Officer Widson Nhlane identified the convicts as Harold Mpoya (40), Stafford Moyo (34) and Clement Ndagoma (35).

He said the three were convicted of forgery and uttering false document after they bought items worth K1.7 million using a fake cheque.

“The three on 30 June, 2016 went to Bremat Safety Solutions Company in Limbe town to buy items worth K1,718,375 using a fake Standard Bank cheque,” Nhlane said.

But as bosses of the company wanted to verify from the bank, one of the men sneaked out and the two remaining ones were detained and later taken to police.

The bank authorities then confirmed that the cheque was a fake and police managed to arrest the one that sneaked out.

When they appeared at Limbe second grade magistrate court, Mpoya, Ndagoma and Moyo pleaded guilty to charges of forgery and uttering a false document.

During mitigation, the three asked for lenient sentences since they have families to look after.

However, the presiding magistrate said that the offence was a serious one and he slapped them with a 7 year jail term each.

Mpoya comes from Magwira village in Traditional Authority Chimaliro in Thyolo, Moyo is from Kwasema village in Traditional Authority Maseya in Chikhwawa while Ndagoma hails from Yohane village in Traditional Authority Nkhulambe in Phalombe.



  1. the best way when you catch a thief is to burn them even ministers zina ndalama ndi misonkho yathu ntchito ndizambiri zofuna kuyambika but you delay coz akuhongeni kaye mumalo moti anthu agwire ntchito thats why people are steeling zinthu zatha kale but you say zikalowenso kaye ku paliament ndiye kuti paliament yinayo munali anthu a zimbabwe? mavuto atha bwanji muziko?

  2. nanga akanatani ? vuto ndi boma lathu la malawi ntchito zikusowa nanga afe ndinjala ngati akuba ma ministers koma osangidwa amakamangidwa muthu opanda chilichonse zamanyazi

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