PP behind Chilima’s fake resignation letter


Malawi government has claimed that it knows people who wrote a resignation letter in the name of Vice President Saulos Chilima.

The letter which was addressed to President Peter Mutharika has been circulating on social media since last week.

Government spokesperson Nicholas Dausi has claimed that those who authored the letter were sent by an opposition party which he refused to mention.

“We know people who wrote this letter, they are people who lost the power of governing this country and are on the run, so we are asking the police to come up with their names quickly since they have got a case to answer,” said Dausi in an apparent reference to the opposition People’s Party (PP) whose leader is on the run.

Dausi clams PP doctored Chilima’s said resignation letter.

The Minister of Information further claimed that the motive of the culprits is to cause enmity between the head of state and his deputy.

“These are bad people who want to cause divisions among us. We know these boys very well since they were sent by a certain political party to do that,” he said in an interview with a local radio.

The fake letter which carries the headline ‘Memorandum for President Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika’ mentions media blackout by the state media house Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) as one of the reasons for Chilima’s alleged resignation.

This development comes at a time when some quarters are suggesting that the relationship between Mutharika and Chilima seems to be sour.

About four years ago, some people in this land also wrote a letter in the name of the then President Joyce Banda alleging that she had resigned. But it was discovered later to be a fake letter.


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