Take advantage of poor economy, Malawians told


A local business mentor in Malawi Daniel Walusa has urged citizens to take advantage of the country’s economic malaise and start new companies.

Speaking during a Christian Finance seminar that was held in Blantyre, Walusa who is also founder of Global United Believers (GUB) ministries said the country’s economic status can be a good opportunity to entrepreneurs.

“Actually a country in which people are crying, others make a lot of money. In nations like Zimbabwe there are people that became billionaires because of the situation so in the midst of confusion there is an opportunity,” said Walusa.

He added that people need to come up with business ideas that can help change their livelihoods following high unemployment rates being registered in the country.

“Some people think the challenge is how to get the capital but to me I believe having a business idea is more challenging thing, because others can have that opportunity of having a capital but when you ask them what they are to do with that money you note that they have no idea on how to use that money into a good business,” added Walusa.

One of the participants Benardetta Mia applauded the seminar to be an eye opener to those aspiring to be entrepreneurs.

“We have learnt a lot that I feel if applied this country can change in terms of having entrepreneurs that can slash down the high unemployment rates in the country,” said Mia.

The seminar drilled participants on various skills such as how to plan finances, generate business ideas and control cash flows.

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