Politician Robson Chirwa dead

Robson Watayachanga Chirwa

Veteran politician, Robson Watayachanga Chirwa has died.

He died in Lilongwe on Tuesday 18th April, 2017 in Lilongwe.

Robson Watayachanga Chirwa
Robson Watayachanga Chirwa has died aged 86.

Government has since expressed its sadness over the death of Chirwa.

He  served as minister for a long time during the reign of the late Hastings Kamuzu Banda.

Chirwa also served as acting President when Kamuzu Banda was flown ill to South Africa in 1993.

He has also served Malawi as a Parliamentarian for Mzimba South East before Kamuzu Banda appointed him him Minister of Transport and Communication in 1976.

He then got named Regional Minister for the North, Minister of Trade and Industry, Minister Without Portfolio (Minister of State in the President’s Office) and Administrative Secretary of the (Malawi Congress) Party.

Malawi’s former President Joyce Banda had in 2013 awarded him in the Grand Achievers Category, in the faith of appreciating his good service and good conduct to the country.

He has died aged 86.

He will led to rest this Friday at Luwelezi, Mabulabo in Mzimba district.